The 11 Best Disney World Restaurants for Couples to Enjoy

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When most people think about Disney World, the first thing that comes to mind is the endless fun that children and families can have, but over the years, Disney has also created an environment that is suitable for guests of all ages including the adults! Maybe you are taking just a couple’s vacation or you are able to use one of Disney World’s fantastic child services to get away for the evening, so what do you do?

Well here we are going to breakdown the 11 best restaurants on the Disney World property that are great for just couples and suitable when doing Disney World for adults. We are going to cover the food and ambiance that really can give a couple one of the best date nights they could ever imagine.

So whether you are booking an entire family vacation and have a night to yourselves or doing a luxurious couples weekend getaway, there are a few things to keep in mind while planning any Disney Dining experience:

If you are planning to go to a dining experience within one of the theme parks, make sure you have valid admission.  If you do not then you are going to lose out on not only your experience and reservation, but also have to pay a no show fee and maybe try to scramble for anyone location.

If you are going to dine at a table service restaurant, you are going to need dining reservations.  Over the years, it has become harder and harder to walk up to a restaurant and get a table. If you are spending a romantic night out as a couple, the last thing you are going to want to happen is to be turned away from your preferred dining location because you do not have a reservation.

Dining reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance or sooner, and honestly for every location on this list, the earlier you try to snag reservations, the better chance you have of getting them. Almost all of the best disney dining listed are going to be high demand dining reservations so to save yourself some stress, try to plan as far in advance as you can.

Now for most dining experience lists we do, knowing the difference between table service and quick service dining options is crucial, but all of the places listed are going to be table service, so just keep in mind that you will be seated at a table with a server who will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Disney Dining Plans, if you chose to use one, be careful.  Many of these locations are going to be worth table service credits so if you are trying to budget with your dining credits, make sure you are paying attention and use them wisely.  Otherwise, you can always pay with credit or cash if you decide to save your credits or opt out of the dining plan completely.

Dress code is important to keep an eye out for.  Some of these locations are going to be known for their ambiance and prestige, and with that comes a dress code to be mindful of.

If you do have little ones in your party, always check out the childcare services that are offered at the multiple Disney resorts so you can spend a night away from the kids and enjoy an adult friendly night out.

So now that we have the basics down for our list, here comes the 11 best Disney World restaurants for couples to enjoy:

Victoria and Albert’s

Located inside the Grand Floridian, you are never going to find another location on the Disney property that comes close to this dining experience.  From the moment you enter the front area, you are immersed in a stunning valour of everything that is elegant dining.  There menu is standard American cuisine with a vast array of ingredients from around the world.  It is also the only five star dining location on the Disney property.

There is a very strict dress code here, so make sure you check out what is appropriate before you even book your reservations so you can be prepared. There is going to be three different options to dine from including the Dining Room, Queen Victoria’s Room and the Chef Table. 

Each is going to come with its own perk and it is important to head online and research which on might work best for you and your partner. Reservations are required to dine here so do not even think about showing up unless you have booked them in advance.  The Disney Dining Plan is also not allowed so you are going to have to make sure you budget appropriately from the meal. 

It runs over $60 per adult and is the most expensive meal on Disney property. Chef Scott Hummel and his team are constantly adapting and updating their menu throughout the year so you will never have the same experience twice and the lack of children is also fantastic. So if you are looking for a meal that none other will ever beat, this should be your first choice every time.

Jiko – The Cooking Place

So maybe you are looking for something different and still classy, but a little laid back then Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House is going to be your selection.  Known for their amazing and finely crafted African cuisine, there is nothing like snuggling into the Animal Kingdom Lodge during a beautiful Florida sunset (although you would think you were in the heart of Africa) and enjoying some of the most interesting food you can find. The lighting is always going to mimic a sunset, but honestly the best date night is to make reservations (which are needed), fill your belly with delicious foods inspired by Africa, India and the Mediterranean culture and then head throughout the Animal Kingdom Lodge to view over 30 breathtaking animals in the evening. 

It is going to be a night you can talk about for ages. There is a dress code here as well although not as strict as Victoria and Albert’s, you are going to want to check it out beforehand.  There are so many meat and vegetarians dishes here that there is truly something for everyone and the wine list is beautiful to say the least.  It is worth TWO table service dining credits and runs about $35 to $59.99 per adult. Now the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House is cash free so if you want to pay make sure you bring your credit card or magic band with you. And make sure you try to oak-grilled filet mignon.

California Grill 

Back on the monorail loop at the Contemporary Resort you are going to find the California Grill, one of the best views you can have at the Disney World property.  If you are looking to really spoil your partner, try to grab a reservation during the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and it will be a meal you will cherish forever.  Located on the top floor, you have a bird eye’s view throughout the entire Magic Kingdom resort area and beautiful isn’t even a powerful enough word to describe the adventure. There is a dress code here so make sure you check it out before you arrive and definitely grab those dining reservations as far in advance as you can to make sure you grab a time you really want.

The theme for the food here is everything you would find in California including brick oven flatbreads and Atlantic Yellowfin tuna, but keep in mind that the menu does change throughout the year.  This is worth two table service dining credit and can run anywhere from $35 to over $60 per adult so do budget appropriately and enjoy a meal fit for the best of couples looking for a little cuisine and memories you will never forget.

