15 Best Olaf Quotes You Will Love

Here Are the Best Olaf Quotes That You Will Love
Olaf Balloons” by HarshLight licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the best characters ever introduced by Disney in my opinion is Olaf.
Here’s a character that embodies all the magic of Disney, and the dialogue he provides to a scene adds subtle nuances that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.  Here are my picks for the best Olaf quotes from Frozen.

The Best Olaf Quotes 

Now in the first Frozen movie, Olaf is found by Anna and Kristoff wandering around the snowy hillside.  After finding out their mission is to bring back Summer, Olaf sings a song about how much he would love to experience the sunshine and warmth of the summer sun.

1.  Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in Summer, and I’ll be a (stares at a puddle, but dismisses it and jumps over it)…. Happy Snowman!

This leads to a disagreement between Anna and Kristoff about whether or not to tell Olaf what happens to snow in summer, and becomes a running sub-theme for Olaf’s character throughout the rest of the movie.  Olaf introduces a lot of sub-themes throughout the Frozen films, which is one of the traits that makes him a favorite of mine.

2. Hey, Sven! Grab my butt!

Another Olaf trait is the ability to break into pieces and reassemble himself. During one such episode, his bottom half is running away, so Olaf yells to Kristoff (whose name he thinks is Sven at this point in the film) to catch his bottom half before it gets too far away.  It is this sudden interjection of bluntness that makes Olaf’s scenes so funny.  

In fact, Olaf is so funny and endearing, it’s amazing to think that the Frozen co-director once wanted Olaf cut from the movie.

3. Some people are worth melting for.

This is one of Olaf’s classic lines that you’ll see in most previews and trailers, so how could we ignore it.  Anna is at risk of freezing to death, so Olaf builds a fire. Anna tells him he’ll melt.  

I think this is when Olaf realizes his precarious relationship with heat (and thus Summer). In making the choice to put Anna’s safety ahead of his own, he utters this now famous line and becomes not just comic relief, but a hero.

4. Not eating cake

In March 2015 a movie short called “Frozen Fever” was released in theaters along with the live-action Cinderella.  Later on, Frozen Fever became available on Disney+ and is definitely worth a watch.  Elsa is throwing Anna her first-ever real birthday party, and Olaf is caught sampling the cake.

Elsa: Olaf! What are you doing?!
Olaf: Not eating cake…
Elsa: Olaf, that’s for Anna.
Olaf: But it’s ICE cream cake!

Caught red-handed with his mouth still full of cake, we see the child Olaf truly is as he tries to get away with it.  An adorable scene!

5. Little brothers!

Further along in Frozen Fever, we find out Elsa has a cold, and each time she sneezes she creates tiny snowmen (named Snowgies) that run out into the courtyard.  As they pass Olaf, he scoops them up and yells this line.  

Olaf is now suddenly a big brother, and this leads to a surprise ending.

6. Dry Banana Hippy Hat

As Kristoff shows Elsa the birthday banner he created, Olaf announces he can’t read.  This is the introduction of another of Olaf’s subtle recurring sub-themes that is referenced again in Frozen II.  Later in the Frozen Fever short the banner is broken by the Snowgies.  Olaf tries to fix it with hilarious results.

Olaf: I can fix it! (pan to Kristoff) …  All fixed!
Kristoff (reading the banner): Dry Banana Hippy Hat???!

You’ll be relieved to know the banner is corrected to read Happy Birthday Anna before the princess sees it.

7. This way Slush and Sludge …

At the end of Frozen Fever, we see Olaf and Kristoff bringing all the Snowgies to live with Marshmallow at Elsa’s ice palace. What I like the most about this scene is it changes Marshmallow’s character from scary monster to sweet snowman.

Olaf (shepherding his new little brothers into the palace):  This way Slush and Sludge and Slide and Ansel and Flake and Fridge and Flurry and Powder and Crystal and Squall and Pat and Sphere and William.

Kristoff (to Marshmallow): Don’t ask.

