15 Best Gus-Gus Quotes from ‘Cinderella’ You Will Love

Discover the best Gus Gus quotes you will love
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that every good character needs a lovable sidekick. The classic Cinderella is no exception to this. Jaq, one of Cinderella’s mouse-friends completes the princess’s entourage when he brings Gus-Gus into the fold. And from there, a star was born (at least in my eyes!)

Without further ado, here are my picks for the best Gus Gus quotes from “Cinderella.”

The Best Gus Gus Quotes

“Is that a Lucifer? Gus take Lucifer and…Look it!”

In this scene, Gus has just been introduced to Jaq and Cinderella. Jaq is trying to help Gus acclimate to his new surroundings and warns the newcomer of a very dangerous entity in the house – Lucifer, the wicked stepmother’s cat. Lucifer is slowly meandering down to breakfast as Jaq and Gus look on from the corner. Gus is not impressed by Lucifer and is determined to show Jaq how to handle the problem. 

This is our first real introduction to Gus’s feisty personality. He is clearly a mouse around town, scrappy, and a go-getter. Gus is not easily intimidated by Lucifer, even though he’ll soon learn that he may need to take his confidence down a few pegs. However, Gus’s energy and spunk begins to show us the ineffable qualities we’ll soon know and love about this underrated character. 

“Breakfast! Oh, breakfast!”

Cinderella is preparing breakfast for everyone in the house. The mice gather to prepare to sneak around Lucifer to get their breakfast. Jaq is trying to help Gus understand what’s about to take place, but Gus isn’t quite registering at first. Then, understanding suddenly dawns on him and he exclaims his excitement for breakfast. What could be a more relatable exclamation, right? 

“Take it easy, Cluck-Cluck” 

Poor Gus-Gus doesn’t quite understand how the household functions at this point in the film, but he’s quickly learning. Cinderella is going about her morning routine of feeding all the members of the household as she lays out food for the mice and the chickens. 

All the other mice know they need to just grab what they can and run, but not our Gus-Gus. He’s trying to collect as much food as he can when he runs into the chickens. The chickens are all pecking around him as he tries to dodge the pecking beaks.

“Poor Cinderelly”

The invitation for the royal ball has just arrived! Every eligible maiden is set to attend; however, the wicked step-mother is not interested in allowing this to happen. She tells Cinderella she may go “if” she completes all her chores. She finishes quickly and goes to alter a dress to use as her ballgown when the wicked step-mother and step-sisters find a litany of additional chores for Cinderella to complete. 

Cinderella realizes what’s happening and is resigned to the fact that she won’t have time to get the dress ready for the ball and she’ll have to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 

This is the first time we see Gus demonstrating some empathy. He recognizes that Cinderella is disappointed and wants to make it better for her. 

“We’ll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly”

Cinderella has been summoned away to tend to the whims of the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Jaq realizes that she would be kept so busy that she would not have the chance to fix up her own dress, so the animal friends decide to pitch in and help. 

As the animal friends are bustling around with measuring tape, thread, and sewing needles, Jaq and Gus set out to find the trimmings for the dress. Even though Gus has only known Cinderella for a short time, he already loves her caring nature and is invested in making her happy. 

“Surprise! Surprise! A pretty surprise for Cinderelly!”

Jaq and Gus head out to find trimmings for the dress to surprise Cinderella. Together, Jaq and Gus, race through the walls and sliding down spider webs to go collect all the things they need for the dress.

The animal friends are determined to help Cinderella make it to the ball. Gus is thrilled to be part of the process and can’t wait to surprise Cinderella with a beautiful dress. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Real careful.”

Jaq and Gus set off to find trimmings for Cinderella’s ballgown. The wicked step-sisters have just discarded items they deem to be out of style, so the mouse crew decide to take advantage of the forgotten items when they spot Lucifer. 

Jaq knows the mission will be perilous with Lucifer around and he warns Gus of the dangers ahead. After some run-ins with Lucifer, Gus now realizes that Lucifer is not to be trifled with and agrees that the pair should proceed with caution. 

