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When planning your Disneyland trip, one of the hardest things to decide on is where to stay. With an abundance of hotels near and on the Disney property, it can be difficult to narrow down the best one to pick. Some features amenities others don’t, some have better locations, and others may be more budget friendly. These are all important things to consider when trying to land on a hotel for your Disney vacation.

The Disneyland hotel is one of the most popular places to stay near the Anaheim, California properties. It offers a comfortable room to rest and relax in after exploring the park that is close to both entrances of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Besides the awesome location, the Disneyland Hotel is full of fun things to keep you entertained even when you are outside of the parks themselves. The magic is truly embedded into every aspect of this amazing, unique hotel. 

Disney characters can be spotted all around the hotel, as well as some priceless views of the park. Each room has special magic touches to remind you that you are still inside of the Happiest Place on Earth, even when you’re sleeping. The Disneyland Hotel is the perfect spot to stay if you want to enjoy all that Disney has to offer outside of their amazing theme parks.

Guests of all ages, whether it is their first time visiting or they have lost count of how many times they have stepped foot into Disneyland, will love all that the Disneyland Hotel has to offer. 

If you are trying to choose which Disney property to stay on during your next trip to Southern California, definitely put this one high up on your list. You will be nothing short of amazed once you take a stroll around the Disneyland Hotel.

This property is bursting with amenities, has an awesome location and truly makes you feel like you are walking inside of some of your favorite films. Disney has gone above and beyond with making this property feel just as magical as its theme parks. So in this Disneyland Hotel Review, we will go over all of our favorite things about this hotel, as well as a few things we wish we could change.  And hopefully, by the end of this review, you will feel like you have a well rounded understanding of whether or not this hotel is worth your family’s money and time.

Disneyland Hotel Reservations

When it comes to the Disneyland Hotel, reservations can help you secure your room in no time. Making a reservation for the Disneyland Hotel before arriving is highly recommended. Given the popularity of this hotel, it can be extremely difficult to get a room upon walking in. Reservations can be made pretty far in advance, which makes planning your Disney trip much easier. No one wants to be stuck without a room at the hotel they were planning to stay at!

Hotel reservations can be made on the Disneyland Hotel website, third party booking sites, or over the phone. Disney makes this a fairly easy process, allowing you to see availability and prices for specific dates. So if you know exactly when you will be visiting, obtaining prices and a reservation can be done in a matter of minutes.

When making a reservation, you will be able to choose from one of four standard room options, including the Standard View, Deluxe View, Premium View, and Premium Downtown Disney View. All rooms sleep up to five adults comfortably and vary in price. 

All include an abundance of amenities, including a mini-fridge, coffee maker and ice bucket for making food an easier task. A desk, WiFi services, alarm clock, phone line and satellite TV will allow you to work on the go if needed. A hair dryer, crib upon request, bathroom amenities and much more will help you feel comfortable resting and getting ready in your standard Disneyland Hotel room.

In addition to Standard rooms, the Disneyland Hotel also offers Club Level rooms including the Standard View and Premium View. Both Club Level room options can sleep up to five adults comfortably, and include all Standard room amenities and more. Some additional perks are snacks from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M., wine and cheese reception in the evenings, continental breakfast each morning, and desserts in the evenings. 

DVDs are also available for checkout if you want to cozy up with a good movie after a long day inside of the park. With a Club Level room, you will have exclusive access to the E-Ticket club, as well as the option to watch the nightly firework show from the E-Ticket club. Personal assistance from the Club Staff and nightly turndown services are another great perk of staying in a Club Level room at the Disneyland Hotel.

When it comes to suites, the Disneyland Hotel has no shortage of them that can sleep from 4 to 14 adults comfortably. The One Bedroom Junior Suite is the smallest sleeping four adults, while the One Bedroom Family Suite and Signature Suites can sleep six adults. If you are looking for more room, connecting suites are a great option for larger parties. 

The Two Bedroom Junior Connecting Suite sleeps up to eight adults, while the Two Bedroom Family Connecting Suite can sleep up to ten adults. The biggest suite of all is the Three Bedroom Family Connecting Suite, which can sleep up to fourteen adults. When it comes to a variety of options as well as a bunch of extra magic, the Disneyland Hotel suites have it all. 

These rooms include all amenities that a standard room would have, plus some enchanting decor. Children and adults alike will be wowed by the whimsical bed frames, wall decor and much more that these suites have to offer. 

While the suites are a great option for larger groups to stay together, they can be extremely pricey. The Disneyland Hotel itself is not the most budget friendly for Standard rooms, let alone their nicest suites. Be sure to keep this in mind when trying to decide if you will stay at the Disneyland Hotel, and what type of room you plan to reserve.

