All Star Sports Resort review

One of the best places to stay at Disney World with kids and sports fans alike, it’s Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. This is a great resort option for families who want to stay right on Walt Disney World property and be close to all the action, but need to stay on a budget.

When staying at a Disney resort, you get lots of exclusive perks like access to Disney’s bus transport system, discounts on parking at the Disney theme parks, Magic Band access to your hotel room, and even merchandise delivery and pickup.

Truly the best way to enjoy a Disney vacation is to stay in a Disney resort and when considering which one will work best for you, it’s important to consider a few things.

Cost: Walt Disney World separates their resorts into Value, Moderate, and Deluxe that range from low prices to high prices. Disney’s All Star Resorts fall into the Value Category.

Oriented to Families: Some Disney resorts are geared more to families than others. And while everything at Disney keeps kids in mind, your kids will be a lot more entertained at certain hotels. Disney’s All Star Resorts are all very family oriented and your kids are sure to enjoy themselves.

Amenities: Depending on the length of your stay at the Walt Disney World Resort, you may want services like a spa, a variety of restaurants, or lots of activities available to you right at the resort you choose. Disney’s All Star Resorts aren’t full of amenities and are best for long weekends and travelers who are more interested in the Walt Disney theme parks versus spending lots of time at the hotel.

Here, we’ll go into more detail about everything you need to know before booking a reservation at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort – what it’s like, what it’ll cost, and why (or why not) to stay there.


Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is a big ball of fun. Everywhere you look you’ll find themed décor that’s both Disney-fied and totally sporty. As you walk to the food court, you’ll come across huge bowling pins and oversized football helmets. Even the staircase to your third-floor room will be decked out as something sports related.

The atmosphere is very busy, very colorful, and very kid friendly. The whole family will be enthralled by the attention to detail. It’ll be especially fun for your son who loves football or your tennis player of a daughter.

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s ultra-relaxing, this isn’t your best choice. Meant for families, you shouldn’t expect any retreat-like qualities when staying at this resort. Sure, you’ll be comfortable and well taken care of, but it’s meant more for fun than anything else.

Things to Do

Escape the Florida heat in two separate pools at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. Surfboard Bay Pool will make you feel as though you’re at the beach except the surfboard lining the pool at 3 stories tall!

And then there’s Grand Slam Pool shaped like a baseball diamond. Here you’ll find a Goofy-shaped fountain on the pitcher’s mound. Get your tan on in the “outfield” and cool off enjoying America’s favorite pastime.

These pools are super fun for the whole family and offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Disney’s theme parks.

Also enjoy themed outdoor movie nights, a jogging trail, playground, and arcade during your stay. No need to worry about the kids staying entertained. They’ll be properly exhausted each day of your vacation (ensuring a good night’s sleep!).

The issue arises when you, the parents, want some adult-time. Recommended as more of a quick-stay resort, you may run out of things to do if you plan on staying here for an extended period – really anything longer than a weekend. Without many adults-only things to do like golfing our spa services, it’s something to think about.

The Rooms

To be honest, the rooms are rather average. On the smaller side and with nothing exceptional to offer, you won’t be blown away by these hotel rooms. But they do the job. And for such a great price (hovering right around $99 a night) it’s enough.

You can expect a clean, standard hotel room that’ll let you rest your tired feet after a long day enjoying everything Walt Disney World has to offer. There is an upgrade available but the only difference is its proximity to dining and transportation. As a value hotel, there aren’t any suite options available.

The rooms are another reason why this hotel is better for shorter trips to Walt Disney World. Too much luggage can easily overcrowd the room. The less stuff you bring, the more comfortable you’ll be in the rooms at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort.

As with all the other Disney hotels, there are fun options to have in-room celebrations. For birthdays, anniversaries, or for just a bit of extra Disney magic, you can get personalized Disney gifts delivered to your hotel room at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort.


As a value resort, there certainly aren’t any fantastic restaurants on-site. Actually, there aren’t any formal dining options at all. Focusing more on convenience and a good price, the only dining option you’ll find is the End Zone Food Court.

Again, great for families because there are options for everyone and dining will be quick and easy. Plus, you’re only a quick bus ride away from a plethora of amazing restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World property if you’re craving a more sit-down restaurant experience.

At Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, there’s of course a pool bar called Grandstand Spirits to help you bask in the sunshine complete with a refreshing margarita. And when the late-night hunger beckons, order pizza courtesy of Disney Resorts Pizza Delivery Service. It’s not the best pizza of all time, but it’s a great option when your kids are complaining that they’re starving at 10 pm.

