The Best Packing List for Disney World in November

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If you’re packing for Disney World, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time researching, planning, and imagining what your vacation is going to be like. Walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time, taking your first breath of Disney air, and seeing Cinderella’s Castle towering in front of you, is a dream come true for many people. 

Of course, if you didn’t pack right for this one-of-a-kind vacation, things can get tricky. It sounds a little harsh. Naturally, you will still have an amazing time, but why not do everything you can to make sure it is smooth sailing from the get-go? Making sure to pack the essentials, and Disney must-haves, will be a big help. 

Whether you are traveling with a large party or by yourself, there are things that shouldn’t be overlooked. Your packing list will change depending upon who you are traveling with, when you are going, and what you plan to do when you get there. Although packing for Disney World is, in many ways, just like packing for any other vacation, there are a lot of things you have to keep in mind. 

Pack for the weather

When you’re packing, it is important that you keep the weather in mind. Most people assume because Disney World is in Florida, the weather is going to be hot and sunny, all day, every day. If only that were true! Like everywhere, weather is more complicated than that, even when there is Disney magic at play. 

November can be a tricky month, weather-wise, because temperatures can reach into the 80’s and can fall as low as the 40’s at night. Keeping the sometimes-unpredictable weather in mind, there are some essentials that you should be sure to pack when traveling to Disney World in November.  


Yes, Disney World sells ponchos, so you could always wait for the rain and buy them in the parks, but why take the chance? Going to the camping section of a local store will prove to be slightly more affordable than the Disney Park option.

Aside from the price, there is the more important matter of convenience. If you wait until it is raining in the parks, you will already have wet clothes, and at that point, there is no use in wearing a poncho anyway. Save yourself the money and the discomfort of being wet, and pack ponchos! 

A Cooling Towel

It can be very warm during the day in November, and if you are sensitive to heat, there are cooling towels that work wonders. These are available in different colors and sizes, and are sold by many different manufacturers. The towels are easy to use, and do not have the unfortunate side-effects a simple wet towel does. These stay cool and dry, while cooling you off almost instantly. 


Days can be hot and uncomfortable, but nights offer a bit of a cool down. It’s not always necessary, but having a sweatshirt to wear when you’re in the parks or at Disney Springs for the night, will help keep you comfortable.

After a hot day, even moderately cool temperatures will feel a little more extreme. Don’t be fooled thinking you are from a cooler climate, and won’t be bothered by a small drop in temperature! 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you are at Disney World, you will be outside in the sun for long periods of the day. It’s likely that you and your traveling party are having a lot of fun and forgetting about the UV rays pouring down, but if you forget sunscreen, you will definitely feel it the next day! 

These may seem like simple things to pack, but they will absolutely help make your vacation more enjoyable. There is no reason to let a change in weather ruin what should be an incredible vacation. 

Weather is not the only thing to consider when packing for a Disney World Vacation in November. There are some more general things that it’s important you remember to pack, that will make your vacation run a little smoother. 

Don’t Leave Home Without These 

There are some items that may never cross your mind in everyday life, that are critical to making sure you get the most out of you Disney Vacation. A Disney World vacation is like no other, so it helps to be prepared.


We live in a world where most people seem to be attached to their phones. Disney isn’t impervious to the ever-changing technological landscape. As such, it has adopted the use of My Disney Experience app.  This app will help you plan out your entire trip before you reach the parks, and it will become your best friend, or perhaps your worst enemy, while in the parks.

This allows you to make and change dining reservations, manage your FastPass + selections, and keeps you on track to have all of the experiences you were hoping for prior to your arrival. It can be frustrating to plan every detail of your trip out before you get there, but it will be helpful when you arrive. Without having made an attempt at securing the FastPass + selections, you may not have the opportunity to experience as many of the attractions as you had hoped, because much of your time will be spent waiting in lines.

If you are someone who does not use a smartphone in your life outside of Disney, you may want to consider an upgrade, or maybe borrowing an old one from a friend. There is WIFI in the parks, so you won’t need to worry about paying for service. 

Portable Phone Charger

It is important to remember to charge your device when you are at your resort for the night, but it is unlikely that with all of the use it will get throughout the day in a Disney park that it will survive without Needing to be charged. There are charging stations sporadically placed through the parks, but why take the chance of them being out of order or in use by other ark-goers, when you can carry a charging device with you?

