All-Star Music Resort review

The Disney All-Star Music Resort is considered one of the value resorts on the Disney World property.  Located near the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, I find it easy to get to as I have arrived both by car and the Disney’s Magical Express from the airport. 

I have stayed at All Star Music three or four times over the many years traveling to Disney.  And if you have small children, this just might one of best places to stay at Disney World with kids.

From Travel to Arrival

According to Walt Disney’s World, this resort pays tribute to some of the different types of music people like, which includes country, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Broadway.  When you walk through the resort grounds, you will notice dotted throughout the resort over-sized musical icons outside each of the buildings, which adds a flair to the outside décor.

If you are driving by car, take Exit 65 off I-4, the closest exit to the resort, to prevent driving through the busy Lake Buena Vista and Disney Springs area.  Just follow the signs as the resort is located off Buena Vista Drive.  There is a check point as you near the All-Star resorts area, so you will need to have your confirmation letter of your stay ready to show the guard at the gate. 

Once you pass the gate, you will turn in on Melody Lane, which is the main road around the resort.  At All Star Music, you will notice a big iconic star, which is the main entrance to the building known as Melody Hall; this is where you will check in for your stay.  As you drive in, there is a parking lot to your left for those checking in.

If you are arriving by Disney’s Magical Express you will be dropped off at the main entrance to Melody Hall.  As you enter Melody Hall, to your left is the baggage check-in where you can leave your luggage if you arrived early before your room is ready so you can start enjoying Disney World.   

If you plan to spend the day in the park before leaving on the morning you are checking out, you can also leave your luggage here.   If you have arranged for a stroller from one of the companies that services Disney World guests you will also pick this up and return at the completion of your stay at this location.

Inside Melody Hall there are several areas for checking in depending on if you have pre-registered or not; just follow the signs that correspond to your status.  I have found the Cast Members, as the employees are often referred to at Disney, to always be helpful and will answer any of your questions. 

On the far left of the registration desk is the Concierge Desk who can arrange for special tickets and help with reservations for restaurants and special shows within the parks.  I would advise you to obtain reservations for these events and restaurants before you arrive as I have found it is very difficult to obtain reservations after arriving; unless you are fortunate enough to be there at the time of a cancellation. 

However, be sure to take advantage of these knowledgeable individuals as they will give you tips about the event and transportation.

Room and Amenities

After checking in you will be directed how to get to your room.  There are ten buildings located at the resort and you will be directed how to navigate the road system to park close to the building your room is located.  The building elevators are located in the center of the building for access to the upper levels.  When booking your reservation, I find it best to reserve a room that is close to Melody Hall. 

The farthest buildings at the back of the resort require a hike to Melody Hall where dining, shopping, and the bus transportation is located.  There are two pools located at the resort.  The larger is Calypso Pool which is guitar shape located just as you exit Melody Hall towards the rooms and a second is the Piano Pool, which you guessed it, is shaped like a piano.  The Piano Pool is located towards the back of the resort property.

When registering at the All-Star Music Resort you have a choice of three types of rooms; the Standard Room; the Performed Room; and a Family Suite.

The Standard room has two double beds that sleep four and has a view of the Courtyard, Pool or Parking Area.  This room is the most economical of the three but is usually farther away from Melody Hall.  The Preferred Room is generally closer to Melody Hall which also has views of the Courtyard, Pool or Parking Area.

When I travel, we usually stay in one of these rooms as they meet our basic needs while at Disney, with prices generally ranging from over $90.00 (Standard) to over $115 (Preferred) per night (excluding tax).  The room size is acceptable as it reminds me of a regular hotel room.

The Family Suite can sleep up to six and has views of the Pool, Courtyard, and Parking Area.  The suite rate starts from at least $230.00 per night (excluding tax).  My family reserved a Family Suite the last time we were at Disney.  I found this suite very beneficial especially if you plan to return to the room to allow children to take a nap. 

You enter the family suite into a living area which has a couch, chair and ottoman that all make into a bed that together will sleep four; there is a kitchenette, equipped with a microwave, a small refrigerator, a sink, a coffeemaker with some cabinets; a bedroom with a queen size bed that can be closed off from the rest of the suite; and, there are two bathrooms. 

The chairs in the rooms are not the most comfortable but when I lay my head down at night to sleep I had no problem getting a good night’s sleep, waking up feeling refresh for another fun day at Disney.

My research indicates these suites were developed from guest suggestions to provide this type of accommodation for families.  Disney took two rooms and remodeled them to make one suite.  If you have a family staying at Disney, especially if you have small children, I would highly recommend registering a Family Suite.

An additional feature I discovered when registering our Family Suite was that I could register another room right next door to the suite for my extra family members.  Because of the alcove type entrances to the rooms it gave it a sense of being part of the suite.  If you need an extra room like I did, be sure you request this or you may get a room somewhere else on the property.

