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Discover some of the best Disney World pins you can buy!
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If you are looking for things to do at Disney World, look no further! Trading pins at Walt Disney World has to be one of the most fun parts about visiting the parks. An entire pin trading culture has come out of Disney pins, and some people have insane collections that you would not believe! 

There are many different types of pins to collect including incredibly rare ones as well as your standard pins. You can find pins from nearly every Disney movie and even many pins honoring certain rides and attractions at Disney World. 

When you are visiting Disney World, any cast member you see wearing a lanyard with pins is open to trading! Often times they’ll be at the Disney Vacation Club booths wearing beautiful lanyards covered in amazing pins!

Walk right up to them and ask if they’re interested in trading any of their pins! They might quiz you with some Disney trivia before they trade though, so make sure to study up! 

The Disney pin trading culture is fun. Building a collection of pins is amazing, and my personal favorite way to collect pins is to collect a bunch of pins inspired by the same movie and display them on a corkboard in on a lanyard around the parks.

In this video, I want to go over some of the best Disney pins to collect! There are so many out there, it can be hard to know where to start, so I came up with some iconic pins to get your collection started!

Before you see my list of personal faves, it might be beneficial to think about your favorite Disney movies, characters, rides, or attractions. Then, you can start basing your pin collection off of those specific ideas to create an incredible, curated collection that you’ll fall in love with! In addition to buying pins, you can also buy mystery pin blind bags.

There are tons of blind bags online that feature different movies or different characters. It’s fun to be surprised with whoever or whatever you get out of your blind bag! 

Anyways, pin trading is tons of fun, they’re one of the best Disney World souvenirs, and I’m excited to share with you my 20 best Disney pins to collect! So, here we go! 

The Yearly Pin 

Every year Disney makes hundreds of products embellished with the current year. You will find Mickey hats, Minnie ears, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, and of course…pins! I try and get a new Disney pin every year to commemorate this year and all of the memories I’ve created. 

Click here to see one of the Disney pins for 2019! There are tons on the shop parks Disney website and app, so be sure to take your time looking through all of the new yearly pins each year. It’s fun to see the growth and evolution of Disney’s pins after you’ve collected them for a few years! 

All of the Princesses 

Okay…maybe not ALL of them because that pin would be huge. However, I love the pins that have multiple Disney princesses on them. Personally, I love having a little section in my collection for each princess since they are my favorite, but the clustered princess pins are also amazing.

Every collection needs one, and if you can find one with all of the original princesses, you’re in luck because those are a tad rarer! 

Toy Story Pin 

This iconic movie needs a place in every collection! There are so many incredibly creative Toy Story pins out there, you will definitely need one for your collection! They have every character you can imagine along with plenty of pins that feature multiple characters.

Some of my favorite Toy Story pins are ones that have the aliens on them or a special feature like a door that opens or light that blinks. There is never a shortage of awesome Toy Story pins so take your time browsing for one that your collection just can’t live without! 

Cinderella’s Castle 

We all have to have that iconic Disney emblem somewhere in our collection. There are tons of gorgeous pins featuring Cinderella’s castle that your collection definitely needs one.  

I just feel like no pin collection is complete without the addition of Cinderella’s Castle simply because it truly is so iconic, so loved, and so well-known by everyone in the world! There are some beautiful options as well with dangly pieces, sparkles, embedded gemstones and more. So, make sure you have one of these stowed away in your permanent collection. 


Duh! You definitely need an Epcot themed pin as an ode to your adventures in Disney’s “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” Whether it’s Spaceship Earth or a pin honoring the World Showcase, this park needs its place in your collection so you can look on that pin with fond memories of fun times with your family exploring the future or the many countries that make up our world. 

I think the best way to buy an Epcot pin is in Epcot the day you are visiting. This way you can tie the memory of picking out that special pin with the memories of that exciting day as well! 

Magic Kingdom 

Okay, if you’re going to have an Epcot pin, that just means you have to get a Magic Kingdom pin as well! Each park holds so many magical memories for and your family, you’ll want to commemorate each of them separately.

I love the Magic Kingdom pins because for some reason they really just capture the spirit of Disney and make me excited to go back every time I look at them! 

Animal Kingdom

Yep, you guessed it…if you’re going to have an Epcot pin and a Magic Kingdom pin, then you definitely need an Animal Kingdom pin! I love the Animal Kingdom pins because they normally feature tons of animal prints or safari themed Disney characters which is super cute and fun!

I personally love the Tree of Life pins though. They are the perfect way to hold your Animal Kingdom memories inside a pin! 