These are small and add relatively nothing for you to carry in whatever you choose to carry through the parks. Unfortunately, these portable chargers need to be charged themselves, so make sure you charge them at night as well. With that in mind, it is also a good idea to bring extra charging cords to make sure you are never without a power source.

Durable Sneakers

Before you pack your bags, it’s a good idea to take stock of your current sneakers. Everyone had a favorite pair that they keep a little longer than they should. While those sneakers are awesome for the gym, or running around town, they are not the kind of sneakers you want to bring to Disney World. On average, it is believed that a day in a Walt Disney World park will include between ten and twelve miles of walking.

That can be tough on your body, and especially on your feet. That’s why it is critical to bring the best sneakers as possible. You know yourself the best, so make sure the sneaker you choose to pack is comfortable and practical. It isn’t always a great idea to wear a brand new pair of sneakers to Disney.

That kind of walking favors sneakers that have been worn in a little bit. Not all sneakers are made the same, and not all feet react the same way to long distance walking. Know yourself, and pack what will work best for you, just make sure they are durable! 


This product can be a lifesaver if you are prone to blisters. After walking more miles than you even realized, you might get back to your hotel room with aching feet, and unsightly, painful blisters. When you have to get up and do the whole thing over again the next morning, panic can start to set in. How are you going to be able to walk around the parks with your feet looking the way they are?

The answer is easy enough.

If you’ve backed moleskin (and scissors, because it needs to be cut), you will have the perfect way to cover up the blister and keep moving the next day. It is also a good idea to put the moleskin on before you get a blister. When you start to feel the unfortunate tingle of a blister forming, covering that spot with a piece of moleskin can help prevent the blister from ever actually forming. 

Body Glide

Your feet are only one part of your body that will be irritated with all of the walking that you are subjecting yourself to on a Disney vacation. It is likely that parts of your body will be rubbing against your clothing, or other body parts in ways that you aren’t used to. The discomfort and chafing can make the idea of continuing to walk through the parks for the rest of your vacation seem daunting.

Body glide can help prevent the chafing before it ever begins. The raw, uncomfortable feeling your body is in when you experience chafing is not something anyone wants to struggle through on their own. If you are prepared and remember to pack the body glide, you will save yourself a world of hurt. It is also useful in preventing blisters.

If you use it on the soles of your feet, you will reduce the rubbing that causes blisters in the first place. If you are really concerned about blisters on your feet, you may even use the body glide and moleskin on parts of your feet that feel extra sensitive. There’s no such thing as being too cautious! 

Walking comfortably may seem like an adult problem that kids won’t experience, but it is never that simple. If your kids are walking, make sure to have these handy for them as well. Everyone in your party should get to be comfortable and complaint free. So, while kids don’t necessarily need their own smartphone, the other items will be very useful for them. If you’re traveling with kids, your list will likely be a little longer than that of groups without children, but It’s not unmanageable!

What to Pack With Young Children

Traveling with children will mean you need to bring a few special items that others might not need. Luckily, aside from the practical things that I am sure you are aware of already, thee tend to be fun, money-savers!

Personalized and/or matching t-shirts

Glow Sticks

These are everywhere, and will make already unforgettable pictures of your child’s trip to Disney World even more memorable! Adorned with cute sayings and images, your kids are sure to get a little bit of attention from cast members and characters alike, for their one-of-a-kind clothing. The shirts can be funny, classic, and even some combination of the two.

Find something you’ve seen someone else wearing, or think of you own. Your only limit is your imagination! Find something that speaks to you, and you and your children will cherish it for years to come.

If you have a Cricut, there is no doubt you are already on top of this one! If you don’t own one, reach out to a friend who does, or take a look at your usual online shopping destinations. These shirts are everywhere, so you can definitely find one, or many, that you love

When the parades and fireworks start up, the vendors are out in full force, pushing light up toys to your kids. Maybe you want to buy them one of the awesome, spinning light up toys, but there is a parade to watch every night! It might be a good idea to have packed glow sticks with you, so your child doesn’t feel like they are missing out on the fun.

Some local stores even sell the same sort of light up, spinning toys as the Disney vendors your children are sure to see and be drawn to. Get them beforehand, and be able to tell your child they can’t have something, without feeling like you are depriving them of the experience. 

Autograph book

When your child stands in line, excited to meet their favorite Disney characters in person, they’ll want to have something concrete to take home and prove they met them. Each Disney character has a fun and unique signature that truly matches their personality. It is an awesome and free souvenir for your child to hold on to and show off for a long time to come.

