La Cantina de San Angel review

This is a churro from La Cantina de San Angel in Epcot, which I will review for you today.
Cantina de San Angel Churros” by Edward Russell licensed under CC BY 2.0

Epcot can be especially overwhelming when it comes to finding a restaurant. The World Showcase has cultural food in each country, Future World offers more traditional restaurants and the festival booths in Epcot provide specialty foods.

If you want to experience different foods and drinks from eleven different countries in one day, visit Epcot. As you make your way around the World Showcase, it might be worth your time to stop by La Cantina de San Angel. This quick-service restaurant located in the Mexico Pavilion offers delicious Mexican food that is sharable, quick and affordable.


La Cantina de San Angel can be found In Epcot in the Mexico Pavilion. As you reach the World Showcase main entrance, take a left. The Mexico Pavilion is the first country on the left side, and this restaurant is on the right side of the sidewalk.

La Cantina de San Angel is a quick-service restaurant serving casual Mexican cuisine, desserts and alcoholic beverages. With an outdoor seating patio above the Lagoon, it’s the perfect place to take a short break while you munch on Mexican food.


Unsurprisingly, the theme of this restaurant will represent that of the Mexican culture. There are eleven different countries represented in the World Showcase. Each one is extremely immersive and perfectly depicted.

As you walk through the Mexico Pavilion, you can expect to find coordinating architecture, colors and details representing the history and culture. This restaurant is across from the beautiful temple that sets the scene for a day spent sight-seeing in Mexico.

La Cantina de San Angel is in a vibrant building with a relaxing outdoor patio. There are colorful flowers and bright tiles that keep the atmosphere fun and welcoming.

The décor and theme are very casual in the outdoor seating area. It’s seemingly basic when it comes to a Mexican theme in the dining area, but it’s not lacking in beauty. The large covered area is above the World Showcase Lagoon, giving you a panoramic view of the entire area.

String lights are turned on in the evening, giving off a fiesta vibe. This is a great place to eat for visitors looking for a very casual stop on their way around the countries.

If you are looking for a very immersive and unique dining experience, this might not be the place. There are so many places to eat in Epcot, so be sure to research the different countries and cuisine. This is more of a place to grab a quick bite and continue walking around. Some restaurants in Epcot are very fancy, entertaining and such a fun experience.

La Cantina de San Angel is not the place if that’s what you’re looking for. It could be a good place to visit if you are a Disney pass holder or someone who visits frequently because it’s a no-nonsense, simple restaurant.

One interesting detail of the theme here is the cast members. Cast members wear brightly colored traditional clothing. Cast Members are usually natives from the countries they work in, so they will be knowledgeable about the culture and traditions showcased in the Mexico Pavilion.

Also, most cast members in this area will speak Spanish, so guests who speak Spanish either fluently or conversationally are welcome to talk to them in Spanish. This can add to the experience and fun of the restaurant.

La Cantina de San Angel is in a unique restaurant because of the location. The outdoor patio is connected to a building that contains another restaurant. This restaurant, La Hacienda de San Angel, is much fancier and themed than the quick-service location outside.

Since La Hacienda de San Angel only serves dinner, guests could have the chance to sit inside the air-conditioned area rather than the patio. This is always subject to change based on crowds, changing rules or time of day. If you visit the quick-service restaurant during lunch-time, you might be able to snag a spot inside the beautifully themed table service restaurant.

Meal Periods

Hours can always be subject to change, but the World Showcase is normally open around 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Because of these later hours, La Cantina de San Angel is not the best place to eat breakfast or brunch. The menu items are specifically for lunch and dinner. Although, I’m sure eating a churro or ice cream from the dessert menu could be a fun breakfast for kids.

If you’re looking for pastries and breakfast type foods, it’s probably better to skip this restaurant and head to the France Pavilion or somewhere in Future World.

This restaurant has the same options for both lunch and dinner. There are several delicious dishes to choose from. There are also kids’ meals like macaroni and cheese, empanadas con queso and chicken tenders. There is also a large variety of alcoholic beverages for those visitors over 21 years old. At such a basic quick-service restaurant, there is a variety of options for every member of the family.

Most of the choices are great for splitting between two or more people. For example, the taco trio or nachos would be a great choice for families looking to experience Mexican cuisine without filling up in the first country.

