15 Disney Characters That Start with I You’ll Love

Discover the Best Disney Characters That Start with I.
Mr. Incredible” by JeffChristiansen licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Isn’t it interesting that there are so many Disney characters that start with I ? The list is full of daring heroes, duplicitous villains, and mouthy sidekicks.  Here are fifteen of my favorite characters whose names begin with the letter “I.”

Disney Characters That Start with I

Perhaps one of the best Disney characters that start with “I” is Iago, who was the loud mouthed parrot from Disney’s beloved animated movie “Aladdin.”  Iago was voiced by actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.  The character of Iago was also a throwback to the villain of Shakespeare’s “Othello”—a villain named Iago, as well.

Iago (Aladdin, 1992)

Iago is a Red Lory Parrot that is both the sidekick to the main villain, Jafar, and a villain in his own right. He’s loud, impatient, and motivated by an obsession to obtain power.

Even though Jafar is the main villain of the story, it is Iago that instigates the plan for Jafar to marry Jasmine, and he also is the one who steals the magic lamp from Aladdin. He even plots to have Princess Jasmine and the Sultan murdered after Jafar manages to marry her!

Iago reveals in the Disney animated TV series, “Aladdin”, that he has a twin brother named Othello. This is a joke probably referring to the fact that Iago is the name of the antagonist in Shakespeare’s play “Othello”. Both Disney’s and Shakespeare’s Iago characters are villainous troublemakers who are motivated by their desire for power.

Ian (Princess And The Frog, 2009)

Ian is the name of one of the alligators that nearly eat Tiana and Prince Naveen after they are both turned into frogs. It happens very soon after Tiana is transformed into a frog, causing them to seek shelter together in a hollow log.

Ian is frightening, but really, he’s just doing what alligators do! Fortunately, not all alligators are determined to eat Tiana and Naveen, as later in the story they befriend the jazz-loving (and adorable) alligator, Louis.

Ian Lightfoot (Onward, 2020)

Ian Lightfoot is a 16-year-old elf who is one of the protagonists of the Disney/Pixar film, Onward. He’s very kind, a little bit awkward, and doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence.

His father died just before Ian was born, so he doesn’t have any memories of him. Ian and his brother, Barley, receive a magical staff that will bring their deceased father back for 24 hours. While attempting to use the staff, it is discovered that Ian has a rare affinity for magic, even though the spell doesn’t quite go as planned.

The plot of the movie follows a quest undertaken by the two brothers to complete the spell so they can visit their Dad. Along the way, Ian is pushed out of his comfort zone and he gains a bit of self-confidence and self-awareness. I love how sweet and relatable Ian is with his initial insecurities and shy personality, and how his character grows into a more well-rounded young man (elf).

Ice Titan (Hercules, 1997)

The Ice Titan is one of four elemental monsters that are released by Hades in an attempt to overthrow Zeus and take over the world. The Ice Titan is a tall, skeletal creature made entirely of jagged ice.

As told by the Muses in their song “The Gospel Truth”, the Titans originally ruled the world when Earth was new, causing nothing but destruction and mayhem. Zeus subdued these chaotic monsters and imprisoned them beneath the seas.

Hades’ plan to release the Titans and take Zeus’ thrown is complicated by a warning from The Fates that Hercules would be able to stop him. It’s only after Hercules temporarily loses his powers that Hades releases the Titans, although Hercules goes from zero to Hero at the last minute to save the day!

Ichabod Crane (The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, 1949)

Ichabod Crane is the main character in Disney’s animated adaptation of Washington Irving’s classic story. Ichabod is the new schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow. He’s a nervous, food-loving, superstitious fellow. His belief in superstitions and spooky stories is his greatest weakness and ultimately leads to his disappearance. 

When Ichabod decides he wants to pursue a romance with the lovely Katrina Van Tassel, his rival, Brom Bones, takes advantage of Ichabod’s superstitious nature by playing scary pranks on him. When Ichabod is pursued by the Headless Horseman after a Halloween party, it’s implied (but never confirmed) that Brom Bones may have been playing the ultimate scary prank on him to get him to leave Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod Crane was never seen in Sleepy Hollow again after he left the Halloween party. His hat was found on the bridge, along with a smashed pumpkin. It’s unclear if the Headless Horseman got him, as there were rumors that he was seen living in a nearby town, happily married with several children.

