15 Best Jane Quotes from ‘Tarzan’ You Will Love

She’s smart. She’s inquisitive. She’s an iconic Disney lady in a yellow dress. And she’s not Belle—she’s Jane Porter! Jane has a knack for exploring, and loves all things wild. She says some really insightful stuff throughout the movie, showing her sensible side, but she’s also got a witty sense of humor. So without further ado, here are some of the best Jane quotes from Tarzan that show how dynamic this Disney lady really is. 

The Best Jane Quotes from Tarzan

1) “Oh Tarzan, you can’t imagine what’s in store for you. You’re going to see the world, and everyone will want to meet you. Kings, scientists, and famous writers.”

If I had to choose any Disney lady as my hype woman, I think it’d be Jane Porter. Tarzan is nervous to enter a world he knows nothing about, and Jane is willing to be a stable support for him.

She’s incredibly loyal, and has invested a lot into teaching this once untamed man. This is before Jane and Tarzan’s relationship becomes romantic, but Jane is clearly willing to be a supportive partner and watch him succeed. 

I also love when Disney movies mention real people. Porter gives the example of Queen Victoria wanting to meet Tarzan, to which Jane replies, “And I haven’t met her, but I heard she’s awfully nice.” Turns out, Queen Victoria probably would have wanted to meet a man raised by monkeys, as she was a huge animal lover herself. She had many dogs and ponies, and even had an exotic parrot that would beg for money.

2) “He was confused at first, as if he had never seen another human before. His eyes were intense… and focused, and… I’ve never seen eyes like those before.”

One of the best parts of this quote for me is her father Porter’s response: “Oh. Shall I—ahem—leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?” Jane has just drawn Tarzan on the blackboard and got lost in his eyes. And while Jane is presented as a rational explorer, she also has romantic desires. 

Though not explicit throughout the film, I believe Clayton is secretly crushing on Jane, so it makes sense that she would be interested in someone who’s the complete opposite of the man set to ‘protect’ her. Tarzan is intriguing and rugged, but also kind and intuitive. And after all, one of the best parts about watching Disney movies as an adult is catching onto the jokes that you likely would’ve missed as a child. 

3) [Hanging from a tree]

“It can’t get any worse, can it?”

[It starts to rain]

“Obviously, it can.”

I think we can all relate to Jane at this moment. This scene completely encapsulates the expression “when it rains, it pours,” and the sheer disappointment is evident on Jane’s face when it starts to rain. 

I’ve felt like Jane too many times when I ask myself if things can get worse. I’ve also learned that it usually turns out better for myself when I don’t even ask if it can get worse. Oh well, at least we know it pours in the beautiful, exotic, African jungle, too. 

4) “I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.”

Here is a simple example of Jane’s sense of humor. She just experienced major peril being chased by baboons through the jungle, and she’s able to make light of the situation when she gets back to her father. I think we can all learn a lesson from Jane and laugh about situations that would otherwise bring us down. 

When my sister and I both got flat tires within 15 minutes and 15 miles of each other, we couldn’t help but laugh. Sometimes, the only thing that gets us through a bad situation is to look back on it and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. 

5) “On the contrary Mr. Clayton, daddy’s theory is that these are social creatures.” 

This quote comes after Jane and her father discover the family groups in the jungle, at which Clayton scoffs. Jane confidently stands up for her father here, as well as employs her knowledge. 

Jane Porter was largely based off of both Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, real-life conservationists who studied gorillas and chimpanzees. These women even lived with the creatures, which we see Jane doing at the end of the movie. Jane is not to be undermined, and she certainly doesn’t allow anyone to undermine her father. Again, I admire and appreciate her unfettered support for the people she loves. 

6) “Put me down! Put me down!”

[baboons approach]

“No, pick me up, pick me up, pick me up!”

During the baboon chase, Jane’s logical side and fantastical side clash. She wants to be saved by Tarzan, but is also terrified of being whisked away by a stranger. But, she’s even more terrified of being attacked by baboons (who wouldn’t be?), and she allows herself to get swept off of her feet. 

She’s willing to freely trust him, albeit in a perilous situation. I can relate to Jane here too, as I often try my best to be independent, but I can’t deny help from people who are readily available when I’m under pressure.

7) “Gorillas! He’s one of them.”

After the song “Trashin’ the Camp”,  Jane realizes just who Tarzan is. This is the first time she sees him interact with his family, and she is in utter amazement of his life. Her tone is full of awe, instead of malice and judgment. 

Their camp was just destroyed, but all she can focus on is the discovery she’s made of why Tarzan seems so wild. Unlike Clayton, Jane can respect Tarzan’s background, even though it’s vastly different from hers. I can’t help but value Jane even more for that perspective. 

8) “And no respect for personal boundaries.”

Jane might respect Tarzan’s background, but that doesn’t mean she supports every part of it. In her previous interactions with Clayton, Jane has proven that she’s capable of being independent and doesn’t need protection. 

