Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort review

Situated in the Epcot Resort Area, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderately priced hotel that has something for the whole family. Walk amongst relaxing calypso beats, lush landscapes, and themed hotel rooms for a welcome escape.

Guests of the resort bask in the sunshine in what feels like a slow-paced Caribbean town. With an epic pool, casual dining experiences, and countless amenities, you’ll have no choice but to relax and enjoy.

The expansive resort is split into five distinct villages sprinkled with colonial forts, bustling markets, secluded beaches, and dreamy hammocks – all to help you feel like you’re traveling through the most pristine scenes of a Caribbean paradise. And all with a hint of pure Disney magic.

Here we’ll go through what you can expect when booking a stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and why once you’re there you may never want to leave.

The Atmosphere

Island vibes and relaxation are the name of the game as soon as you enter Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. You’ll be wondering to yourself whether you’re in Florida or a quiet town somewhere in Aruba.

You’ll be welcomed by friendly faces at Old Port Royale where you’ll check in and be sent to one of five villages that make up the huge resort, all named after Caribbean islands – Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad, and Aruba.

A huge reason why this resort feels like such a retreat is the fact that everything is spread out. You can meander through the villages and have a luxurious walk through the resort without feeling like you’re at a hotel.

And with everything being further apart, you’ll feel like you have more space to yourself. There could be times when you won’t even see another family no matter how far you walk through the floral wonderland, that’s how spread out this resort is.

Compared to other hotels with interior hallways and a more contained atmosphere, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort actually feels like a Caribbean town, but cleaner. No offense to the gorgeous Caribbean islands!

It’s branding is definitely Disney so you’ll see the classic characters throughout the resort, but it’s not so full on that it’s overwhelming. But yes, you’ll definitely know that you’re at Walt Disney World and for most people, that’s what they want.

So, if you’re cool with calypso music, Caribbean flavors, and a bit of Mickey Mouse thrown in, you’ll love staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Things to Do

At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll want to set aside a whole day just to enjoy everything it’s got to offer – because there’s quite a lot to explore.

Each of the five villages in the resort has its own leisure pool. Plus, the main pool called Fuentes del Morro featuring a pirate-themed Spanish fortress. Two water slides and spray water cannons make for a blast for kids of all ages.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort also has exciting activities like beachside campfires, outdoor movie nights, catch-and-release fishing, bike rentals, and volleyball. There’s not a chance you’ll be bored at this exciting resort.

For kids at an extra cost, the resort also offers Pirate Adventure Cruise and a treasure hunt called The Unsolved Mysteries of Barefoot Bay.

Most of the activities at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort are outdoors and were created to be enjoyed during warmer weather. Yes, in Florida it’s mostly warm (ok, it’s mostly hot!) but there are months where temperatures can drop pretty low.

To get the most out the amenities and things to do at this resort, it’s best to book your trip when it’s sure to be hot out so you can enjoy the pool and water activities.

Quality of Service

Disney cast members all over the Walt Disney World property are trained to provide only top notch service. It’s what they’re known for. It’s basically a requirement of Walt Disney World employment that you’re extremely, almost over-the-top friendly.

While staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, you shouldn’t have a problem with any of the staff and your expectations are bound to be exceeded.

Because Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a themed resort, everything has character. From how you’re checked in to how you’re served breakfast, it’ll really start to feel like you’re down in the Caribbean at a lively market.

The Room

The rooms themselves aren’t huge. They do the job but if you’re there for a long stay, it could feel cramped with lots of suitcases all around. But what a lot of these rooms lack in size, they make up for in décor and attention to detail.

The truth is, you won’t be spending a lot of time in your Disney hotel room. You’ll be out enjoying everything that Walt Disney World has to offer. You just need a nice place to sleep that’s clean and feels good.

What Disney does really well is theming. Every room will be themed to create a fully immersive experience from the moment you drive up to the resort to the moment you say “See you soon.” But with standard rooms, it’s subtle and done tastefully.

Or you can take things a step further and upgrade to fully decked out pirate-themed rooms. The beds are pirate ships and it’s a perfect option if your child (or your own childlike heart) loves Pirate of the Caribbean.

So again, you’re not paying for size with these rooms. You’re paying for the attention to detail and a full Disney experience that doesn’t stop after you leave Magic Kingdom. Staying at a themed Disney resort means your vacation is magical from start to finish.


Dining at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is mostly casual. You won’t find the luxury five star restaurants there and it doesn’t have any options that are deemed the best restaurants at Disney World by any means. But, you do have options.