Queen Iduna (Frozen, 2013 and FrozenII, 2019)

Queen Iduna is the Queen of Arendelle, the wife of King Agnarr, and the loving mother of Princesses Elsa and Anna. She was born in the Enchanted Forest, where she befriended the Elemental Spirits (especially the Wind Spirit, Gale) as a young girl.

As a young woman, she bravely rescued Prince Agnarr during a war between her people and his. As a reward for her courage and selflessness, the Nature Spirits gave her firstborn daughter, Elsa, the gift of her magical powers.

Queen Iduna always saw Elsa’s powers as a gift rather than a curse and worked hard to help her daughter find a way to control that gift. Iduna was free-spirited and lively, but she was also gentle and often played the role of peacemaker in her household. Sadly, it was her quest to find help for Elsa that lead to Iduna’s death, when she was on a ship that was sunk during a storm.

Ilsa Schicklgrubermeiger-von Helsinger Kepelugerhoffer (Suite Life of Zack and Cody, 2005)

I love this character just for her ridiculously long name!  The Suite Life of Zack and Cody centers around the Martin twins, who live in the Tipton Hotel with their mother, and the Tipton family. This sitcom aired on The Disney Channel from 2005 to 2008.

Ilsa is the nemesis of the Tipton family; she is a German hotel inspector and eventual business rival to the Tipton Hotel.  She’s just a mean person who harshly intimidates people, and at one point threatens to have the Tipton Hotel demolished and turned into a parking lot. She’s so mean, in fact, that she once bragged of having bitten a shark!

Eventually, her cruel demeanor and lack of personal skills get her fired as the Tipton Hotel Inspector. Ilsa is a horrible person, but she’s a fun villain to watch with a ridiculous over-the-top personality.

Imelda Rivera (Coco, 2017)

Imelda Rivera is the matriarch of the Rivera family, and great-great-great-grandmother to Miguel Rivera, the protagonist of the Pixar movie “Coco”

Imelda is a proud woman, who values family more than any other thing. She was once married to a musician and was herself a singer, but banned music from her family after her husband, Hector, failed to return home from a musical tour. She didn’t find out until much later, thanks to Miguel’s visit to the Land of The Dead, that Hector didn’t abandon his family. He was, tragically, murdered by his one-time friend, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Imelda is loving towards her family, but very strict and stubborn. She can also be forgiving, as demonstrated when she helps to expose Ernesto’s murderous side and rescue Hector and Miguel when they are trapped in a cenote. At the end of the film, she has forgiven Hector and gives Miguel her blessing.

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles, 2004)

Yes, we all know that Mr. Incredible’s “real” name is Bob Parr, but if you saw a picture of him you wouldn’t think “Hey, that’s Bob Parr!” Nope, your first thought would be “It’s Mr. Incredible!” So he’s included in this list of Disney characters starting with I.

Mr. Incredible is the epitome of what it means to be a superhero, as well as what it means to be the ultimate family guy. As a superhero, he possesses extraordinary strength as well as invulnerability. He also has a need to always do what is right and try to solve the world’s problems. The downside is that he also is prideful, and he occasionally has trouble controlling his super-strength.

His devotion to his wife (Helen, aka: Elastigirl) and their children is without parallel. One of the underlying themes of “The Incredibles” movie is Mr. Incredible’s longing to return to his glory days as a crime fighter but eventually realizing that his family is the most important thing in his life.  His endearing personality and wholesome love of family are what makes Mr. Incredible such a great character.

Iridessa (first appearance: Tinkerbell, 2008)

Iridessa is one of the many fairies of Pixie Hollow. She appears in many of the Disney Fairy feature films and video games; making her debut in the Tinkerbell film.

Iridessa is a talented Light Fairy, who has dark skin and hair and a fondness for wearing sunny yellow dresses. She’s friendly and loves to make the new fairy arrivals in Pixie Hollow feel welcome and comfortable. She’s also quite a perfectionist. Because of her perfectionist tendencies, she worries and is hesitant to take unnecessary risks. However, she’s also enthusiastically optimistic and will do anything to help her friends.

