For the First Time in Forever Sing-Along review

The Frozen Sing Along Celebration is an interactive production at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios that allows Frozen fans to sing along to the biggest show-stoppers from the film. It is best suited for guests over the age of three, and is ideal for anyone who loves the music from Frozen and wants to do a bit of group karaoke to the film’s soundtrack.

The Pros:

  • The music!
  • A large crowd actually enhances the experience
  • Great for escaping the heat on hotter visiting days
  • Super interactive
  • Easy to read subtitles for audience members who haven’t memorized all the lyrics
  • Great for diehard Frozen fans and for those doing Disney with kids
  • Some silly improvisation from the stage actors that kids and grown-ups will appreciate
  • Gorgeous costumes
  • A great addition to a Frozen-themed day at Disney World

The Cons:

  • Not recommended if you haven’t seen Frozen (or if you’ve seen it too many times)
  • A surprising lack of stage time for the actual characters from the film
  • Rather lackluster staging for a Disney production

The Show

The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration takes place in a cinema-style theatre complete with stadium seating. It’s pretty easy to get a seat; as soon as you enter the theatre, grab any seat you’d like. The stage is dressed with evergreen trees and snowbanks. The show begins with Princess Anna introducing the show’s hosts, cleverly dubbed the Historians of Arendelle. The Historians are original characters who are not in the film, and they lead the audience through a brief re-telling of the film’s story and each of the songs included in the sing-along. Anna doesn’t have much stage time; she serves the purpose of warming the audience up and encouraging everyone to help her bring her reclusive sister Elsa out of her shell, teasing that she might come along and join in the singing at some point (if she overcomes her shyness, that is). The singing begins after Anna leaves the stage, and includes the following songs:

  • For the First Time in Forever
  • Love is an Open Door
  • Let it Go

Each song is accompanied by commentary from the Historians (some of which is quite funny) and a recap of how the song furthers the story of Elsa’s emancipation from her self-imposed exile. The songs are presented karaoke-style with the lyrics included in white block letters at the bottom of the cinema screen. Images from the film accompany each of the songs. Characters like Olaf and the trolls do not make an appearance, though Kristoff makes a brief cameo halfway through to remind everyone that he played an important role in the lives of Anna and Elsa.

Once the songs end, the finale begins. Anna and Kristoff rejoin the Historians onstage for the finale, which features Elsa’s only appearance, leading the audience in a brief reprise of Let it Go as a send-off. It seems she has overcome her shyness after all! The show ends on an energetic note and the audience is free to leave the theatre. The entire running time for the show clocks in at about 28 minutes, and does include accessibility options including wheelchair seating, video captioning, handheld captioning, and assistive listening. More information on this production can be found here.

The Target Audience

I will say this right off the bat: this show does not have swanky sets, does not feature awesome dancing, and is not a made-for-the-stage recreation of the film. It is a simple sing-along designed specifically for fans of the Frozen soundtrack. If you don’t like or haven’t seen Frozen, if you’re uncomfortable singing in front of people, or if you take exception to people trying (and sometimes failing) to hit Idina Menzel’s high notes, you are not going to enjoy this. Furthermore, I’ll go on to say that if you haven’t done Disney World before and won’t have the chance to go again soon, this could be one Frozen-themed attraction you don’t want to wait in line for. Because as a Frozen fan you will undoubtedly be familiar with all of the source material, this attraction won’t offer you anything new like Epcot’s Frozen Ever After might, and it just doesn’t have the wow! factor some Disney World attractions do.

Those qualifications made, though, if you do love Frozen, if you enjoy karaoke, and if you appreciate enthusiastic people of all ages having a ball singing their favorite songs, you’re going to have a good time. Definitely do this at least once if you’re a Frozen-loving passholder. This is still a lot of fun. You won’t be wowed by Disney’s ability to dress a stage in technically intricate sets, but you will enjoy shouting “SANDWICHES!” with about a hundred other people in perfect synchronization.

As stated above, there is a wide array of accessibility options available for this show. If you have little ones under the age of three, they probably won’t sing along, but they might enjoy the bright colors and music. The sound system at this show is very loud, so that may need to be taken into account for some guests. The audience might be a little rowdy for guests with sensory sensitivities.

Kids over the age of three will have the most fun at this show, though they will probably wonder why the Historians are hosting the singing instead of the princesses. I personally enjoyed the new characters very much; the improvised lines and goofy humor they bring are very reminiscent of Aladdin’s Genie. Teens and adults who generally enjoy singing will also appreciate this production.

How to View the Show

The theatre where the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration takes place is located in Echo Park at the Hollywood Studios. There are six viewing times every day at hourly intervals beginning at 10:30 AM and ending at 3:30 PM, though these showtimes are subject to change and should be double-checked on the day of your arrival. Schedules can be confirmed on the Disney World website, by asking a cast member at the park itself, or on smartphone apps like My Disney Experience.

