Disney World Packing List for September

So you have planned your ultimate Disney World vacation.  You have booked your hotel room, purchased your theme park tickets, select dining reservations and secured your fast passes.  You bust out your suitcase and have suddenly realized you do not know the first thing to pack for your magical vacation. 

One important thing to remember about September is being weather appropriate.  While a majority of the country is pulling out their scarfs and adorable boots, Florida is still hot. It is still summer.  There is no cute chilly nights with a nice hot drink and a blanket.  We are still hitting a majority of the days in the 90’s with high humidity and the nights cool off, but cool in Florida standards so to the low 80’s and the 70’s. 

If the hot weather is not enough, in the most recent years September and October have been the high months of hurricane season.  What does this mean? Depending on the severity of the storm will really frame the consequences, but I do highly recommend travel insurance. 

Now do not worry and refuse to come in September (it is a great month for crowd levels at the park) because hurricanes are not an every year occurrence here, but being prepared is going to be your first step in protecting yourself, and being able to rebook your vacation with ease if something does happen.  Even if we do have no hurricanes during your vacation, you will still be hit with those Florida rainstorms.  They are not as often as in June and July, but you can expect a few if you are spending a week here.

Ok, so now we have the basics of the weather down, so what do you pack for a hot and rainy vacation at Disney World? Here is your Disney World Packing List for September!


Warm summer days are something that everyone looks forward to after those cold winter months, but hot in Florida is something from another dimension.  Your focus is going to want to be staying cool, sun protection and of course dry for when those Florida rain showers come through.

Shorts, T Shirts. Tank Tops, Skorts, Light Dresses, Athletic Wears – These are going to be your go tos for your theme parks days.  The lighter the fabric the better (it also helps you dry out faster for those water rides as well). Whatever you would wear in your own home during the height of summer with no air conditioning and sitting next to a fire is what you are going to want to bring.

Business Casual Outfit – If you are making dining reservations for any of the resort restaurants, pay attention to the fine print because the may require a dress code.  If they do, just make sure you pack an outfit that will fit the requirements and you will be secure.

Bring comfortable sneakers – I know when going on vacation it is very tempting to buy everyone in your family new sneakers.  If you chose to go that route then make sure you wear them and break them in well before you arrive at the theme parks.  Otherwise make sure you pack your most trusty pair with a good rubber sole to save those feet during your days of 9+ miles of walking.

Flip Flops (or water shoes) – When going to the Disney World water parks these are a no brainer to pack, but even for a quick run down to the lobby or the pool at the resort, these are a necessity. I also pack a pair of flip flops for each member of our family in our theme park backpack because no one likes wet socks and sneakers when trying to power walk to their next attraction.

Bathing Suits – Each resort has at least one magnificently themed swimming pool, but do not forget that Disney World also have two fantastic water parks and with the warm weather in September, this is going to be a great time to get your water game on!

Ponchos – Of course Disney World will always have them available at the theme parks and hotels for purchase, but I strongly recommend just hitting your closest dollar store at home and stocking up on a bunch and throwing them in your bag.  This a huge way to save money especially if you have a larger party going.

Backpack, fanny pack or large purse – Now I always double this item as my husband’s personal item when going on the airplane, but having a backpack helps so much in the theme parks.  You can throw in flip flops, your ponchos, water bottles, chargers and whatever else you need while in the theme parks.

Packing Cubes – I spent many years packing before I discovered these gems.  Packing cubes are a great way to save space and organize your family’s items when packing for a vacation.

Wet bags – Now if you have never heard of wet bags, you are going to be in for a treat.  These beauties are small bags you can pack anywhere and when you have some soiled or wet items (bathing suits or maybe socks) you can toss them in here and now you do not have to risk the rest of your items in your bag getting soggy.  Fantastic for days you might be at the water park or pool!

Socks – Bring the best socks you have ever owned in your life.  They are really going to make a difference on those long walking days.

Costumes – Now adults cannot be in costume while at Disney World make sure that you pack your child’s favorite costume to wear.  This is also a money saver by avoiding having to pay for one at the theme parks.

Hats – This needs no further explanation.

Sunglasses – The sun is strong.  Protect your eyes.

Headbands, hair elastics, bobby pins – Whatever you use for your hair to keep it out of your face and off your neck, bring those bad boys.


Even just a few years ago, technology was something not many thought about when planning their Disney Vacation, but now even your daily theme park planning is reliant on you being easily accessible to some sort of smart device.  Having the proper technology is going to maximize your day to the fullest extent and give you that extra edge with knowing the wait times.

Smartphone – This is now a must need in the theme parks.  You are going to want to download the My Disney Experience app to guide your entire day and you are going to need a smartphone to access that.

Charging cords – None of your portable devices will be effective without their trusty charging cord.  Also, making sure you do forget these because it helps saves money with purchasing new ones once you get to your hotel.

Power Bank – You are going to spend your entire day snapping magical pictures and adjusting your fastpasses which is going to drain the battery of your smartphone.  Bringing a power bank and stuffing it inside your backpack is going to save you a headache later on.

Power Strip – Now we all know hotel rooms all have limited outlets available.  Bringing your own power strip is going to maximize the amount of outlets you have to use.

Ipad/Tablet – If you have small children this could be a lifesaver in the long lines.  Also it is another way to take fantastic pictures of your family!