Iron Man (first appearance: Iron Man, 2008)

Iron Man (real name: Anthony Edward Stark) was first created in Marvel comics by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee back in 1963. The updated version of this character, portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr., has proven to be one of the most popular characters in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Tony Stark, the billionaire genius in the Iron Man suit, is a flawed hero. He drinks and parties to excess, and has a super-size ego. Over the course of all the Marvel movies, we see Tony’s growth as a human being as his identity as Iron man develops. His priorities shift from producing and selling mass weapons to using his technology to maintain peace and help mankind. 

There is plenty of personal growth as well, including his eventual marriage to his assistant, Pepper, and his almost parental relationship with Peter Parker. Eventually, Iron Man makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from total destruction in “Avengers: End Game”. His heartbreaking demise brought his character development full circle from the egotistical billionaire that appeared in the first “Iron Man” movie.

Iron Man is a great character that shows us that even egotistical billionaires can improve themselves and learn about compassion and love. His story also illustrates that those with wealth and power can and should do great things to improve the state of the world.

Isabella Madrigal (Encanto, 2021)

Isabella is the oldest grandchild of the Madrigal family. She has the magical gift of being able to grow plants and flowers at will. Known as the “golden child” and the “perfect one” of the family, she’s a lovely, graceful young woman who seems to be the favorite of Abuela Alma.

Isabella wants to please her Abuela, to the point of being agreeable to marriage to Mariano even though she’s not really in love with him. This role of being the “perfect one” makes Isabella feel trapped and overwhelmed with family obligations until she begins to explore her abilities after an argument with her youngest sister, Mirabel.

Once Isabella begins to expand her magical powers, she creates all sorts of plants besides the flowers she initially focused on. This scene in the movie (during the song “What Else Can I Do?) is a great portrayal of a young woman realizing she can exceed her family’s expectations for something that makes her happier.

Ivan (Cars 2, 2011)

Ivan is one of the villains in Cars 2. He is a blue tow truck, employed by the sadistic leader of the terrorist cars known as “The Lemons”. He’s employed as Victor Hugo’s “Personal Transport”; towing him to various locations as needed. He’s absolutely loyal to The Lemons, whose goal is to discredit the popularity of alternative, more eco-friendly fuel so they can become powerful and rich once they sell oil from their oil rigs.

Ivan is pretty evil, with no redeeming qualities. He’s manipulative, and was actively involved in a plot to murder Lightning McQueen and Mater. Thankfully, he was defeated and arrested before any of his murderous plans were successful.

Ivy DeVil (101 Dalmatians: The Series, 1997)

In the Disney Channel animated 101 Dalmatians series, Ivy DeVil is the niece of the infamous Cruella DeVil. Like her notorious Auntie, she has the DeVil signature “half black/half white” hair, which she usually wears in pigtails.

She can seem quite friendly and sweet, but that’s not necessarily the case! Ivy is a master manipulator and deceiver. She uses her “sweet little girl” persona as a way to gain trust so she can help her nefarious family in their schemes. She can seem polite and cute, pushing a doll carriage filled with assorted toys. These “toys” are actually high-tech devices Ivy uses to send information back and forth with her Aunt Cruella. This kid is definitely a “bad seed!”

Izzy (Hocus Pocus 2, 2022)

Izzy is one of two teen girls in Salem who inadvertently bring the infamous witches (the Sanderson sisters) back from the dead (again). She and her best friends, Becca and Cassie, have been studying witchcraft and spells on their own. When the candle they receive for Becca’s 16th birthday from the local magic shop turns out to be a black flame candle, it brings about the return of Mary, Sarah, and Winifred Sanderson.

Izzy is loyal to her friends, and courageous when the situation calls for it. She’s quite self-confident and stays with Becca through the entire story as they attempt to send the Sanderson sisters away. At the end of the movie, Izzy and her friends Becca and Cassie, form a new coven of their own along with the magic book once owned by Winifred Sanderson. If you enjoyed this article, please “like” my Countdown to Magic Facebook page!

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