The 10 Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults

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The majority of people might think that Disney World only offers souvenirs aimed for children, but this is far from the truth. Sure, Disney World produces countless Disney-themed toys, stuffed animals, and other merchandise that a younger audience would enjoy, but there are also several souvenirs that are made for adults!

Adults are the ones who pay for this special vacation, so make sure to treat yourself to some unique mementos. You can find stores that sell Disney World souvenirs almost everywhere you turn in the parks and also at the hotels located on Disney property. In this article, I will be listing the ten best Disney World souvenirs that adults would appreciate.

The Memory Maker: Capture the Magic

This souvenir is extremely worthwhile, especially if you have a family and/or enjoy taking photographs. With the Memory Maker, you have access to so many beneficial services, such as:

  1. Unlimited digital downloads of any photographs and videos taken through Disney’s PhotoPass services
  2. Discounts on prints of your photographs
  3. Attraction photographs and videos
  4. Character dining photographs
  5. Personalization tools, such as stickers and boarders, for your photographs

Without having to spend a fortune on a new camera, you can get amazing quality pictures via PhotoPass services. They are stationed at key locations that make for the perfect picture. Capture the true magic of Disney World and of your vacation with the Memory Maker. You won’t regret it! Want to learn more about this souvenir? Check out WDW Prep School’s blog on “How the Memory Maker Works at Disney World” for specific details.

Disney World Apparel: A Must-Have!

No matter how old you are, buying Disney World apparel is essential whenever you vacation there. There are so many things to choose from, as stores with WDW apparel can be found at several locations around the parks and the hotels. Some examples of Disney apparel that adults would like are:

T-shirts and sweatshirts: Choose from a variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts that depict all things Disney related. Whether you want a large logo on your shirt or a more conservative and less flashy design, you can find what you are looking for at any Disney World store.

Aprons: Cook in style with a uniquely designed apron! Become Minnie Mouse by wearing a red apron with white polka dots, or maybe purchase one with an image of Cinderella’s castle on it. Believe it or not, there are many different styled aprons sold at Disney World, and they make as great souvenirs for yourself and/or family members.

Mickey Mouse ears: You are never too old for these no matter what anyone says. Embrace your inner child and purchase a pair of Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears! There are the classic black Mouse ears, and then there are some that are less bold (like floral ears, for instance). No matter what your preference is, Mickey Mouse ears always make as a great souvenir.

Character-inspired slippers and socks: These are one of my favorite Disney World souvenirs, as they are usually extremely comfortable! Choose from character-inspired slippers such as Mickey Mouse’s notorious golden shoes, Sulley’s furry monster feet from Monsters Incorporated, Winnie the Pooh slippers, and so on. If you would rather not have a pair of these slippers, Disney World also sells socks that have WDW designs.

Hats and visors: Let’s face it, it is usually very hot and sunny at Disney World. So why not invest in a hat or a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes? You might not think you need one, but once you are walking around the parks for an extended amount of time, it will come in handy.

Disney World has an incredible selection of souvenirs, so it will not be difficult to find any of these items.

Fine Art: Extravagant Decorations

Are you an art enthusiast who likes to collect momentums from your vacations? If so, then think about investing in some spectacular fine art collections from Disney World! Such art includes incredible paintings and drawings, sculptures, and crystal art. Purchase a painting of Disney characters or iconic Disney movie scenes. Crystal art sculptures are breathtaking, often times resembling princess characters, Cinderella’s Castle, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Special art such as these items are costly, but they are remarkably beautiful, and most are a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

At the Magic Kingdom on Main Street U.S.A., Disney Art on Main Street sells fine artwork pieces. There is also another shop located at Disney Springs called The Art of Disney that sells a collection of such items. Make sure to stop by and browse the inventories of these stores! Even if you do not plan on purchasing any items from these places, it is always fun to admire the impressive talent displayed in the stores. You can also take a look online at the Disney Fine Arts website, which features photographs of paintings from collectors’ editions.

Home goods: Bring Home Some Disney Magic

Disney World has a countless amount of home goods that are sold in stores. Some are typical objects that you might expect to find, and others are more unique and less common. Examples of home goods that you may find in stores are as follows:

  1. Tabletop and cooking accessories: WDW salt and pepper shakers, plates, cups from Beauty and the Beast (Chip and Mrs. Potts), Minnie Mouse measuring cups
  2. Lamps and clocks: Cogsworth clock from Beauty and the Beast, attraction themed lamps, Mickey Mouse clock.
  3. Pillows and blankets
  4. Towels and mats

This is only a short list of home goods you can find at Disney; there are so many more useful souvenirs to choose from!

