15 Best Disneyland Rides for Adults That Are Amazing

Disneyland” by Jeremy Thompson licensed under CC BY 2.0

A lot of people think that Disneyland is for kids, but there are tons of amazing rides and attractions that adults can enjoy.  So in this article, I’m going to break down what I believe are the best Disneyland rides for adults that not only deserve your attention, but are worthy of prioritizing when you visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

10 Best Disneyland Rides for Adults

Let’s begin by discussing the Incredicoaster.


Disney California Adventure” by Jeremy Thompson licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of DCA‘s most popular attractions amongst the adult crowd is the Incredicoaster, previously known as California Screamin’. You can find this ride in Pixar Pier and you’ll often hear the screams from riders before you even see the ride itself! This attraction is a high speed roller coaster and is the park’s only attraction that turns guests upside down. Adult members of your party will appreciate the high speed twists and turns, and of course the beautiful views (when you’re not upside down of course)! If you are a fan of high speed roller coasters, this is definitely one you will not want to miss!

According to the Disneyland DAS website, guests who struggle with medical issues such as high blood pressure and heart conditions should not attempt this ride, and expecting mothers should also avoid participating in this attraction. There is also a height requirement of 48 inches to participate in this attraction.


One of my absolute favorites is Webslingers, which can be found in the Avengers Campus in DCA. It is one of the only rides that has been known to use virtual boarding passes (these can be procured starting at 7 AM the morning of your visit) and the ride vehicle is fully wheelchair accessible! If you or anyone in your group is a fan of Spider-Man, you will most definitely want to check out this attraction!

The queue for the ride is full of Easter eggs that younger guests may not appreciate (such as the Lucky Dog Pizza poster), as well as small details and even short video clips that younger Marvel fans may miss! One of my personal favorite parts about this ride, however, is getting to actually participate in shooting webs! Riders will experience lots of twists, turns and high speeds, so if you’re worried about being jostled around, this is definitely not the ride for you! 

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Mountain” by Steven Miller licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s a classic must do ride for every family vacation, and is a favorite amongst both age groups in the parks! While this ride could be considered “calmer” than many of the options on this list (and is geared more towards the tween to adult age groups), this attraction is still a favorite amongst adults because of the special effects and horror element of the ride! Guests will come face-to-face with a Yeti twice during the ride and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, other folks who enjoy the adrenaline will definitely appreciate this experience! With two separate tracks, you could participate in this attraction twice back to back and potentially have a completely different ride!

Speaking from experience, the ride vehicle’s are rather cramped, and folks who need more room or who struggle with mobility issues will find themselves struggling with sitting comfortably. If you are plus size, an expecting mother or struggle to climb in and out of ride vehicles, this may not be the one for you. There is also a 42 inch height requirement for this attraction.

Mark Twain Riverboat

This attraction is not your typical roller coaster or thrill ride, but it is still a favorite amongst Disney adults! Whether it’s the middle of the day and you’re ready to sit down for fifteen minutes and take a breather, or if you’re just looking to enjoy some old-fashioned riverboat adventures, this Frontierland ride is a classic! This ride is fairly popular amongst adults not only because it gives an opportunity to rest those horribly sore feet (read here to find the best shoes for Disney World), but also because of the amazing detail and storytelling that accompanies the ride. Guests can enjoy several animatronic animals as well as a wonderful audio story to accompany the sights seen.

Riders will see scenery inspired by several real life rivers, and princess Tiana has even been known to make an appearance on this attraction! The bottom level of the riverboat is wheelchair accessible, and there’s plenty of options for folks with mobility issues to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

While this is definitely a slower ride and certainly won’t satisfy any need for speed, it’s very calming to just sit back and enjoy after a stressful morning in the parks!

Soarin’ Around the World

Nestled in the heart of Grizzly Peak in DCA, this attraction is another favorite among folks of older ages! Guests will enjoy movie theater style seating that lifts off the ground to make you feel like you are truly flying around the world! Every sense is fully involved in this attraction, from the sounds and feeling of the wind to the smells that you get to enjoy as you travel through the beautiful scenery, although the multitude of sensations can be overwhelming for the younger crowds and for those with sensory disorders. This is an extra fun ride for adults because it offers a different perspective of the wonders of the world that they have visited in their lifetime.

This attraction has plenty of space for guests of all sizes and mobility needs, and speaking as someone in a wheelchair this was one of the easiest transfers in the entire park!

Pixar Pal-A-Round

There are multiple different ways to appreciate and enjoy this Pixar Pier attraction, with differing enjoyment levels for each method. Riders have the option to choose between swinging gondolas that provide a more thrilling experience, or standard Ferris wheel gondolas that allow guests to sit back and relax without the added stress of swinging. My personal favorite are the standard gondolas, although the swinging gondolas throw in a little bit of extra pizzazz if you’ve done the attraction too many times in one trip! The swinging gondolas are more popular among adults who grow tired of the same standard Ferris wheel, and it provides a great view of the entirety of DCA!

Both options are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate parties of up to five. If you have mobility issues or being thrown around makes you nervous in any way, I would highly recommend choosing the standard gondolas so that you can truly enjoy the hike and visibility of the entire park this attraction offers! Please keep in mind, this attraction frequently closes early to accommodate nighttime shows!