Guests can join the stand-by queue before the show starts; the queue is located just outside the theatre. Fast Passes are available for the show and make waiting in line a lot easier. If you want seats closer to the front of the theatre (though the view is pretty great wherever you’re sitting), definitely opt for utilizing the Fast Pass option. Centre-oriented seating is better than viewing from the sides, though sitting near the front of the stage can be a bit off putting, since the theatre set up is very similar to a standard digital cinema. Wheelchair accessible seating is located near the front of the stage. There is no assigned seating available for this show.

Don’t be worried if it looks like the theatre is going to be crowded! This is one of the few times where the longer the line is, the more fun the actual show is going to be. Because this is a sing-along, it’s a much more enjoyable experience when the theatre is packed with a bunch of happy, enthusiastic people belting at the top of their lungs.  A big crowd of kids makes this an especially fun experience, because the little ones are more likely to really get into the music, and also laugh at all of the right places.

Reservations cannot be made in advance for the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

Have a Frozen Day Full of Fun

Because this is such a no-frills, simple attraction, it’s better enjoyed if you incorporate it into a bigger plan. If you or someone you are with enjoys Frozen a lot, there are several other Frozen themed attractions you can take part in to really amp up your Arendelle experience.

  • Frozen Ever After

If you’re missing the original cast and enjoy themed rides, check out Frozen Ever After at Epcot’s World Showcase. This is a classic Disney World water ride: a small canoe takes you through wintry caves decorated with snow and sparkling icicles. You are greeted first by Sven and Olaf, as well as Kristoff’s troll family, before being sent off to Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, and her enchanted ice palace. This ride features small drops, an appearance by Marshmallow, and a final stop at Arendelle itself. There are projected scenes from the film, fireworks, dancing animatronic characters, and gorgeous three-dimensional set pieces. This ride is like an updated version of the classic Disney princess attractions, lasts for five minutes, and is well worth the time spent waiting in line beforehand.

  • Meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus

If you’d like to meet Anna and Elsa in person, costumed characters can be found at the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion. All of the Annas and Elsas at Disney World are fantastic—you can have your photos taken together and autograph books signed. It should also be noted that Disney face characters aren’t just entertainment for kids; some of these talented actresses are really funny. Stop and have a chat with them sometime; you’ll be glad you did. Plus, the Sommerhus itself is really gorgeous; fans of set decoration will appreciate the incredible detail put into the cabin where the meet & greet is held. Meetings are held daily; make sure to ask a cast member when you arrive what times Anna and Elsa will be available to meet. (Olaf also makes appearances throughout the day around Echo Lake at Hollywood Studios).

  • Buy Yourself a Snowman

If you can’t get enough Disney World merchandise, Frozen fans are in luck. An interesting self-made enhancement I noticed while participating in The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration involved stuffed toys: some of the kids in the audience had their own Olafs and Annas with them. One particularly enterprising parent was acting out the songs with the Olaf they’d purchased for their child. I must say, stuffed-toy Olaf did some pretty impressive flips and can-can dancing to Let it Go, thanks to amateur puppeteer Dad. There is an entire store dedicated to Frozen-themed merchandise in Epcot’s World Showcase called The Wandering Reindeer. If you need costumes, Olaf plushies, or sparkly snowflake stickers, this is where you’ll find them.

This private dessert-themed event features Frozen inspired gourmet snacks like Elsa’s Blue Velvet Cupcakes and Anna’s Warm Cottage Pudding. You can also try mixed drinks, spirits, and wine if you’re so inclined. This dessert package includes prime seating for the IllumiNations show (which does not feature characters from Frozen) and passes to Frozen Ever After. This package is very popular and must be booked in advance by calling (407) 939-3463. Trying to book this dessert package online is possible, but not recommended. This VIP event is $79 for adults and $47 for kids ages 3 to 9. For more information, head over to the Disney World website.

  • More Fun Featuring Anna and Elsa

Why not head over to the Magic Kingdom to see Anna and Elsa star live in a parade or a dance show? Although they are not necessarily centrally featured, they still show up and dazzle as they always do. If you’re a diehard Frozen fan and you want a nice supplement to your sing-along, a parade is always a great choice to make.

Check out The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. Everybody features in this show! Anna, Elsa, Peter, Wendy, Flynn Ryder, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty…there is a Disney character for everyone in this show. Check out the Disney website for daily schedules, and note that it is recommended that you snag your piece of sidewalk early if you want a good viewing spot.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is also another fantastic way to see Anna and Elsa dancing live, though the music is lip-synched. You do get Olaf with this production, an original ensemble song, Let it Go, and songs from Tangled and The Princess and the Frog, plus a bit of cool ice-themed special effects to illustrate Elsa’s powers. This show runs hourly throughout the day; check out the Disney World website for current showtimes.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a seasoned Disney World visitor who loves singing and Frozen, you’ll enjoy this attraction, especially if you compliment it with other Frozen-themed activities. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend at Disney World or if you’re not really into Frozen, give the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration a pass.

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