Gus is undergoing a bit of a change from the fiery mouse we see at the beginning of the film when he’s ready to take on Lucifer head-on. He understands that there are dangers in the world and he needs to be wary of the situation ahead of him. 

“Oh! Beads! Pretty beads!”

Gus is not known for being the quickest on the uptake. As Jaq and Gus are surveying the room for trimmings for Cinderella’s dress, they spot a discarded necklace. Jaq points out the necklace and it takes Gus a moment to realize what the target is. 

He suddenly spots the necklace and exclaims his appreciation for the pretty beads; however, he alerts Lucifer to their plans and he plops directly on the beads to prevent the duo from gathering them. 


Jaq and Gus are determined to be helpful while the animal friends are making Cinderella’s dress for the ball. Gus volunteers to cut material for the dress; however, his awareness proves to be a bit lacking as he almost snips the tail of another mouse. Not out of malice, but he’s just so pleased to be helping Cinderella that he doesn’t even notice others around him. 

“If you keep on believing…”

Cinderella’s animal friends are in the process of transforming her dress for the ball. This classic scene introduces the audience to the idea that if we keep on believing, the dreams that we wish, will come true. Gus-Gus gets into the spirit of helping Cinderella by singing along with all the other animal friends. 

“Hap-hap-happy birthday!”

Cinderella’s animal friends have just completed her dress makeover for the royal ball. All the animals cheer “Surprise!” when Cinderella see their hard work, but our loveable Gus-Gus gets a little confused here. He’s still learning the ropes. Even though he gets confused easily, Gus-Gus continues to be charming and loveable. 

“I know! I know! It’s Cinderelly!”

After the royal ball, Cinderella, famously, left behind her glass slipper as the only clue to who the prince’s mystery girl could be. The king ordered the grand duke to travel the countryside for every eligible maiden try on the glass slipper to find the mystery girl. Upon receiving the letter informing the wicked stepmother and stepsisters about the duke’s visit, they speculate as to who could possibly be the mystery girl.

Gus-Gus enthusiastically shouts that Cinderella is the mystery girl. He’s trying to be helpful; however, Jaq knows the wicked stepmother will do anything to prevent Cinderella from happiness. 

“Watch out! Watch out! Behind you!”

Once Cinderella hears that the Grand Duke is coming, she practically floats up to her room in a daze when the wicked stepmother realizes that she must be the mystery girl. She can’t have this, so she makes her ways up the stairs to lock Cinderella away. 

Jaq and Gus are on to the wicked stepmothers plans and are desperately trying to warn her to watch out. Gus has really come a long way from wanting to fight Lucifer to being loving, empathetic, and showing a strong sense of justice. 

“She can’t do it! She can’t lock up Cinderelly!”

Gus’s feistiness returns as he becomes indignant at the wicked stepmother locking Cinderella in her room. He runs to the edge of the staircase as the wicked stepmother leaves with his fists raised and clearly ready to fight. 

Jaq holds him back, but I can’t help but wonder what Gus-Gus would have done if he had been allowed to defend Cinderella in the way he intended. In the end, Jaq convinces Gus-Gus to get the key to unlock Cinderella instead of allowing things to come to fisticuffs. 

“No! No! It’s Cindrelly’s slipper!”

As the Grand Duke reads the royal proclamation, the glass slipper is revealed. Both stepsisters exclaim their ownership of the glass slipper, but Gus-Gus knows the truth and is set on telling everyone who the real owner is. 

Again, we see Jaq holding him back from revealing themselves so they can set off in search of the key to free Cinderella. In the end, the two are successful in recovering the key and helping Cinderella to find her happily ever after adding to the overwhelming success of the movie in general. 

In conclusion, Gus-Gus walked so Olaf could run. The charming, charismatic, lovable sidekick that gets a little confused, but always lightens the mood has been a winning combination in Disney films for years. Gus-Gus doesn’t always get the love and attention he deserves, but thanks to a few of the best Gus-Gus quotes I’ve showcased today, you’ll hopefully smile at the memory of this adorable character.

This article was written by Rachel and edited by Michael.

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