Getting autographs will also help increase the character interactions your child is able to have. Without the autograph aspect, your child will get a hug and a picture, but nothing to carry away from the exchange. Many kids feel much more satisfied with the meet-and-greets when they feel like they were given something special by characters they have seen in movies. 

Favorite portable snacks

Kids are bound to get hungry at inconvenient times in the parks. Yes, Disney parks have endless tasty snacks available, but they are not always readily available. If you have to wait in line for a popular and busy attraction, and your child starts to demand a snack, having a quick and easy snack on hand will help you keep meltdowns in check.

Some great options are granola bars, moon cheese, fruit snacks, apple sauce pouches, and Chex Mix. Getting a little boost in the form of a snack will make the rest of your time in line a little less daunting. 

Quarters and Pennies

Loose change sounds like a strange thing to have on a packing list, but it will keep your kids occupied and allow them to start a really cool collection. All over Disney World, there are old fashioned penny press machines.

Kids, and adults, get to choose their design, crank a wheel, and collect the resulting flattened penny. Pennies seem virtually worthless until they are suddenly transformed into memorabilia from the parks. 

Lanyard and Pins to trade

Everywhere you look in Disney World, you will see people wearing lanyards filled with unique, Disney themed, pins. At first glance, these may look a little weird, but it’s actually a really fun way for park-goers to interact with other guests and cast members.

Building your initial stock of pins can take a little while, so it is smart to go into the parks with a few to start. You have to have pins if you hope to trade them! Your kids can look at the awesome pins other people have, and if they are outgoing and willing, they can even approach them and propose a trade.

Although other guests are not obligated to trade with your child, cast members must always say yes, so encourage them to go for the ones they want. 

Seasonal Gear 

At Disney World, holidays have longer seasons than they do everywhere else. When you are traveling to Disney World in November, be prepared to be bombarded by Christmas.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starts early in November. With that in mind, there are several seasonal things you should be sure to pack.

Christmas Sweaters or T-shirts

Being at Disney World when it is entirely decorated for Christmas, it’s a great idea to get some themed pictures. Christmas at Disney World is extra magical. If you and your family are fans of the ugly Christmas sweater fad, this is the perfect opportunity to get pictures of your creative holiday outfits. If you want to go a more traditional route, Disney still provides a great backdrop and will help you create awesome, memorable Christmas card photos to send to you family and friends. 

Window Clings

It sounds a little strange to decorate your hotel room for the holidays, but this is a great option to help keep the magic alive, even when you get back to the room to rest in the afternoon, or turn in for the night. This is very common at the value resorts in Disney World, as people can walk past your window and take it all in as they head to the bus, food court, or pool.

This small addition will brighten the walkway for everyone. Of course, this is not mandatory, and if you aren’t interested or forget to pack them, no one will fault you! Adding your own decorations is just another way to be part of the magic of Disney World. 

For Returning Guests

You’ve been to Disney World many times before, and have likely been in November, so you probably feel like you’re an expert packer! Maybe you are, but we could all use a few reminders every once in a while! It’s important that you don’t leave home without these things so you don’t have to buy them again.

Mickey Ears

If you’ve visited Disney parks before, you likely have at least one set of Mickey ears stored away. Disney Is always releasing new designs for the ears and they can be hard to resist. Sure, you can never have too many, but what about that first day you walk into the park?

You can’t walk in without your ears on! Whether you are partial to the headband or full hat designs, you know no Disney World outfit Is complete without the ears! Don’t leave them behind!

Hidden Mickey Book

Once you’ve been to Disney a few times, you start to notice that there is nothing there by mistake. It can be hard to get you bearings at first, but once you do, you’’ll be able to fly through the parks like an expert. Once this happens, carrying one of the hidden Mickey books will help add a little challenge for you.

While you are on a ride, or waiting in line to get on one, take a closer look at your surroundings. Mickey is everywhere! These books will help point you in the right direction, and let you know if you are just imagining things, or there really is a little Mickey head right in front of you. This added little game will help keep your attention, and is sure to impress any family and friends you are traveling with. 

Enjoy Your Trip!

Following this Disney World packing list for November is sure to help make your trip more enjoyable. Packing for any vacation can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Traveling to Disney World in November will allow you to experience holiday fun, hot and cooler weather, and most importantly the magic of any Disney trip! Make sure you double check your suitcase, and then just enjoy your vacation. 

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