Tarzan may have gotten a little too close for comfort, but I don’t think Jane particularly minded. After she says this, she gets lost in the drawing of his eyes. Jane might have boundaries, but I think Tarzan is the right mix of polite and wild to get on her good side.

9) “Fantasy? I didn’t imagine him. Tarzan is…”
[Tarzan lands on the ground in between Jane and Clayton]

This quote comes right before the montage where Jane shows Tarzan what human life is like during Phil Collins’ “Strangers Like Me.” Jane is once again defending herself from Clayton, who accuses her of imagining her interactions with Tarzan. 

Jane might have a fantastical side to her, but I think her sensibility usually outweighs those fantasies. After all, she was right about Tarzan, as he comes on the scene just in time for Clayton to see. I respect that not only is Jane willing to defend the people she cares about, but she’s willing to defend herself, too.

10) [Sees Kala locked in a cage]
“Don’t worry, I’m going to have you out of this in a second.”

[A thug is about to attack with a crowbar, but Tarzan appears and grabs the crowbar for her]

“This should do this trick.”

Unlike Jane’s “when it rains, it pours” moment, everything falls into place for her here. It’s nice to see things come full-circle for Jane, even in this high-stress scene. The captors have just caged up Tarzan’s family, and Jane and Tarzan begin trying to rescue them—just like Tarzan rescued Jane at the start of the film. 

I feel inspired by Jane’s resilience in this scene, and her confidence that she can get Kala out of the cage before she even has a tool. I often look at my surroundings and think, “there’s no way to get out of this,” but Jane is determined enough to find a way. 

It’s also quite funny that Tarzan immediately saves her and supplies her with a crowbar to help her rescue Kala. It’s a nice nod to the earlier scene where Jane argues with Clayton that Tarzan is real, and he immediately appears.

11) “London will seem so small compared to all of this.”

This quote feels very emotional, as first-time viewers might believe this is the moment Tarzan and Jane will part ways. She has decided to go back home to London, which may be small in size, but great in power at this time. 

Tarzan is set during Britain’s imperial century, during which the British Empire and Africa had a strained relationship. Where the British empire grew in power and might, places like Africa experienced imperial exploitation and oppression. Africa was treated like the minority, but Jane recognizes the strength, might, and greatness of the jungle. 

12) “But, I turn around and there’s a whole FLEET OF THEM. An ARMY of monkeys! A huge tree full of monkeys, screaming at me!” 
[imitates a monkey screaming at him]

Jane certainly has my respect for her love of learning and exploration, but also because she’s not ashamed to show her goofy side. Jane recognizes that she’s the odd one out, and makes a silly attempt to imitate the monkeys’ babblings. 

We’re taught too often that we shouldn’t show our sillier sides in professional settings, but I always appreciate people being themselves. Jane is ahead of her time: exploring the African jungle, maintaining professionalism, and being unapologetically herself! We’re reminded of this sweet moment at the end of the film, where Jane’s final lines are actual monkey-speech to communicate with Tarzan’s family. 

13) “Oh, thank you. I can’t do a thing with it in this humidity and – you do speak? And all this time I thought you were this big, wild, quiet,  silent person-thing! 

Jane shortly gets interrupted by Tarzan and we see the canonical scene where they say each others’ names back and forth. A formal introduction. But before that, Jane thinks Tarzan is complimenting her hair when he says “it’s very nice,” even though he was simply copying her complimenting his heartbeat.

I love this initial spark between them during their first conversation. Anyone who’s ever had a crush can relate to Jane getting flustered and assuming Tarzan was complimenting her hair.

14) “Now, now, don’t give me those crocodile tears. What would your parents have to say?”

[hears a growl; turns to face a band of angry baboons]

“See? I told you they’d be cross. Go easy on him, children will be children.”

Jane has just snatched her drawing from a baby baboon and is trying to console it when a band of angry baboons appears. I’m sure she knows the real reason the baboons are mad is because of her presence, but she plays it cool as if they’re mad at the baby. 

Again, Jane has a witty sense of humor and is willing to make light out of a scary situation. Even in this scary moment, Jane relates to the baboons. She talks to them as if they’re civilized humans, as “children will be children,” no matter the species.  

15) “Daddy, please don’t. We’ve been through all of this. I couldn’t possibly… I belong in England with you, and people, and…”

And her glove blows out of her reach and into Tarzan’s hand. This is the sign that Jane needed to know she should stay back with Tarzan, and her father knew it too. It’s moments before her first kiss with Tarzan. 

It’s bittersweet to see her separate from her father and be reunited with Tarzan. And we see a beautiful moment where Kala reaches out for Jane’s hand and graciously accepts her into their family. I don’t think there’s a better way to end my list of best Jane quotes from Tarzan.

This article was written by Lexie and edited by Michael.

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