15 Best Backpacks for Disneyland That Are Awesome

Discover Some of the Best Backpacks for Disneyland.

When you’re visiting Disneyland, you never quite know what to expect, so it’s always helpful to have a handy backpack with you that’ll hold your essential items.  So in this article, we’re going to countdown the best backpacks for Disneyland, which will hopefully help you out in a pinch when you’re in need of food, drinks, diapers, or just a secure spot to store your cellphone.

Best Backpacks for Disneyland

Let’s begin by talking about a lightweight hiking backpack, which is capable of storing lots of essentials for bigger families visiting Disney.

1) Zomake Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Material: Water-resistant material

Features: There is one front zipper for easy access to your frequently used Disney Day items. One large compartment for extra jackets or snacks, with a few pockets to help keep the inside of your bag organized! Two mesh pockets on the outside for water bottles and sunscreen as well.

Why I Love It:  The spaciousness of this bag is perfect for families heading into Disneyland who want to keep everything in one bag. This backpack is comfortable and can be worn all day without strain on your shoulders—so long as you don’t overload with monstrously heavy items.

Price: About $18.99 

2) Zomake Small Hiking Backpack

Material: Water-resistant and durable material

Features: 18L capacity, with one main zipper compartment, and two side pockets. This backpack is extremely lightweight and very compact, as well!

Why I Love It: This bag is so comfortable, and perfect for Disneyland! For everything from hiking to day trips out in the city, I found this backpack to hold up well under different conditions and you can’t beat that price point for great quality.

Price: About $17.99 

3) G4Free 10L Lightweight Backpack

Material: Water-resistant and durable coated Nylon material 

Features: Three zipper compartments with an inner pocket perfect for your Disney tickets! On the outside, there are two side pockets for a couple of water bottles, or a water bottle and an umbrella.

Why I Love It: I was really pleased with how lightweight the backpack is and how compact it is, as well. On the downside, this backpack is on the smaller side and was fairly wrinkly when removed from the carrying case.  

Price: About $16.99

4) Sinotron 22L Lightweight Backpack

Material: High quality, water-resistant and Nylon material

Features: This backpack is perfect for parents that need to carry a first aid kit, and any other must-haves into the park for toddlers or kids. Has two side pockets and one wide deep pocket in the front. The backpack can also be folded into a carrying pouch for easy transport in your suitcase or on the plane. 

Why I Love It: This backpack will hold up well in the parks.  It’s a compact bag, so it can fit into tight spaces (like a Disney locker, for instance), and can easily be stored under your seat on a Disney ride, as well.

Price: About $16.00

5) G4Free Mini 10L Hiking Daypack

Material: Water-resistant and durable Polyester and Nylon mixed material 

Features: The G4Free Mini has a hidden security pocket on the back, two side pockets, one large main compartment, one large front pocket, and one open pocket in the front. This backpack is perfect for the more organized Disney-goers!

Why I Love It: Here is another proven Disneyland-approved bag that we love! The amount of space the bag provides while still being on the smaller side is a big plus. 

Price: About $25.99

6) G4Free 10L Hiking Backpack

Material: Water-resistant Nylon 

Features: This foldable backpack can be condensed into a small bag for transport. There is one main compartment, two side mesh pockets, and one front zipper for quick access.

Why I Love It: This may be the bag for you if you’re looking for a lightweight option with tons of room! However, the mesh pockets on the sides are a little small, so you probably wouldn’t be able to fit a bigger water bottle inside it.

Price: About $17.99

7) Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Material: Water and stain-resistant material

Features: With lockable compartments, and RFID-blocking slots, this backpack is meant to provide a little more peace of mind that your important items are kept safe. There is one large compartment, one side pocket, and one side zipper with organizational slots inside for your cards and phone. 

Why I Love It: As you might imagine, the security features of the bag and the RFID-blocking pouch are awesome! If you’re even a little bit nervous about your cards getting scanned while heading to Toy Story Mania, definitely check this bag out! 

Price: About $65.99

8) YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L

Material: Water-resistant and durable Nylon material

Features: With one handle on both the right and left sides of the bag, and a third on the top, you get easy access to grab your bag and dash when in a rush! There is one main zipper, with internal pockets for water bottles, and inner mesh pockets for cards and smartphones. You also get a small front outer pocket for quick access to Disney tickets and sunscreen! Comes in 5 different colors to choose from as well.

Why I Love It: Now the price tag on this one might cut into your Disney-sweets budget, but the quality of this bag is probably at the top on this list. With the added compartments for organization, this bag is one of my favorites for the parks! However, be aware, the bag will get dirty in the parks, so keep that in mind if you do give this bag a shot.

Price: About $230 

9) TOMULE 25L Small Hiking Backpack

Material: Water, tear, scratch, and stain-resistant Nylon material 

Features: This backpack is an organizer’s dream! When purchased, you get two mesh pockets on the sides of the pack, three inner pockets, and two main zippers on the front for quick access to your Disney essentials. Plenty of space in this small pack for an extra jacket or backup socks if you plan on visiting the Grizzly River Run! 

Why I Love It: The number of compartments and the extremely resistant material the bag is made from is the reason this one made our list. Bonus points were added to this pack for saving your back and shoulders due to the lightness in weight!

Price: About $24.99

10) OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Daypack

Material: Water-resistant and durable Nylon material

Features: This backpack is a great choice for kids as well as adults and includes so many different pockets to organize all your things. There is one main compartment, two mesh pockets on either side, and one zipper in front for quick access items. The backpack even features a security compartment on the back for high-value essentials!