Sit down and eat at Sebastian’s Bistro or walk up to Spyglass Grill for American-style bites with a Caribbean twist. And don’t forget Banana Cabana, a classic poolside bar where you’ll find all the quintessential Caribbean cocktails like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas. 

The main hub for food is Centertown Market that has something for everyone. The quick service center is open for breakfast and dinner and with a plethora of options, it’s especially convenient when you have a family that can’t decide on one restaurant.

Most of the Disney resorts have a dining area just like a Centertown Market. It’s essentially a glorified food court which is, again, great for families, making mealtime a little less stressful – all right there within your hotel.

Island markets have snacks in some of the villages so you’ll never go hungry. But what about late at night? Try Disney Resorts Pizza Delivery. To be honest, the pizza won’t rock your world, but it’s a nice option when you were having so much fun that you forgot to eat!

What’s nearby?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is considered an Epcot resort so Epcot is its nearest theme park. And while surely you could walk anywhere if you wanted to, the resort isn’t conveniently walking distance from anything else on Disney property.

Your best bet is taking advantage of Disney’s Bus Transportation services that’s complimentary and will take you anywhere you need to go. Ride it to any of the four theme parks or two water parks or to Disney Springs or Disney’s Boardwalk.

As previously mentioned, there is tons to keep you occupied all within the confines of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, but the rest of Walt Disney World’s attractions are only a bus ride away.

Cost and Affordability

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is considerate moderately priced, meaning you won’t be spending the big bucks but it’s not a value hotel either. It’s right there in the middle. For most families, this level of affordability is the more desirable.

Standard rooms are typically under $200 a night and go up from there as you customize your stay. Pirate-themed rooms will be more expensive, but shouldn’t come to more $250.

You also won’t find any incredibly high-end restaurants at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort so if you plan to eat at the hotel, you don’t have to up your budget for food.

You will have to pay for overnight parking at the resort if you have a car with you for your visit to Walt Disney World, but you’d have to pay more to park at the parks anyway. It’s $19 a night at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and all moderate hotels on property. But as a resort guest, you’ll get complimentary parking at all four theme parks which is normally $25 per day.

How busy can it get?

Let’s be real. Walt Disney World can get extremely busy at times. Which usually means the resorts on-site can get rather busy as well. The good thing about Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is that it’s pretty spread out, so even if it’s busy, it usually won’t feel like it.

Because the resort is separated into five villages plus the main area, each block of rooms has space between them. It’s not like the Contemporary or the Swan and Dolphin where the hotel is contained in a single building. Think of it more like an apartment complex.

The times you’ll really feel like it’s overcrowding is at meal times. The main hub of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is Port Royale. It’s where you’ll check-in and houses the Centertown Market and Calypso Trading Post.

It’s in Port Royal where things can get a little crazy, especially at peak meal times. Centertown Market is home of quick-service dining and especially for breakfast when everyone’s gearing up for a day at the parks, brace yourself.

If you’re really not a fan of crowds, plan to have a light breakfast in your room or go right when it opens at 6:30 am or closer to 10:30 or 11 am when things are winding down. Overall, Disney World has crowd control pretty down pat, so just be patient and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

What makes Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort unique?

Every Disney resort is unique because they’re all themed differently. Of course, there are some cookie cutter elements to all of these hotels, but with the different themes and atmospheres, Disney does a really good job of setting the town and making the experience unique.

At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the vibe is what will probably strike you at most original. Pulling from the cultures of various Caribbean islands, you’ll truly feel in paradise while poolside or strolling through the Aruba village of rooms.

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, the expansiveness of this resort is another thing that sets it apart from other hotels on-site and especially from other non-Disney hotels. Everything is inclusive and you could have a grand ol’ time without ever leaving.

Worth booking a reservation?

For families, yes – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is worth a booking. You’ll instantly be transported to an island paradise that brings Disney magic along with you.

The rooms are moderately prices and while they’re not the biggest and not the most luscious, the attention to detail is both fun and gives you that Disney touch. Plus, with kids, it’s worth it to keep them entertained all vacation long.

The fact the rooms are set up more like an apartment complex than a traditional hotel is a huge selling point. It gives you an extra bit of privacy and allows you to avoid some of the crowding that you spent all day complaining about in the theme parks.

Plus, with casual dining options there’s truly something for everyone. The food affordable, convenient, and right there at Old Port Royale.

One a scale of one to five with one being terrible and five being excellent, I’d give Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort a five. When recommending Disney resorts to families, I’ll always suggest to moderate level because they’re a little more upscale without any pretense.

The environment is fun and relaxing and is truly a home run for family vacation hotels.

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