Souvenirs from the World Showcase: Authentic Trinkets

At Epcot, the World Showcase features eleven countries that have shops, restaurants, and/or attractions. Within the shops, there are souvenirs that such country is known for, so instead of traveling abroad, buy a keepsake from the countries! Below is a list of the countries and some souvenirs that you can expect to find at their stores:

United Kingdom: feather quills, The Beatles merchandise, Fine China sets

France: fragrances, Parisian chocolates and cookies, French wine

Morocco: fine jewelry, traditional clothing and shoes, handmade baskets

Italy: Illy espresso coffee, porcelain figures, leather handbags

Japan: Tamagotchis, traditional footwear and clothing, Japanese lanterns

United States: flags, historical books, American-themed apparel

Germany: beer steins, homemade fudge, puppets and stuffed animals

China: silk clothing, jade carvings, Oriental carpets

Norway: Norwegian trolls, Nordic sweets, Viking books

Mexico: sombreros, blown glass sculptors, worry dolls

Canada: Canadian hockey gear, Christmas ornaments, native jewelry

Silhouette/Caricature Portraits: Special Memorabilia

At all the theme parks, there are multiple vendors where you can go to get a caricature drawing of yourself or a silhouette portrait. Silhouette portraits serve as a more classical decoration that you can put in your house of perhaps you and a loved one. These portraits are very unique and are very realistic in terms of the person of interest’s profile. Caricature portraits, on the other hand, are fun drawings of you alone or with another person.

The artists’ imagination runs wild, as she/he usually depicts the figures in a fun and creative setting. These are great souvenirs that you can look back on, remembering the fun times you had on one of your Disney World trips.

Bags/Totes/Purses: Portable Disney Souvenirs

It is strongly recommended to bring a backpack or any bag into the parks, as you are usually there for several hours. So, invest in a Disney World themed bag! Choose from selections that are sold throughout the parks. Plus, they are made with quite durable and good material, so they will last for a long time. WDW not only sells Disney World themed bags and totes and purses, they also sell Vera Bradley bags and other notorious companies’ merchandise. Disney World luggage is also available in some stores. WDW has everything! No wonder it is the most magical place in the world.

Personalized Souvenirs: Custom Disney Keepsakes

Purchase unique items that hold a special place in your heart. Personalized souvenirs are great keepsakes to add to your Disney collection. Whether they will be used on a daily basis or once or twice a year, I believe that these items are worth collecting. Examples of items you can personalize at Disney World are:

Personalized Disney ornaments: At Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs and at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom, choose from a selection of ornaments and have your very own message inscribed on it. This process usually takes about a day to complete, but on rare occasions, it could take a couple of days. So, make sure you don’t wait until the last day of your vacation to invest in a personalized ornament; plan accordingly!

Carved rings: Carve your initials or other specific designs into a ring. This service is offered at the merchandise cart near Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom, a cart near Little Miss Matches in Disney Springs, and in the Mexico pavilion section of Epcot. You get to choose the type of material the ring will be made of (like silver or gold) and your finger specifications.

Personalized Chinese parasol: In the China pavilion located in the World Showcase section of Epcot, select a parasol and choose what you would like written or drawn on it.

Engraved glasses and mugs: At Epcot in the German pavilion, there is a shop called Glaskunst store that sells glass items (such as wine glasses and beer steins) in which they will engrave your requested message.

Personalized t-shirts: At Design a Tee in Disney Springs, you get to customize a t-shirt design. The shirts will be done in almost an hour, so you get to bring it with you and not wait around. Pick from provided character art, slogans, or come up with your own message that can be broadcasted on the shirt. Please note that profanity is not allowed. You can try on shirts before creating a t-shirt to see which size you would feel the most comfortable in.

Jewelry and Watches: An Eye-Catcher

At Disney World, you can find stores that sell jewelry and watches practically everywhere at hotels and parks. Choose from selections of beautiful rings, bracelets, watches, charms, earrings, and necklaces, everything that is sure to be an eye-catcher. Most accessories are Disney themed, since this is Disney World after all, but there are others that are ordinary jewelry selections. Either way, the jewelry that you purchase in WDW, especially if it is at a specific jewelry store, is high quality. 

Attraction Souvenirs

At the end of most attractions, there is usually a gift shop that you can visit. Why not grab a small souvenir to remind you of the positive, funny, and memorable experiences you have had on the ride? The merchandise that is sold at these gift shops is unique to the attraction itself, and there are some pretty cool objects that you can buy. Maybe it was your first time on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and you want to buy a small trinket to remind you of this day.

Or maybe you beat your high score at Toy Story Mania. No matter what your reasonings are, memories are to be cherished, and small souvenirs can be constant reminders of these experiences. If a ride or attraction has the option to purchase a photograph taken during the ride, this is a great keepsake, especially if it is of your family and/or friends.

Every souvenir at Disney World is a wonderful investment, and since there are so many options to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your preferences!

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