There are many other amenities at the Resort, such as:

  • In-Room Celebrations for birthdays or special anniversaries,
  • Wi-Fi Internet,
  • On-Line Check-In to limit your time at registration,
  • Resort Airline Check-In,
  • Currency Exchange if you are arriving from a foreign country,
  • Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services,
  • Mail Service, and
  • Merchandise Delivery and Pickup.

There is even a building located behind Melody Hall that has washers and dryers available for the guests.  So, you can relax at the Calypso Pool while your clothes are being washed and dried.

There is a Gift Shop located in Melody Hall that has many items your little ones will be interested in.  Be aware that if Disney has just release a new movie or show any memorabilia from that may not be available at the resort gift shop.  The shop also stocks some over the counter pharmaceutical needs so you will not need to go looking for a drug store.

Dining and Recreations

You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late-night treat at the Intermission Food Court located in Melody Hall.  This is considered Quick Service if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.  You can get anything from eggs and bacon to pizza, burgers, other sandwiches, salads, fruits, drinks, water.  The cost for entrées are generally $9.00 to $12.00; children meals are $5.00 to $6.00.  Prices are always subject to change, however.

The Intermission Food Court is where you will pick up your Disney Memorabilia cups for free refills during your stay.  It was always a pleasure to get off the bus from the day at the park and stop by the food court to refill the cup with a refreshing beverage or get some ice cream on the way back to the room.  There is plenty of seating in the Food Court but beware the breakfast time is the busiest and you may have to wait for a spot to sit your whole party.

Just outside Melody Hall and in front of the pool is the Singing Spirits Pool Bar if you are interested in having a beer and wine to sip on while at the pool.  I didn’t purchase anything so I cannot tell you the types of drinks or much more about the Bar.  Also, there is a Pizza Delivery service, which I have used.  The pizza was good and was delivered right to the room.

As stated earlier there are two pools at the resort.  One is the Calypso Pool. which is guitar shape located near the front and just outside Melody Hall.  Throughout the day the Cast Members interact with the guests with games.  There is a smaller kiddie pool my grandchildren and I played in just behind Calypso Pool. 

Located towards the back of the resort is the second pool that is piano shaped and is called the Piano Pool.  There are life guards stationed at both pools all day.  Be aware that if threatening weather approaches the lifeguards will evacuate the pool area until the threat has passed.

On selected nights the resort will play Disney movies, which is fun to watch at Calypso Pool.  It is near the Intermission Food Court and just inside Melody Hall you will find the Note’able Games Arcade for those who like gaming.  If I am staying for several days, I find this to be a very relaxing evening to spend one night at the resort enjoying the movie and pool.  There is also a jogging trail that is a mile long that circumvents the All-Star Resort area for avid runners.


For me, the best part of staying on the Disney World property is the use of the Walt Disney World Transportation System.  I always like to brag that when I arrive at a Disney resort, I park my car and I don’t see it again until I pack up to leave.

Right outside Melody Hall is the Bus Transportation area that will take you anyplace you would want to go on the Disney World Property.  As a guest on the property you have the free use of the transportation system.  Look for the sign at the curb for the theme park, water park, or Disney Springs and just get in line.  Buses generally run every twenty minutes.  Sometimes during the mornings when the parks are first opening the transportation system will run more buses.  All of the buses have access for handicap individuals especially those in wheelchairs.

You need to give yourself plenty of time to travel from the resort to your destination.  Generally, you need to plan no less than 30 minutes from the resort.  If you will be transferring to another bus to go, for instance, to Pioneer Hall in Fort Wilderness, or to the Disney World monorail to one of the resorts around the Seven Seas Lagoon, you need to give yourself at least a full hour.

When you are returning to the resort from your location, head to the bus transportation area for that location.  Most of the locations as you are entering the area will have large boards listing the different resorts and the identifying number for the loading area you will go to board your bus.


This is one of the resorts I regularly consider when planning my trip to Disney World.  If you are looking for a Five Star resort, then this is not the place for you.  If you are looking for economical resort for you to rest and get something to eat, I would recommend giving this resort some consideration. 

The Cast Members are friendly and professional and always ready to help or find someone to meet your needs.  For example, I was to have a roll-away bed waiting in my Family Suite for someone in our group and, unfortunately, it was in the room when we arrived.  I contacted the front desk and in what seemed to be just a few minutes a Guest Services person was knocking on the door with the bed in tow.

I have generally stayed near the front of the resort, within the first couple of buildings to Melody Hall but I have also stayed towards the back.  Some may reason that staying in the back may be quieter as it is located father away from the action; but, I have found the rooms to be very quiet and have not been disturbed by any activity outside. 

Also, it is a long walk from the back to where the action is (and to catch the buses).  I would try and avoid this if possible.  The last time at Disney I stayed in the Calypso building located adjacent to Melody Hall.  It was an easy walk to the Food Court and the bus transportation area and I was not disturbed by any activity in the area.  In the evening after a long day at the parks you will be glad you are close to the front. 

This is a family friendly resort and we have enjoyed staying here when we come to Disney World.

Though this is a value resort and does not have all the amenities of a Five Star resort, I would still rate this resort 4 stars out of 5. 

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