It’s common for visitors to stop at several countries for a snack and drink and never have a full meal. This way, you get a little taste of everything. Most of the food comes in a disposable package, so it’s also great for eating on the go.

It’s better to visit La Cantina de San Angel for lunch rather than dinner. This area can get very crowded later in the night. It can be difficult to find a seat in the outdoor dining area. The seating and tables in Epcot can be pretty scarce, so you might find yourself using a trash can as a table or sitting on the ground. If you’re worried about the lack of seating, try visiting this location earlier in the day or make a reservation at a table service restaurant for dinner.

Quick-Service Dining

This location is a quick-service dining restaurant. You won’t have to go through the stress of making a reservation to eat here. There will probably be a line to wait in, but the service is relatively fast. There are cast members at registers who take your order.

Then, you are given a number. You’ll stand by the counter until your number is called. Your food will be on a tray, and then you sit down wherever you’d like. Cast members will help guide you through the process of ordering and getting your food if needed.

A disadvantage of eating at this restaurant is the lack of seating for larger parties. The tables and chairs are in fixed locations, so you can’t pull tables or chairs together. Most of the tables only seat four people, but some are larger. If you are eating with a large party, you’ll most likely have to split into open tables.

Since reservations aren’t needed to eat here, open tables are never guaranteed. Depending on how busy the restaurant is, you might have to stand around waiting for a table to open. Unless the indoor seating is open inside La Hacienda de San Angel, your only choices of seating will be in the outdoor patio. Another possibility is sitting on the ground somewhere else, but that’s not a very comfortable way to eat tacos.


The food at this location is very affordable. Prices are subject to change, but the entrées range from about $8 to $14. This is relatively cheap compared to table service restaurants and even other quick-service restaurants.

It’s the perfect place to eat if you’re visiting Disney World on a budget. The portions are great considering the low prices. This is a great restaurant guests looking for a cheap, quick meal in a place where food is usually extremely overpriced.


A popular way to explore Epcot is to “drink around the world.” This means visitors will stop at each of the eleven countries to have an alcoholic drink, usually one that was originated or popularized in that country.

In the Mexico Pavilion, you can find amazing tequila and margaritas. La Cantina de San Angel provides several different options for those looking to relax with a drink in hand. These drinks can be refreshing and pair nicely with your Mexican meal.

Some drinks on the menu are:

  • Avión Fresh Lime Margarita on the Rocks
  • Patrón Lime Margarita on the Rocks
  • Lime Frozen Margarita
  • Dos Equis Lager Draft Beer
  • Ambhar Coconut Passion Margarita on the Rocks
  • Mango Frozen Margarita
  • Tequila Mexican Sangria
  • Modelo Especial Draft Beer


If you ‘re stopping by for lunch or dinner, you can expect the same options. The items on the menu are packed with flavor and color. It’s a nice variety of options if you’re bored of bland foods and basic menus. There are three different taco meals – beef, chicken or fish. If you want to try all of them, order the taco trio which includes one of each. There are also empanadas, nachos and different salads.

Another special dish on the menu is called pollo cascabel which includes grilled chicken, Mexican rice, corn, cascabel sauce and pickled onions. For an interesting addition to your meal, order a traditional Mexican soda.

Most of the dishes include sides like refried beans, Mexican slaw or rice. If you’re looking for something less filling, order the tortilla chips with guacamole. You can also order a side or addition to your meal such as, beans, sour cream, guacamole or nacho cheese.

Picky eaters or visitors with questions about the menus can ask cast members for help or accommodations. They will be happy to help with any food allergies or questions.

Kids have the choice of ordering from a kids’ menu. Most of the food on the regular menu is very messy and come in large portions. Of course, children can order from the regular menu, but the kids’ menu offers more reasonable and cheaper options. These include empanadas con queso, chicken tenders and white cheddar macaroni and cheese. These options are much less messy for young children and more affordable for families with a limited budget.


I would rate this restaurant a 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a fast and cheap place to get food, but it lacks the magical experience that most other Disney restaurants have. The theme is limited to only a few details throughout the dining area. The food is delicious, and the menu has a wide variety for such a basic restaurant.

Another disadvantage of this location is the lack of seating. It’s not great for large parties wanting to sit together. La Cantina de San Angel is a restaurant for on-the-go visitors or regular visitors who have already experienced the top Disney World restaurants.

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