Disneyland Hotel Prices

The Disneyland Hotel has everything you could ever hope for in a spot to stay when visiting the parks. All of the magic, Disney fun, delicious restaurants and awesome amenities can be found on this property. But with all of those perks comes a price. 

Disneyland Hotel” by HarshLight licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Disneyland Hotel is one of the priciest Disney hotels, and can get even more expensive than usual depending on the room you choose and time of year you are planning to visit. Prices can reach up to $800 or more per night, making it comparable to some of the Deluxe Resorts located at the Florida property Walt Disney World. 

This is one of the main reasons that this hotel, despite my love for it, won’t get a perfect, five star score this Disneyland Hotel review.

Typically, rooms can cost between $300 and $450 on average for a basic standard room. If you are traveling during a peak time or staying in a higher level room, expect to pay more than this. Though this hotel is more expensive than others, the experience is worth it. The Disneyland Hotel offers dining with characters, an out of this world pool area, and is within walking distance to Disnyland and Disney California Adventure park entrances. 

Compared to other Disney hotels, it has more to offer amenity wise than most and is much closer. If this is not out of your price range, staying at the Disneyland Hotel is well worth the cost. The money you spend will all but guarantee a trip that is nothing short of magical even when outside of the park gates.

Disneyland Hotel Restaurants

One of the great things about the Disneyland Hotel is its abundance of different restaurants, offering a wide variety of cuisines and menu options. No matter what type of food or atmosphere you are looking for, you can find it within the hotel.

Goofy’s Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants due to its fun, character dining experience. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast or dinner meal time alongside some of your favorite characters right inside of the hotel. There is nothing better than a magical meal with some magical guests visiting your table.

Trader Sam’s is another well known and loved restaurant right inside of the Disneyland Hotel. This unique tiki bar experience has some one of a kind drinks and mouth watering food that they serve up daily. If you are looking for a fun lunch or dinner experience, Trader Sam’s is the place to get it. With vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, no one has to miss out on the wonder that is Trader Sam’s due to dietary restrictions. 

They have something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are hoping for a more upscale meal, Steakhouse 55 and Steakhouse 55 lounge is the place for you. With nostalgic elegant decor, a high class atmosphere and food that is impossible to beat, this Disneyland Hotel restaurant has earned its way high up on the list of best spots to stop for food on the Disney property. Beyond just dinner, this location offers a flavorful breakfast and even options for afternoon tea.

When hoping to grab a quick cup of coffee on your way to the parks, The Coffee House has you covered. This cute and quick coffee shop has a wide variety of options to keep you fueled and energized for your day, including lattes, espressos and other caffeinated drinks, as well as pastries, cereals, juicy fruits and much more. This is the perfect spot to stop and grab something to snack on while walking through Downtown Disney to the park entrance. Nothing is better on a cold Southern California morning than some steamy hot coffee and a fluffy croissant! 

Finally, the Tangaroa Terrace is a can’t miss spot for casual dining and tropical-inspired dishes. One of the best things about this Disneyland Hotel restaurant is the outside setting which provides beautiful views of the hotel grounds. If you are hoping to eat elsewhere, order your food to go and enjoy in your hotel room or poolside. 

Another big plus of Tangaroa Terrace is that they serve the infamous Dole Whip you can find throughout the Disney property.

All of the restaurants on the Disneyland Hotel property have impeccable service that falls nothing short of what you would expect to receive on any Disney property. Cast members all over the hotel and working in the restaurants are all kind, helpful and inviting whenever you see them. They are always available to assist you or answer any questions and also are dressed to match whatever setting they are working in, which is a fun feature as well! 

Disneyland Hotel Location

What truly makes the Disneyland Hotel stand out from other hotels near the park is its amazing location. Located on the west side of Downtown Disney, this hotel could not be in a better spot. Guests can gain immediate access to the Downtown Disney District and all of the shops and restaurants located along this section. 

There is an abundance of delicious places to eat all meals, dessert shops, bakeries and much more in Downtown Disney. If you want to do some shopping, retailers of all sorts line each side of the walkway that leads you through Downtown Disney. This walkway also heads to entrances of both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Within minutes of leaving your hotel room you can be at the gates of whatever park you are planning to visit.

The Disneyland Hotel’s location makes it a great spot for all guests to stay at, including those who do not have access to a car during their trip. If you are flying into Southern California for your Disney vacation, you can simply get transportation to the hotel and never have a need for a car. All of the things you need are on the grounds that hold your hotel, including the parks themselves, spots to eat and much more. 