Hollywood Studios 

Epcot…Magic Kingdom…Animal Kingdom…oh! And Hollywood Studios. You definitely need one pin to save as an ode to your time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love grabbing one that looks like the Chinese Theatre or Tower of Terror, but it is entirely up to you!

There are so many fantastic Hollywood Studios themed pins, it will probably be hard to limit yourself to just one.

Mickey and Minnie 

This one should go without saying, but I am still going to mention it because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t! Everyone needs a Mickey and Minnie pin in their collection. Depending on which pins catch my eye while I’m at Disney, sometimes I opt for separate Mickey and Minnie pins so they both have their own, but other times I decide to go for one pin with both of them on it.

They have plenty of classic Mickey and Minnie pins as well as tons of themed ones. I personally love the themed pins, and I usually try and get the theme to align with my life! For instance, when I got married, I picked up a Mickey and Minnie wedding pin! They have tons to choose from, so take your time browsing! 

The Fab Five 

Another must have…you have to get a pin of the fab five! The fab five are Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald. These iconic Disney characters are depicted on tons of pins at Disney World, so you just have to get one for your collection.

They have super over-the-top ones with glitter and dangly pieces and tons more. However, if you prefer more simple pins, they have plenty of those as well. 

Chip and Dale 

Another pin with characters too iconic to skip. Chip and Dale aren’t as popular as they once were, but they are still legendary in the world of Disney.

This means you have to add one of their pins to your collection. They have tons of cute themed pins with Chip and Dale as well which makes them even more to collect. 

Current Event Pin 

Listen up because this one is important. If you want a much rarer pin to start off your collection, be sure to grab one if there is an event going on at Disney World while you are there.

Most of the time, Disney will have special pins for events like a new section of a park opening, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, and more. So, if there are any events happening at Disney 

World during your stay, be sure to grab a pin in order to secure a rare one in your collection! 

Minnie Ears Pin 

You see people wearing Minnie Ears all over the parks, but tons of characters are honored in many different Minnie Ear pins. I love to choose a new character and grab a new pin when I’m at Disney World.

You can get Ariel, the Beast, Olaf, or even a Stormtrooper themed Minnie Ears pin as an ode to your favorite character. 

Halloween Pins 

One of my favorite things to do when I’m missing Disney World is to order a pin for the holiday! There are so many incredible pins that Disney makes for Halloween, I can never resist picking one up.

Some of my favorites are grabbing The Nightmare Before Christmas themed pins or Haunted Mansion pins to commemorate the creepy season with my love for Disney! 

Christmas Pins 

I also simply cannot resist picking up a Christmas pin each year. All of the Christmas pins come out and each year they become more and more beautiful. They have tons with beautiful snow scenes, characters dressed for Christmas, or even Mickey playing Santa.

If you aren’t there around Christmas, don’t worry! Each park carries Christmas décor all year round so you can grab items for the upcoming holiday season. You can also see Christmas items by clicking here on the Disney shop parks website! 

Flag Pin 

There are also tons of different pins honoring the different countries all around the World. You can find Mickey head pins and other pins that depict your country of origin which is a great way to honor your home while at Disney! 

Your Favorite Ride Pin 

This one is also a bit interchangeable as many people will have a different answer, but I love commemorating my favorite Disney World attraction with an addition to my pin collection! Each time I go to Disney, I pick out a new attraction pin for my collection.

So, start yours with your favorite ride! Space Mountain has some very cool pins. So does Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion to name a few. Grabbing a themed pin helps you remember the wild ride you took and the fun you had! 

Tinkerbell Pin 

Tinkerbell appears before every Disney movie magically opening the scene of Cinderella’s Castle before the movie starts. She plays an important role in Disney World as well, so she has tons of amazing pins honoring her. I love grabbing a Tinkerbell pin for my collection every now and then just to give her a special spot in my collection! 

Star Wars Pin 

Ever since, Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise, they have integrated into the parks and their merchandise extremely well. They also have amazing pins that I definitely feel like everyone needs to add to their collection.

They have some funny ones like Stitch dressed as Yoda or simple ones like Yoda himself. It’s worth browsing to see if any interesting Star Wars pins strike your fancy. 

Blind Bag Pins 

Blind Bags have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now, they have tons of different themed blind bags that allow you to open surprise pins of characters from your favorite movies! I think these are a fun and exciting way to collect pins, and if you get one you aren’t so fond of, you can take it on your next adventure in the parks to trade! 

The Conclusion

Disney pin trading is so exciting and so much fun. It is a great way to really bring the memories home with you and create a fun hobby that intertwines with your family’s love for Disney. I hope you have tons of fun building your collection, trading pins, and making memories! 

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