The Boathouse

 Maybe you are looking to make an entire night out alone with your partner, if that is the case then make sure you head over to Disney Springs and enjoy the Boathouse.  Known for their Surf and Turf Florida Style, the Boathouse is part of the newer renovations at Disney Springs and while you are dining keep an eye out for all the sights and sounds that will be going on around you.  Make sure to keep your eye out on the lagoon! Reservations are strongly recommended and there is no dress code required so come as you are.

This is worth two table service dining credits and runs about $15 to $34.99 per adult.  Once you are done eating, make sure you spend the rest of your night walking about Disney Springs and get some shopping done. If you are looking to make it an even longer night just stop by the AMC theater and watch a movie in peace with your partner.  You will never go wrong with a date night at Disney Springs.

Monsieur Paul 

Heading over to Epcot, you will find Monsieur Paul.  Now even though it is located inside a theme park there is still a dress code that you have to adhere to so keep that in mind when you are booking reservations (which you NEED to dine here). Known for their fantastic French cuisine, this is going to be a great meal for any couple who wants to adventure into the international side.  There is a set menu option and a la carte as well which should fit everyone in the group and is worth two table service dining credits. 

This runs about $35 to $59.99 per adult so definitely keep in mind your budget when deciding to book here.  One of the drawbacks is if you are staying in the theme park you have to remember to go back to your room and change since there is a dress code they adhere by, but the traditional French techniques are worth whatever you have to accomplish to quest those taste buds.

Le Cellier

 Another spot located in Epcot is going to be in the Canada Pavilion. If you are looking for a fantastic steak, this is going to be your place to dine. The ambiance of feeling like you are no longer in Florida but instead a beautiful Canadian restaurant is going to hit you in the face the moment you enter through the front doors of the experience. If you are also looking to try something new, I strongly recommend the poutine. Now dining reservations here are going to be a must since it is one of the more popular venues to eat in Epcot. 

Make a night of it! Head to Epcot for a fantastic dinner and then make your way around the world showcase stopping at whenever you want with a beautiful nightcap featuring fireworks! This is worth two table service dining credits and runs about $35 to $59.99 per adult. Budget wisely and save some cash for drinks around the world for a perfect Epcot date night!

Flying Fish 

If you are looking for a fantastic seafood meal, then the Flying Fish located on the Boardwalk area is a must do. Now their food does change seasonally for what is best available but it is never ever a letdown. The Boardwalk area is full of adult friendly activity so make sure you plan an entire night out when booking these reservations and save some time to take a stroll or rent a surrey. The blue mussels and scallops pasta are always my go to when they are available on the menu.

Now there is a dress code required to dine here so make sure you pay attention before booking so you are prepared when you pack. This is worth two table service dining credits and runs about $35 to $59.99 per adult. Make sure to stay around. The Boardwalk area has beautiful views of the fireworks from Epcot which creates an unforgettable ending to a magical date.


 Now we make our way back over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge but this time we arrive at the Kidani Village. If you are looking for a view, booking a reservation (which is necessary) during the sunset right on the safari is going to be a magical moment you will never be able to recreate anywhere else. This is no dress code requirement here and the meal is a family feast inspired by African and Indian cuisine. The most talk about part of the meal is going to be the Indian bread service which has nine different types of spreads!

There are plenty of different types of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes to try from as well. This is going to be worth one dining credit and can run from $35 to $59.99 per adult. There is no dress code so come in your safari best and make sure you tour the beautiful grounds after to end the night!

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Another classic Disney choice for steak is going to be located in the Yacht Club called the Yachtsman Steakhouse.  Here you are going to be spoiled with New York strip steak and pan seared sea scallops.  Based on New England decor, it is a beautiful location to spend an intimate night with a loved one and located right near the Boardwalk as well.  Once you are done eating you can make your way down around the lagoon to enjoy a night cap at any of the bars and watch the Epcot evening fireworks. 

There is a minimum dress code here so make sure you pay attention when booking reservations that you are also going to need.  This is worth two table service dining credits or run about $35 to $59.99 per adult.  Make sure you leave room in your stomach for the signature Yachtmans Sundae and make an entire evening that will be one of the dates you will always cherish!

Paradiso 37

Taste of the Americas: Now we make our way back over to Disney Springs which is probably one of the best locations to have an all out date night.  Here we have Paradiso 37. You are going to find a combination of delicious dishes from all over North and South America.  Make sure you try some of the house made guacamole, the Chilean salmon or the Argentine skirt steak.  Once you are done dining on festive cuisine, the night is your oyster throughout the rest of Disney Springs including great entertainment and shopping. 

This is worth one table service dining credit and is about $15 to $34.99 per adult.  There is no dress code, but reservations are needed if you want to dine here as well.  Disney Springs can get really busy with all of the new additions.

The Edison

Another one of the newer additions to Disney Springs is the Edison and it is one of the hottest date nights in Disney Springs.  Set in the steampunk like era, there are multiple themed rooms and something to look at around every corner. There is entertainment there every night including DJs and aerialists.  Sometimes they even have a live cabaret.  It is a great scene for a fun night out as a couple and the food is delicious. Make sure you try the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes.  This is worth one table service dining credit and is about $15 to $34.99 per adult. 

Check out the dress code because there is one and always grab reservations beforehand.  Whether you head here before or after your big date night out in Disney Springs, you are going to be surprised with how spectacular this industrial venue is.

So there you have it! There are the 11 best places for couples to dine at the Walt Disney World Resort, so make sure you do some research while doing your Disney World planning and schedule a night that you and your partner will never be able to top and remember forever!  There is always magic even when there is no kids involved.

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