Given its close location, guests can be the first ones in line for the park openings each morning. On top of that, guests of the Disneyland Hotel get early access to the parks each morning through the Extra Magic Hour, meaning you can enter either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure an entire hour before the general public. 

This perk is a great way to extend your day and get in some extra rides during your day before the lines become long. All you have to do is walk out of your hotel door and head to the park entrance to get some invaluable early access to either resort.

Disneyland Hotel Amenities

Besides location and an overall magical atmosphere, the Disneyland Hotel has even more to offer. This hotel has an incomparable pool area that both kids and adults can enjoy. Their pool area consists of three separate zones dedicated to different amenities. The E-Ticket pool is a ginormous 4,800-square-foot area filled with water perfect for lounging or wading in your downtime during your visit. This expansive pool is great for adults or kids to enjoy during their visit.

In a different section of the pool area you can find thrilling water slides of different sizes, perfect for all ages. Surrounding a fun and colorful Disneyland sign you can find the Monorail Waterslides winding around each other and leading into a pool of water. These tubes feature real life replicas of the original Mark 1 Monorail trains. 

The Red Monorail slide is approximately 25-feet high and spans over 180-feet-long, allowing for some good butterflies in your stomach at faster speeds. Its neighbor, the Yellow Monorail Slide, comes in at 13 feet tall and 80 feet long, being the perfect option for those who want to go for a more relaxing trip down the waterslides.

Aside from the thrill seeking Monorail Waterslides, the two lane mini slide is a perfect option for younger children to get in on the fun. These slides lead to a small pool filled with fun pop jets, fountains and a surging waterfall. This area is perfect for little ones to get their feet wet and run around when not visiting the parks.

The nearby D-Ticket pool is perfect for guests who are looking to get a few laps in. This serene pool is perfect for guests of all ages to kick back and relax or practice their breast stroke. 

In addition to the pool area, the Disneyland Hotel also boasts beautiful rose gardens. These are the perfect spot to take a stroll with your loved one in enchanted rows of beautiful, fragrant flowers.

Everyone wants to bring something special home from their trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. If shopping inside of the hotel is more your speed than going for a swim or strolling rose gardens, the hotel can still keep you satisfied. The Disneyland Hotel offers two retail stores to pick up some special edition pins, toys, clothing and more. This is a great option for when you don’t want to leave the hotel to grab some souvenirs or gifts for friends who didn’t make the trip. 

The Disneyland Hotel also offers accessibility services for guests with disabilities. This includes travel paths, wheelchair accessible and hearing accessible rooms, TTY equipment and wheelchair rentals. This helps all guests enjoy the hotel and park alongside one another. 

Another great feature of the Disneyland hotel is the Key to the Magic program. 

This special amenity allows you to charge purchases made all throughout the property, including the parks and Downtown Disney, back to your hotel room. This makes keeping track of credit cards and other expenses much easier by having it all in one place. 

Parking is a breeze when staying at the Disneyland Hotel thanks to their dedicated parking lot that even offers electric vehicle charging stations. This means that while you are enjoying the hotel and parks, you can easily recharge your electric vehicle nearby so it is ready to go when you are. For an additional nightly fee, you can have your vehicle parked nearby, making it easy to run and grab something you may have forgotten and not worry about something happening to your car while you are busy enjoying the Disney magic.

If you are visiting for a business meeting or event, the Disneyland Hotel offers a variety of banquet halls and meeting rooms to do so. You can even host a wedding on the property in the beautiful rose garden. With such a wide variety of event planning options, the Disneyland Hotel is sure to fulfill any of your needs. 

Wrapping Up

The Disneyland Hotel is well known for all that it has to offer. From a great location, a variety of different rooms, an expansive and fun pool area, delicious restaurants and so much more, there is little that the Disneyland Hotel lacks. This destination is a great spot for families to stay when visiting the park. Kids are sure to love the magic that spreads from the park into this hotel, with unique room themes and character dining that extends the Happiest Place on Earth past the park walls.

With all of these hard to beat amenities, it is easy to see why the Disneyland Hotel received such a high rating in our Disneyland Hotel review. It has a lot to offer that other properties just can’t compare to. The overall magical atmosphere, perfectly themed decor and perfect location help it come out on top of hotels to stay in near the parks. 

The only drawback to this location is its price, which can be too expensive for some guest’s budgets. Travel budgets are limited and valued, making it hard for guests who are traveling farther distances or with bigger families to get to enjoy this hotel. 

If you are considering staying at the Disneyland Hotel, we highly recommend you give it a go. The only way to see what all the fuss is about is to experience this magical place yourself!

**** out of *****

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