What’s Nearby?

Disney’s All Star Sports Resorts is part of the Animal Kingdom resort area but all the theme parks are super close by. Being on-property, you’ll be only moments away from all the best dining and entertainment options that Walt Disney World has to offer.

Staying at such a sporty hotel, you may be inspired to check out ESPN’s Wide World of Sports that’s just across the way from Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. When the facility holds tournaments and competitions, usually the competitors and teams will be staying at the hotel. So, don’t be surprised if you see a team of basketball players all in matching uniforms waltz into the End Zone Food Court. Wish them luck!

Overall, you’re not walking distance from anything so you’ll need proper transportation to get to any of Walt Disney World’s attractions. The downside to that is you probably won’t stumble upon anything new and it’ll take a bit of planning to figure out where you’d like to go every day.

Quality of Service

At all of Disney’s All Star Resorts, you’ll notice that the service is a lot more laid back than some of their more premium properties. And that’s because well… you get what you pay for. But that’s not to say that you’ll experience rude staff or inadequate housekeeping. You’ll get quality service but you probably shouldn’t expect anything above and beyond.

Another reason why Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is a perfect hotel when traveling with children are their childcare services – including in-room babysitting for kids 6 months to 12 years of age.

Cost and Affordability

As one of Walt Disney World’s value resorts, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is one of the most affordable on-property hotel options. If all you need is a reliable and clean hotel room that will entertain your kids with that bit of Disney magic, a value resort will be perfect.

By staying at a Disney resort, you’ll also save money throughout Walt Disney World and it’s a huge reason why so many visitors prefer Disney’s hotels versus staying with other nearby competitors.

You’ll have access to complimentary Disney bus transportation which is a super convenient way to get around. Avoid long lines to park and you won’t have to worry if you have a few glasses of wine at the Italy pavilion at Epcot. And if you’re coming from the airport, Disney’s Magical Express bus line will transport you and your luggage door-to-door, all for free.

You’ll also save on parking if you do have a car with you during your stay. While parking at the resort is $13 per night, with that you’ll received complimentary parking at all four Disney theme parks. And a normal day of parking at the parks is at least $25. So, it’s still saving you money to stay at the resort.

Overall, staying within the value range of Disney resorts, any family on a budget will be able to enjoy a full out Disney vacation without sacrificing all that much. And Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is a great example of just that.

Will it be crowded?

Due to its low cost, there’s a good chance Disney’s All Star Sports Resort might be pretty crowded. Especially during the peak seasons, you’ll probably experience a bit of crowding.

But, one of the perks of staying at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is that it’s pretty spread out. The hotel rooms are split into blocks, each in a different theme – baseball, basketball, football, surfing, and tennis. This is a good thing because even if the resort is busy, it won’t feel cramped.

One thing to watch out for if you’re really not a fan of crowds is eating at the End Zone Food Court. Since it’s the only dining option for the entire resort, it’ll be packed especially during breakfast hours. To avoid this, grab some snacks to eat in your room before venturing off to Magic Kingdom, go really early when the food court first opens, or wait to eat breakfast until later in the morning.

What makes Disney’s All Star Sports Resort unique?

Disney has five value resorts (Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, Disney’s All Star Music Resort, and Disney’s All Star Movies Resort) and they’re all planned out the same way, with blocks of hotel rooms that are spread out, one food court, and very similar features.

But, with Disney-caliber attention to detail and the extreme themes of these resorts, they’re truly all unique. Clearly, the sports theme is what makes Disney’s All Star Sports Resort stand out but you’ll get pretty much the same thing when it comes to the feel, the size of the rooms, and the amenities.

Worth booking a reservation?

If you’re traveling with kids and you’re on a budget, this resort is definitely worth booking. It’s the best of both worlds.

You get to stay right on Walt Disney World property with all the great services like the Disney World Bus Transportation, Magic Band access to your room, credit card, and fast passes, discounted parking, and convenience. Really, it’s so much better to stay at a Disney resort than it is go off property.

But you also get off property prices. No, it doesn’t have everything you could possibly want in a resort, but you get everything you need with the Disney twist. Of all the Disney hotels for kids, this is a great one for a great price.

On a scale of one to five with one being terrible and five being excellent, I’d rate Disney’s All Star Sports Resort a three. It’s not the most amazing hotel you’ll stay at (especially not out of everything Disney has to offer) but you absolutely get your money’s worth. Taking into account value, amenities, and the overall experience, you’ll be please with your stay but it probably won’t blow you away.

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