In 2017, Disney created another Frozen short, this time with a Christmas theme.  In “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”, Olaf and Sven set out to find holiday traditions for Elsa and Anna to incorporate into their holiday because their isolated youth left them without any family traditions. When Olaf is handed a fruitcake during the song “That Time of Year”, another sub-theme is born.

8. (after eating the hot cake which melts through him and falls to the ground) That went right through me.  

The next great quote is the wrap up for the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure short.  During their struggles to find a tradition, Olaf and Sven encounter a sudden disaster and are left with only the fruitcake.  Olaf holds it high in victory, but it is then that a hungry falcon swoops in and takes it.  Apparently the falcon didn’t like it either because he returns it to Olaf untouched.

9. (after getting hit in the head with the fruitcake)  It’s a Christmas 


Of course, we can’t do an article on the top Olaf quotes without discussing Frozen II.  

10. Water has memory

This line, stated by Olaf during a long trip where he decides to play “Did you know?” with Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff establishes the connection for all the upcoming scenes related to Elsa’s power.  It also makes Sven quite unhappy as he helps himself to a drink from a puddle.

Olaf:  Water has memory.  The water that makes up you and me has passed through at least four humans and/or animals before us. (Sven spits out water and looks dismayed) And it remembers everything!

11. This will all make sense when I am older

Olaf spends some time in the movie contemplating how people change as they age.  During one of his songs he explains how he feels the things that confuse him now will all make sense later because with age comes wisdom.  He then uses this rationale to try to comfort himself as the Fire Spirit rages in the forest. The look on his face as he mutters it makes the scene.

 (Grimmace and shrink down in fear speaking very rapidly) This will all make sense when I’m older (groan)

12. Thus, I live!

I admit it, I stay for the credits. I’m hooked on the post-credit surprise, and the one for Frozen II is worth the wait.  During the movie, Olaf explains to the Northuldra and the Arendelle soldiers how he and his party came to be where they are in the enchanted forest.  He quickly reenacts the highlights from the first movie Frozen in a one-snowman-show type of setup.  

This same type of scene is then used in the post-credit bit where Olaf is explaining the plot of Frozen II to Marshmallow and the Snowgies.  They are excited to hear the story has a happy ending.

Olaf: Elsa’s dead. Olaf’s dead. Anna cries. And then a bunch of important things happen that I forgot, but all that matters is I was right and water has memory, and thus… I live! And so do you.  

(Marshmallow and Snowgies cheer and celebrate)

In October of 2020, Disney decided Olaf deserved an origin story.  We all know he was the snowman Elsa and Anna created as children, but how did he suddenly come to life on that wintry hillside?  “Once Upon a Snowman” finally answers that question.

13. I can juggle!

As the story begins, Elsa has just created Olaf and continues up the north mountain leaving him behind.  Olaf awakens and becomes self-aware.  He ponders who he is and even what he is. Suddenly excited at being alive, 

Olaf tests his abilities.

Olaf: I’m alive! Who said that? I said that! I can talk! I can think! I can juggle! … No, I can not. I got too confident there.

As the story progresses Olaf makes his way to Oaken’s and the two find him a proper nose.  During this scene, Olaf is introduced to, and subsequently becomes obsessed with Summer.  As such, Oaken decides his best nose would be a summer sausage.

14. Oh, what a nose!  (inhales deeply) Processed meat!

15. Skill or Flaw?

In my final quote, we once again reference an Olaf subtheme… his ability to split up his body.  As Olaf is running away from a pack of wolves, he realizes his body is able to break apart.  He wonders if this is a good thing.

Olaf:  I’m falling apart! Is this a skill or a flaw?
(jumping over a fallen tree, head goes over, bottom goes under) Skill!
(splitting again to go around a large tree)  Skill!
(falling to pieces as he goes over a hillside) Flaw!

And just to be sure, after the credits, he does one more check… while ice-skating Olaf does a huge jump from a ramp …. Skill!

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