Rise of the Resistance

Disneyland” by Jeremy Thompson licensed under CC BY 2.0

This ride is without a doubt one of the most popular in the entire resort, so if you’re interested in participating in this one you’ll definitely want to secure a virtual boarding pass or make it a rope-drop priority! Located just outside of the center Galaxy’s Edge, this attraction is a must for every Star Wars fan! While the wait times for this ride can be intimidating at times and certainly not enjoyable for younger children, there is so much for fans to engage in that the time flies by! Stormtroopers, Kylo Ren and of course everyone’s favorite resistance pilot, Poe Dameron, are all featured in this attraction, and adults certainly are not shy about their appreciation of the ‘eye candy’ featured!

This ride and its queues are completely wheelchair accessible, with the exception of one of the ride vehicles, which will require a transfer. Speaking from personal experience, the transfers for this ride are truly a breeze and it feels much like sitting in the car. This would be a perfect attraction for elderly folks as it’s fairly calm, with the exception of one small drop that can catch you off guard if you’re not expecting it. 

On a more unfortunate note, this attraction does tend to break down frequently, so if it’s a priority for you and your party, you’ll want to make sure you try and accomplish this towards the beginning of your trip.

Smuggler’s Run

Another favorite amongst visitors of Galaxy’s Edge, this attraction allows guests to fly everyone’s favorite ship! This is one of my favorite rides because it features virtual reality that truly makes you feel like you are flying through space. While children can participate in this attraction, several of the ‘jobs’ featured in the ride require a lot of hand/eye coordination and it is a very turbulent experience. If your pilot isn’t the best at their job, you can certainly feel the carnage as your ship collides with astroids and other objects! 

Older Star Wars fans will appreciate this ride especially if they’ve had, like myself, the lifelong dream of piloting the Millennium Falcon! This ride is best experienced with groups of between four and six people, although single riders can often be mixed with smaller parties to ensure all seats and positions are filled!

This ride is accessible with the exception of one small transfer onto the ship seats, but there is plenty of room for people of all sizes and ages to board this ride. If you suffer from motion sickness or back and neck pain, I would recommend passing on this ride as you do get thrown around through space quite frequently.

Mission Breakout

Formerly known as Tower of Terror, this Marvel themed ride is certainly not for the faint of heart or for younger children! Found in the heart of Avengers Campus, this attraction is a must do for any Marvel fan who can tolerate large drops with very little warning or preparation! The queue for this ride is astonishingly detailed and features many Easter eggs for adults to appreciate, including Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy. Similar to Webslingers, there are several small details that children may not notice, but that fills the hearts of those longtime Marvel fans! When guests are finished with the attraction, they get to exit through the warehouse and browse several of the new release products, a bonus for any fan of the films!

While this ride is wheelchair accessible until you reach the ride vehicle, it is not advised for guests with mobility issues to participate in this attraction. If you have motion sickness, back or neck pain, high blood pressure or other physical issues, you will struggle with participating in this ride. Additionally, the ride vehicles are very cramped so if you need extra room, this is not the ride for you! For safety purposes, there is a 40 inch height requirement on this attraction.

Disneyland Railroad

Closing off our list today, we have another very popular attraction! If you are looking for a way to see the park without sacrificing the health and well-being of your feet and legs, this railroad is certainly a wonderful way to do that while still enjoying all of the beauty that the park has to offer! I this ride is perfect for the honeymoon couple to enjoy a romantic ride around the parks, or even for the solo adult who just wants to enjoy the tremendous views and nostalgic sights and sounds. 

The tracks circle all the way around the Disneyland park, with stations near Main Street, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and Toontown! Wait times are usually no longer than 10 or 15 minutes, and depending on how many people need to enter and exit the train one loop could take up to half an hour to complete!

All of the train stations are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the Main Street station, and the train itself has a cart that can accommodate a wheelchair with ease! If you are planning on participating in this attraction with mobility issues and are not bringing a wheelchair, you should not have any troubles with this ride! The standard seating is very roomy, and this is a great option for seniors who cannot participate in the more aggressive attractions!

Best Classic Rides at Disneyland for Adults

Madame” by Eric Vaughn licensed under CC BY 2.0

Let’s begin with the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion

And finally, here’s another absolute classic and gem of an attraction.  What I love about this ride is that it’s far more concerned with being fun than scary.  Die-hard horror fans may not love that, but this is a ride that absolutely any adult can stomach.  It’s slow moving and dark, but it leans far more on lighthearted atmospheric frights and silly jokes.  The narrator of your vehicle has a great sense of humor, and the organ-infused music sets the “haunted” mood.

Splash Mountain

From one mountain to another, be prepared to get wet on Splash Mountain.  This ride will undergo a rebranding to center around Tiana from Princess and the Frog, but the bones of this ride will mostly stay the same.  If you can stomach a serious plunge downward, try this one on for size.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Another mountain—whoa. I’m sensing a theme here.  Of the three “mountain” rides, this one is probably the most tame.  I think if you’re an adult that doesn’t love roller coasters, but still wants to get a thrill by enjoying a more milder coaster, then this is the ride for you at Disneyland.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Oh come on, this is just too much of a classic to not include it.  Yes, it’s undergone some changes that took the ride out of the 20th century and made it a bit more palatable for modern audiences, but the bones of this ride are still the same as they always were.  If you love slow, dark and atmospheric rides, give this one a shot (and keep an eye out for Jack Sparrow).

Space Mountain

If you love roller coasters, then jump onto this classic that shoots you to the moon and back—all in complete darkness.  


So there you have it—our picks for the best Disneyland rides for adults!  While perception from non-Disney fans revolves around the idea that Disneyland is just for kids, I hope this article helps illustrate that there are tons of awesome rides you can revel in as an adult.  

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