Why I Love It: This backpack is so lightweight and is a great option for smaller kids. Whereas the bag could easily be used by an adult, the narrow and lightweight size of the backpack makes it perfect for your little Disney companions. 

Price: About $44.95 

11) Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Backpack

Material: Water-resistant and durable Nylon material 

Features: Great for large parties! There is one main compartment, one front pocket with a zipper, two side pockets, and many organizational pockets within. The coolest feature of this bag is the wet pocket! For items you may have that get completely drenched on Splash Mountain or in the rain, throw them in this pouch to keep the rest of your items completely dry and separated from the wet ones. 

Why I Love It: The capacity of this bag is out of this world, especially considering how light and compact it is.

Price: About $28.99

12) 4Monster Hiking Daypack

Material: Water and tear-resistant Nylon, with YKK waterproof zippers to keep all water out!

Features: This backpack folds into a bag that can fit in the palm of your hand! There are two mesh pockets on either side, one main large compartment, and a smaller pocket in the front.

Why I Love It: Condense the bag down when not using it for easy transportation, or even if you plan on buying a lot of goodies to bring home!

Price: About $18.99 – $26.99

Best Crossbody Bags for Disneyland

If you plan on going into the parks with a lighter load, maybe consider a crossbody bag instead of a full-on backpack. One of the best aspects of a crossbody bag is the ability to switch shoulders if one gets tired. Also, when jumping from ride to ride, it’s a lot easier to pull off the crossbody bag and tossing into the safety pouch on the ride.

13) Cantlor Men Sling Bag

Material: Waterproof and dirt-resistant Nylon material

Features: With the padded shoulder straps, reflective strips for nighttime visibility, and drawstring side pockets, this bag is a great contender. This crossbody has one small inner pocket with a zipper, one interior pocket, and two small outer pockets to give you options on how to arrange your items. 

Why I Love It: This crossbody bag is great quality and has plenty of space for your essentials. 

Price: About $22.99 

14) MOSISO Sling Backpack

Material: Durable Polyester material

Features: This bag is very adjustable! The shoulder strap can be stretched from 36” to a minimum of 18”.  It also has two mesh side pockets with a zipper front pocket for Disney tickets and smaller things you need to grab easily. The large compartment even has space for a jacket.

Why I Love It: I love versatility here, and this bag really can be used during your Disney trip and beyond! Not only do you have space for your smartphone, tickets, and wallet, but there’s even space for a water bottle.

Price: About $20.99 

15) AMJ Sling Bag

Materials: Durable Oxford material 

Features: This bag comes in two different sizes one small (13” x 6.7” x2.76), and one medium (15.74” x 7.87” x3.54). There are six pockets, and four different color options to choose from.

Why I Love It: The bag isn’t very large, but it is perfect for the minimalist who wants to head into their Disney day with only the bare minimum.

Price: About $20.99 

What to Pack for Disneyland

Now let’s talk about what your totally awesome new bag should be carrying for your full day in the parks!

Pain Reliever – Even if you’re staying in a Disneyland hotel, I believe it’s always a good idea to bring some pain reliever into the parks with you! When you have a headache and you’re on the verge of losing your grip on that “Disney magic,” you won’t want to make the trip back to your hotel to grab some Alive. Typically, this won’t take up much space in your bag if you get a travel size to bring along!

Hand Sanitizer – Nowadays, no matter what time of year you’re heading to Disneyland, it’s going to be flu season. While Disneyland and California Adventure have plenty of restrooms to wash your hands, and now have hand sanitizing stations around the park, often you’re going to need something quick and easy to keep germs away. Bring a Disney-themed travel-size of hand sanitizer for you and your family to keep the party going your entire vacation. 

Sunscreen – Regardless of the time you are heading to Disneyland bring some sunscreen! You will be outside for the majority of your day and even if you’re not going during Spring or Summer, you can still get sunburnt through the overcast. 

Water Bottle/Collapsible Water Bottle – One of my must-haves when going into the Parks is a reusable water bottle. With the amount of water you will be drinking, bringing a reusable bottle of water will save you quite a bit of money in the parks since water is sold at about $5.00/per bottle. 

Masks (optional) – With crowds getting back to their pre-COVID levels, I like to bring a mask for when I find myself inside with a large group of people. This one is completely optional, but masks take up very little space and could end up keeping you from catching any of the many different cases of the flu that will be lurking. 

Disney Tickets – Start your day right and be sure to bring along your Disney tickets! 

Wallet – Don’t forget your wallet with any debit/credit cards you wish to use on your trip! You are bound to see some great souvenirs and food places that will require payment if you haven’t uploaded them to your “My Disney Experience App.” 

Smartphone – almost all Disneyland goers should bring along a smartphone. If traveling with friends or family, there are times you may be separated so it’s always good to bring your smartphone and make sure you have the phone numbers of all your party. 

Pro Tip: Download the My Disney Experience App to help ensure a smoothly planned day and add Heads-up or the Play Disney Parks App to make waiting in line a fun time with your friends and family! 

Jacket/Coat – If you’re heading to the parks during any season, outside of Summer, you’ll want to bring a jacket or a rain jacket. Don’t get caught by a downpour in your Mickey t-shirt! 

Snacks – Many people don’t realize this, but Disneyland actually allows you to bring food into the parks. If your main goal on your trip is going on as many rides as possible, or you’re just trying to save a pretty penny, bring along your favorite snacks to eat on the go! 


When picking out the perfect bag for your day-to-day Disney adventures, we understand the task can seem daunting, but we hope you found a few to consider from this list of the 15 best backpacks for Disneyland!

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