Disney’s All Star Music Resort vs All Star Sports Resort

Disney’s All Star Music Resort vs All Star Sports
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If you’re planning on staying on Disney property for your upcoming trip, I would totally understand if you felt overwhelmed by the vacation planning process. With so many Disney World resorts available, it may be hard to determine which hotel to book and why.  If you relate to this feeling, don’t fret, because in this battle between Disney’s All Star Music vs All Star Sports resort, you’ll learn what similarities and differences both resorts have, so you can make an informed choice.

What is a Value Resort?

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Before jumping into the nitty gritty, let’s break down what exactly a value resort is, as both All Star Music and All Star Sports fall under the umbrella category of Disney Value Resorts. 

So what is a value resort?  Well, a value resort is perfect for anyone who would like to stay at a Disney World resort hotel on a budget.  Disney has tons of resorts, and they all fall under the category of:

  • Value Resorts
  • Moderate Resorts
  • Deluxe Resorts

Now, just because Value Resorts are considered to be “more affordable,” that does not mean you lose the Disney standard of quality. A value resort, such as the All Star Music or All Star Sports hotel, still offer all the conveniences and amenities as the high-priced tier such as moderate, and deluxe. The main difference of what sets many of these resorts apart comes down to theming, which is ultimately influences the price. 

Disney’s All Star Music vs All Star Sports Overview

Now that we know what a value resort is, we can break down two out of the five current value resorts Disney World has to offer: Disney’s All Star Music and Disney’s All Star Sports

At first glance the main differences between the two is the theming, clearly one is based on sports and the other on music. When it comes to Disney, there is always more than meets the eye, so we will take a deep dive into each resort in order for you to make the best and most informed decision. 

The two properties are located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort area along with a third branch of the All Star Resorts, Disney’s All Star Movies. Each property has restaurants, pools, bus pick-up/drop off, shops, buildings, and rooms directly impacted by their specific theme. 


When breaking down the different properties, another thing that might come to mind is the differences between the rooms themselves. There are a few factors to consider here: the fact that there are standard rooms, suites, and renovations. 

When it comes down to standard rooms, both All-Star Music and All Star Sports have the same square footage, approximately 260 square feet and sleep up to 4 adults with either 2 double beds, 2 queen beds or 1 king bed. All Star Music includes 2 queen beds while All Star Sports includes 2 double beds. This is ideal for a smaller party that does not plan on spending too much time in the room. 

What do you do when you have a family larger than 4 or would like to take a day to enjoy the resort? Maybe grandma wanted to tag along? Well, not to worry—Disney has you covered! 

This is where the properties slightly differ, as All Star Music offers a family suite to accommodate a larger party. The family suite can sleep up to 6 adults, it includes 1 queen sized bed and 2 queen sized pull down beds. 

Additional amenities included in the family suite are kitchenette and two full bathrooms. Now that you have potentially narrowed down how much space you need, which is more aesthetically pleasing? 

Well, as of today, All Star Music is renovated, and All Star Sports still looks like it is stuck in the early 2000’s. Until All Star Sports undergoes renovations, I feel like All Star Music is a much better choice, as standard rooms between All Star Sports and Music are the same price and I feel you are receiving a better bang for your buck when staying at All Star Music. 


A few factors can contribute to pricing of any Disney Resort, depending on the time of year, the property, and the room type. All Star Sports and All Star Music both have standard rooms that consistently are the same price as each other, this can range from about $123-$264 a night. 

Where the variation starts to differ is when you bring in preferred rooms and suites. Sports preferred rooms range from $159-$294, preferred rooms get you views of the courtyard, pool, or parking area. Preferred rooms for Sports are located near Stadium Hall, dining, shopping, and transportation. 

All Star Music’s preferred rooms can range from $160-$302. Preferred rooms for All Star Music also get you views of the courtyard, pool or parking area. You are located near Melody Hall, dining, shopping, and transportation. 

All Star Music’s preferred rooms are a bit pricier than All Star Sports but honestly for the convenience of the location, view, and newly renovated room it is so worth it. 

All Star Music Family Suite can range anywhere from $329-$603, this can be a pretty big jump from the standard and even preferred rooms. I would recommend this option if you need additional space or plan on staying for more than just a few days. The suite provides you with an extra queen sized bed and kitchenette. 


Disney really has hospitality down to a science—they just always know what you need before you need it. Each of the two properties include the same extra amenities such as transportation, Minnie Van Service, Complimentary Wifi, Parking, Online Check-In, a 24 hour ATM, Housekeeping Services, Dry cleaning, Merch delivery and more. 

Transportation is one of the main reasons I will always stay at a Disney resort when ever I go! Disney has created the easiest most stress free way to get to and from the parks. You are now able to tap “Get Directions” in the My Disney Experience App to plan out the most efficient way to get where you need to go on Disney property! Each of the All Star Resorts has their own convenient pick up and drop off location!


Whether you’re traveling with a kid, or you’re just a big kid at heart, both All Star Sports and All Star Music have arcades that you can enjoy.  So put down your cell phone and kick it all the way back to the 80s and 90s, where you had to throw quarters into glowing arcade machines to earn five minutes of blissful entertainment.


All Star Sports and Music both each have 2 pools. All Star Sports has the Surfboard Bay pool and the Grand Slam pool while All Star Music has the Calypso Pool and Piano Pool. 

The Surfboard pool and Calypso pool are the larger pools both coming in around 250,000 gallons. The Surfboard pool is meant to make you feel like you are at the beach, this pool features 3-story surfboards, nightly movie screenings under the stars, a pool bar and a kiddie pool! 

As for the Calypso pool, it is shaped like a guitar and features a Three Caballeros fountain that shoots water at swimmers! The Calypso pool also offers a kiddie pool and nightly movie screenings under the stars and a pool bar! 

As for the Piano pool and Grand Slam pool, these are a little more laid back, I would suggest going to explore these pools if you are looking to escape the crowd. You can’t go wrong when it comes to the pools, they are all each very unique and can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose! 


Each property has themed food courts which offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. End Zone is located at All Star Sports and Intermission is located at All Star Music. Each location is affordable with a price range of about $14.99 and under per adult. 

The lunch and dinner menus are similar, they each have a wide variation the whole family can enjoy such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, salads, and a kid’s menu. The breakfast menus are also very similar at both locations, you are able to get your fix of mickey waffles (my fave)!  

Each location has a wide variety for breakfast options, you can stick with the classics such as a ham and cheese omelet or spice it up with pancakes with berry compote. 


It is not an easy task planning your magical trip—it takes hard work, dedication and lots of research to create the magic. Luckily when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, be it without or without a Disney travel agent, it’s hard to go wrong. 

Hopefully, you’ve found this battle between Disney’s All Star Music vs All Star Sports resort hotels to be helpful when it comes to deciding where you and your family stay on your next trip!

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