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Discover Where to Get Beignets at Disney World!
Beignet” by Steven Miller licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, you undoubtedly remember the mouthwateringly delicious beignets that Tiana cooks up in the film. Even in animated form, these pillowy bits of dough look good enough to eat whether you’re familiar with beignets or seeing them for the first time.  So in this article, let’s take a look at where you can find beignets at Disney World so you can enjoy some of most delicious treats at the parks!

Can You Get Beignets at Disney World?

Yes, you absolutely can, but you might be surprised to learn that you’ll have to travel to a Disney Parks hotel to find them!

Get Beignets Exclusively at Scat Cat’s Club Café

At the time publication, Scat Cat’s Club Café  in the Port Orleans French Quarter resort is the only place in Disney World that serves beignets, but don’t worry, there offer plenty of varieties to try! 

This venue is a small, bar-like atmosphere with a quick service dining area, perfect for grabbing a quick snack. Scat Cat’s Club offers two primary types of beignets, as well as specialty offerings. Let’s dig into the details about the venue, plus the various beignets on the menu so you can plan your trip around these pillowy dough delights. 

Scat Cat’s Club Location and Hours

Beignets” by Steven Miller licensed under CC BY 2.0

Scat Cat’s Club Café is located in the French Quarter at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. One of Disney’s official resort hotels, Port Orleans Resort has a New Orleans theme with cobblestone streets, gas lamps, and plenty of Mardi Gras characters wandering around.

Since beignets are traditionally associated with New Orleans, it makes complete sense that this resort hosts the one and only beignets you can get at Disney World.  

Scat Cat’s Club Café is open from 7am-11pm, giving you a wide range of options for fitting your beignet trip over to the resort into your schedule. In addition to beignets, they also serve coffee and other snack items. This is not to be confused with the nearby Scat Cat’s Club Lounge, which is a late-night bar atmosphere with live music and more savory, appetizer fare on the menu. 

One important note for Disney fans—Scat Cat’s Club Café doesn’t accept dining plans, so be sure to account for a beignet budget if you’re hoping to try these tasty treats.

How to Get to Scat Cat’s Club Café

The Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter is situated on Disney World property, about 10 minutes from Epcot and Magic Kingdom by bus. This makes it relatively easy to fit into your trip whether you’re staying at the resort or just trying to get a taste of some beignets. Walking between the Parks and Resort is not recommended, since there is no easy walking route, so it’s best to plan on taking a Disney bus or driving there. 

You can also choose to take the Sassagoula River Cruise route, a free ferry service that will take you from the Port Orleans French Quarter resort to Disney Springs

Once you arrive at the Port Orleans Resort, Scat Cat’s Club Café is located in the main lobby of the resort, so it’s quick and easy to find. Given the popularity of the beignets and the fact that you can only get them here, there’s often a line and it’s best to get there early if you can. You can get beignets to go, so they make a great portable breakfast if you stop by the resort on your way to the parks. 

Now that we know where to find Scat Cat’s Club Café, let’s talk about the beignets you can order once you get there! 

Mickey Shaped Beignets

Let’s start with the classic: Mickey-Shaped beignets. These beignets feature the classic flavors of fried dough and powdered sugar. Rather than the traditional square shape found in your average beignet, these magical treats are shaped like Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse, giving them that extra dose of Disney magic.

If you prefer to add a little something to the standard taste of fried dough and powdered sugar, Scat Cat’s Club Café offers dipping sauces for their beignets. An order of beignets includes one dipping sauce, with your choice of salted caramel, strawberry, or chicory chocolate ganache. 

You can get 3 Mickey beignets and one dipping sauce for $7.49, or 6 beignets with sauce for $10.99. If you’re feeling extra saucy, you can add additional dipping sauce for $0.99. 

Specialty Beignets

Specialty beignets are the way to go if you want a single beignet, or if you’re interested in mixing and matching to try as many flavors as possible. These individual beignets come in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, cinnamon sugar, and chocolate. 

There are also seasonal specialty beignets that pop up at different points in the year. Past seasonal flavors on the specialty beignet menu include Cinna-hot beignets, mint julep flavored beignets, and of course, pumpkin spice beignets during the fall. 

Specialty beignets are priced at $3.99 each and do not come with dipping sauce since they’re packed with unique flavors of their own. Of course, you could always add dipping sauce if you want, for the price of $0.99 per sauce. 

Baton Rogue Beignets

Scat Cat’s Club Café also has an adult offering for those hoping to get a little boozy with their beignets. The Baton Rogue Beignets are a specialty offering featuring a choice of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua Liqueur, or RumChata Liqueur. 

Like the Mickey-Shaped Beignets, these are pillowy fried dough, but they get an injection of your alcoholic beverage of choice as an added spike of flavor. Don’t worry—you’ll still get a delicious dusting of powdered sugar with these beignets as well. 

Baton Rogue beignets come as a set of 2 for $11.99. This makes them the most expensive beignet on the menu, but given that they’re spiked with a little something extra, they’re also the most unique option for grown-ups to try. 

Haunted Mansion “Ghoulish Delight” Beignets

This newer menu offering arrived in Disney World in June 2023 to celebrate the release of the new Haunted Mansion film. The Ghoulish Delight beignets maintain the iconic Mickey Mouse shape, but with a hauntingly delicious flavor twist. 

These beignets are dusted with cookies and cream flavored powdered sugar instead of the standard confection, giving them a ghostly greyish tint. They also get drizzled with a purple marshmallow crème, for some extra flair and added sweetness.   

Ghoulish Delight beignets are priced at $7.49 for 3 beignets, the same as a standard order of Mickey-Shaped beignets. Given that these treats are a promotional item, they may not be a menu staple forever, so if you’re planning a trip to Disney World be sure to grab some before they disappear. 

Mickey-Shaped Beignets Sundae

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, you can get your beignets as a sundae at Scat Cat’s Club Café. This sundae is served with your choice of ice cream flavor and sauce, loaded onto some Mickey-Shaped beignets, then topped with whipped cream. 

While I wouldn’t suggest weighing down your pillowy beignets with ice cream if it’s your first time trying the treat, this peak level of indulgence is perfect for dessert after a long day of exploring the Disney parks. 

What Are Beignets, Anyway?

Traditionally, beignets are square-shaped pieces of deep-fried dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar. While we Americans tend to associate the treat with New Orleans, beignets are thought to have originated in France. 

French colonists brought the recipe for these powdered sugar pillows with them when they settled in Louisiana, hence why we see the treats in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, which is set in New Orleans and heavily incorporates the city’s culture into its storyline. 

While there are plenty of recipes to make your own copycat version of the beignets seen in the animated film, what better way to enjoy beignets than when you’re surrounded by magic at Disney World?

Final Thoughts

Since the Port Orleans French Quarter resort is close to the parks and conveniently located, it’s well worth planning a quick trip to Scat Cat’s Club Café to sample these special treats while you’re visiting the most magical place on Earth. You won’t regret making the time for a chance to try Disney’s very own beignets.

Even if there’s only one place to get beignets at Disney World, there’s still plenty of varieties to choose from! Due to the different flavor combinations, specialty beignets, and the seasonal beignet offerings, you could plan many a Disney World trip and still have something new and interesting to try when it comes to beignets. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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