Digital Camera – Not everyone owns one of these original picture takers but if you do, bring it! It is going to save so much space on your phone and will be easy to upload to a computer!

Batteries – I strongly suggest AA since they are the most common used in the battery world, but it is good to pack some just for all of those fans, misters, toys and cameras you may bring with you.

Electric fan/Misters – It is hot. So hot in September that you are going to want to bring something to create a cool breeze. These are also available in the theme parks but it is cheaper to just buy them elsewhere and pack them with you.

Cool Rags – I really have no idea what category this would fit into but technology is what I firmly believe it is or magic.  These are fantastic as they are just regular towels but with water will activate to become ice cold.  It is a great way to beat the heat!

Easily Forgotten Essentials

So now we have some of the things you would normally think of and some off the wall items you wouldn’t need for just any vacation.  But sometimes in all of the preparation we forget the few basic items you would think are no brainers including:

Hotel Reservation Confirmation

Rental Car Confirmation

Your Personal Identification (Driver’s License or Passport)

Insurance Cards

Travel Insurance Information (if you chose to purchase it)

Credit & Debit Cards

Cash – If you plan on using mousekeeping or are using the Disney Dining Plan this is essential for tipping purposes

Theme Park Tickets or Magic Bands

Pens & Paper – Something we always forget but need

Confirmation of mobility scooter or stroller reservations

Medical ID bracelet and medical information

Additional Note: I always keep hard copies of pictures of my kids on me.  I also take a picture of them every morning before we head out so I know exactly what they are wearing. I do not live my life expecting to lose my kids but it is a possibility in a crowded area.

For the Kids & Toddlers

Doing anything with children is always more complicated and taking a vacation with them is no different.  A simple day trip to Disney can quickly become chaos with my littles ones, but with some planning and experience I have now quickly turned that into controlled chaos with some of these items:

Diapers & Swim Diapers – These are available at the parks but they can be expensive so just pack a bag of each to be safe and save some money and piece of mind.

Strollers – Now you can rent a stroller from Disney World or any of the vendors in Orlando, but if you are more comfortable with your own, make sure to grab it.

Hats & Sunglasses – It is always easy to remember these for yourself but sometimes you forget about the kids so I added that again.

Outlet covers – For all those little adventurers in the family!

Baby Food, Formula, Breast Pump – Whatever you use to feed your kids, make sure to bring those too.

Cups – Not every child can drink out of a standard cups so I always recommend bringing a cup they are familiar with at home so they are always able to have something to drive.

Toys – Now we do spend some time getting ready in the hotel room every morning so I do have both of my kids pack a small bag of toys so they have something to do in the morning while we are getting ready.

Board Games, card games, tablet – Whatever you use as a source of entertainment with your family, bring it.  Just in case you do have a horrendous rainstorm and have to stay inside, this can keep the whole family busy.

Security Items – We did it once.  Forgot our son’s trusted blanket.  Now it is one of the first things we pack every time.

Car Seats – If you are renting a car, you are going to need your child’s car seats.  I always recommend buying a small luggage cart so you can easily transport by pulling the seat around.

Food & Drink

This category is really going to be dependent on what type of room you are staying in and the length of your stay.  You are most likely already going to have your dining reservations set up, but may still need some help with extra drinks and snacks.  You have have the option if you are not renting a car to take an uber or lyft to the closest WalMart, but you can use Amazon Prime, Garden Grocer, or Public Instacart to have groceries delivered right to you resort including:

  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks – little bags of chips or cracker, raisins, gummy snacks
  • Baby Food
  • Formula if needed
  • Gatorade
  • Individual drink powder packets for bottled water to give flavor
  • Breakfast foods

Now if you are staying in a villa and are going back to the resort to cook dinner each night, it is important to make sure you have a shopping list preplanned for what you want to cook.

Added Items for Those Disney Travelers

Dry Shampoo – This has become a recent addition to my must have items because it is essential for a quick freshening up without having to wash your hair completely.

Deodorant – Bring your best stuff.

Gold Bond – My family cannot take a vacation anywhere without some gold bond.  Sweat and walking is not always the best circumstances for chafing.

Speaking of Chafing, you will walk a lot and to avoid skin irritation make a quick google search and find what best assist your family to avoid that situation.

Autograph Book – Now they do have these available at the theme parks but you can save some precious bucks by just purchasing a small Disney notebook from your local dollar store.

Medicine – Now while you are on vacation the last thing you are going to want to forget is your medicine.  I always bring a small pill box and always make sure I leave the meds in our room and just bring what we need for the day.

Ibuprofen – Just in case you are sunburned or have a headache, this will be a needed relief.

Parade Blanket – Not for everyone but if you do like your butt touching the hot cement, you are going to be glad you packed this.

Refillable water bottle – If you do not want to lug around bottled water everywhere this is going to be a light solution that you can also refill.

Small first aid kits – Because we all know even on the best vacation boo-boos do happen.

Chap Stick – My kids always need this anytime we go anywhere so I always bring extra on vacation.

Sunscreen & Aloe Vera – This a no brainer. Protect your skin to the best of your ability while you are on vacation.

So now that you know your Disney Packing essentials for September, make sure to grab a list, get everything preplanned and just a few days before you vacation, pack those bags!  Or be like me and start backing two weeks out because you just cannot contain your excitement! Just make sure to stick to your list and you will become a pro at Disney World planning! So get to work and let the magic being!

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