What’s the Best Disney World Theme Park for Adults?

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. As a child, you dream of visiting the most magical place, but Walt Disney World is not only a place for kids. It’s actually a pretty great place for adults, too. 

Now, granted—all the parks are wonderful places to visit while at Disney World. But, for my dollar, I honestly think Epcot is the best park for adults to visit. Epcot has everything that makes Disney great, but with more adult activities. At Epcot, there are festivals, restaurants, alcohol, attractions, and of course the World Showcase.

So, what specifically makes Epcot such a fun and exciting theme park for adults?  Well, it’s a bunch of things, but let’s first begin with Epcot’s more grown-up attractions.


  • Educational rides

Spaceship Earth is a ride that takes you through time to explore and understand the history of communication from the Stone Age through the age of computers. There is the Ellen’s Energy Adventure which is a ride that explores the history of energy production. The Living with the Land is located in The Land Pavilion.

This boat ride gives you a tour of Disney’s innovate growing techniques. SeaBase is a great place to explore and learn about the marine wildlife located in Future World while Innoventions showcases science and technology exhibits with fun activities.

  • Thrill rides

Soarin’ is a thrill ride designed to mimic hand gliding above many beautiful wonders around the world. Test track is another thrill ride that allows you to design a concept car and then test the car on the track. The simulation car drives for almost a mile at 65 miles per an hour.

World Showcase

The World Showcase is one of the reasons that Epcot is known more as an adult park. There are eleven countries represented in the 1.2 mile walk around the World Showcase. Each world is designed to submerse guests in the culture of the country. Each country has familiar landmarks along with beautiful gardens and flowers. There are unique foods and items specific to the country.

Even the cast members are from the country and enjoy explaining the culture and answering guest questions. For example, guests can enjoy Moroccan culture and take in exquisite art work in the Moroccan Art Gallery or enjoy the film tribute to France with the Impressions de France.


Because of the unique countries, Epcot is a great place to enjoy food and has some of the best restaurants at Disney World. Each country has their own restaurant to allow guests to enjoy cuisine indigenous to the country, but there are also snacks to enjoy.

    San Angel Inn located in Mexico is a unique restaurant. After walking through the pavilion designed to represent a market, guests can dine at the San Angel Inn with a beautiful backdrop of a smoking volcano and the Grand Mayan pyramid. After dinner, enjoy the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride following Donald on his way to the Three Caballeros performance.

    Le Cellier is located in Canada below the Chateau. It was built to resemble a wine cellar. The restaurant has no windows and grand stone arches to provide ambiance for an intimate setting. It is highly recommended to obtain reservations for dinner at this restaurant.

    Via Napoli is located in Italy. This gorgeously built restaurant is designed to resemble architecture in Florence, Italy.  With an open kitchen concept, guests can watch their pizza prepped and cooked in a true stone oven.

    Teppan Edo in Japan is another unique restaurant. This a teppanyaki-style restaurant is located inside the Japan Pavilion. The chief prepares your meal on a stove top grill communal style.

    Biergarten in Germany is a fun, unique restaurant in Epcot. This buffet style communal restaurants has food, music, and dance. Guests enjoy rotisserie chicken, bratwurst, salads, and beer while celebrating Oktoberfest.

Along with the formal dining restaurants, there are plenty of casual dining to allow guests to experience foods from the country. There are also cafes and stores to indulge in delicious snacks.


Beer and drink stands are abundant in each country. Each country tries to offer alcohol indigenous to their country. For example, guests can enjoy the wine bar in Italy. Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is a cozy wine bar that serves over 200 different Italian wines that can be coupled with tapas-type plates. Margaritas are another great option located in the Mexico Pavilion.  Some guests partake in the Drinking Around the World challenge. For this challenge, guests attempt to consume one alcoholic beverage from each country.

If you are not up for overindulging in drinks at Epcot, then I would at least suggest getting a Grey Goose Citron slushy or Grand Marnier Orange slushy in France at the Les Vins des Chefs de France. These are a great way to cool off and rejuvenate for more Epcot fun.


Epcot hosts a few festivals throughout the year. The Epcot International Festival of Arts is new starting in 2017. The festival kicks off the year with the ultimate celebration of food, art, and entertainment. This festival typically runs January through February. During this festival, guests can catch musical performances by Broadway stars, choirs, bands, and other performing artists.

Epcot International Festival of Arts celebrates culinary arts as guests experience artistic dishes at food kiosks, eateries, and dining events throughout the festival. Allowing guest to express themselves, Epcot will host professional workshops and seminars lead by a professional instructor. In addition, there are different art exhibits and activities including a paint by numbers mural that guests can participate in creating along with an artist station with live demonstrations.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is a celebration of Spring hosted in from March through May. This festival has delectable food and drinks around the park for guest enjoyment. One of the best parts of the festival is all the unique Disney inspired topiaries around the park along with beautiful and vibrant gardens, flowers, wildlife habitats and walkways.

There are exhibits and demonstrations for gardening, and during this festival, there are many different outdoor concerts to enjoy that can be coupled with dining and preferred seating. Many of the attractions at the festival are included with the purchase of your park ticket; however, for additional costs, guests can participate in different tours. For example, the Royal Tea Garden Tour is one many adults enjoy.

This tour is $15.00 a person and requires advanced reservations. This tour begins at the United Kingdom Pavilion where you will explore the lush gardens and learn the history and art of tea blending. The tour ends with tea and scones in the outdoor gardens of The Tea Caddy. This festival usually runs the first of March through the end of May.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is usually hosted in September through the middle of November. This festival has great music, food, and beverages. There are several unique food experiences located at different kiosks around Epcot along with different live music performances to pair with the great food. Guests can participate in several activities such as cooking demonstrations and seminars.

There are wine, bourbon, and beer tastings and samplings. This festival also has world renowned chefs who are ready to share their culinary love with the guests at Epcot. Each festival provides an extra unique experience while guests visit Epcot.


There are several different transportation options to get to Epcot. When it is just adults and no kids, then options are not limited. With kids, public transportation can be burdensome. You must contend with crowds, tantrums, sitting, strollers, and bags of stuff. Adults do not worry about these issues usually. This allows for different options for travel to Epcot. Transportation can be different depending on if you stay on property or have park hopper tickets.

All guests can drive and park at Epcot. Hotel guests’ parking is included in their stay. If you are not a hotel guest, then parking can range from $20.00 a day for standard parking and up to $40.00 a day for preferred parking.

The Walt Disney World Transportation and Ticket Center is the main parking for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. This transportation connects guests to the monorail and bus station. The monorail is always a unique experience for travel at Walt Disney World and Epcot is accessible by monorail. Another fun way to travel to Epcot is by ferryboat. Guests can access Epcot by ferryboats from certain locations.


There are some great adult hotels in the Epcot resort area. Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Villa, Disney’s Beach Club and Villas, Disney’s Yacht Club, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel are all located in the Epcot Resort Area. These deluxe hotels each offer guests a unique experience and all of them offer ferryboat access to Epcot. Adults can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic view as they travel to the best at Disney World for adults.

Walt Disney World is packed full of magic, entertainment, food, and fun. Each park offers a different experience to guests. Magic Kingdom allows adults to get in touch with their inner child with attractions like Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan. Animal Kingdom allows adults to explore cultures of Africa and Asia and experience adventures like It’s Tough to Be a Bug and Mount Everest while Hollywood Studios offers thrills like Tower of Terror and adventures like Star Tours. Regardless, Epcot is the best park because it is packed with food, wine, culture, and fun, creating a unique experience for adult guests.

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