10 Disneybounding Ideas for Couples You’ll Absolutely Love

Enjoy some of the best Disneybounding ideas for couples

While adult guests at Disney World are not allowed to dress up in full character costumes, you can still enjoy the softer side of pseudo-cosplaying as your favorite animated character thanks to a term called Disneybounding.  And the only thing better than Disneybouding at the parks yourself is doing it with a friend or loved one!  So in this article, I’m going to provide you with my favorite Disneybounding ideas for couples that I believe will win you countless rave reviews amongst your friends and family—and maybe even a few fellow theme park guests, as well.

Disneybounding Ideas for Couples You Will Love

Let’s begin with characters from one of Disney’s most popular 1990s animated films: Beauty and the Beast.

1) Belle and the Beast

When thinking of a classic Disney couple, Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast are my first thought! The 1991 Walt Disney Pictures film shows Belle in three quintessential looks for you to choose from, but unfortunately, the character of the Beast will limit your Disneybounding options a little bit!

For this reason, the easiest Disneybound idea for this couple is their ballroom dancing outfits. For Belle, wear a yellow dress or a yellow shirt with jeans. Accessorize with red accents and maybe try to add in a nod to the famous rose in the film!

For the Beast, a blue shirt or sweater with some nice jeans will do! A rose accessory will also be a nice touch here too! Belle is the star of the show for this Disneybound but combined, people will absolutely know which Disney couple that you are dressing in the style of!

2) Buzz Lightyear and Woody

You no longer have to look to infinity and beyond for your next Disneybound! The most loved duo in all of Pixar animation is none other than Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story franchise. Combine these two in an adorable couples’ Disneybound that will have you yelling that there is a snake in your boot!

For Buzz, your color palette is straightforward and can be combined in any order that you wish to complete the perfect Space Ranger Disneybound — white, purple, and neon green. I recommend going with a green top, white bottoms and purple accessories for this outfit, if you can. Add in some space-themed accessories for the perfect touch to finish off your outfit! 

For Woody, a (preferably yellow) plaid button down shirt and jeans is the perfect choice! If you don’t have a plaid button down, you could also wear a plain yellow shirt! Pair with a red bandana or scarf around your neck and try to add in some cowboy-themed accessories to complete the look.  

3) Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Winnie the Pooh has become a Disney classic and the iconic pairing of Winnie the Pooh and his pal Piglet is one of the best Disneybounds that not many people think about! If you want to pick a less obvious couple choice, Disneybounding as this duo is a great choice. 

The one downside to this pairing is that these characters don’t have many outfit choices, so you are limited on colors and may need to buy something especially for this Disneybound. Piglet is a light pink pig character with a hot pink body and Winnie the Pooh is yellow with a bright red t-shirt on. 

For Piglet, a pink shirt or dress is a must and pairing with jean shorts will keep this look perfectly casual. Pink accessories like shoes, a bag, or a headband will make your Disneybound look more intentional!

For Winnie the Pooh, there are more options for shirts or dresses. You can choose between red or yellow on top and try to match your Piglet companion with your own jean shorts to make your outfits look more cohesive between the two of you. A red accessory will do well if you decide to go with a yellow shirt. Be sure to tie in both colors to make your Disneybound known!

4) Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

From the 2009 Walt Disney Pictures film The Princess and the Frog, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen prompt plenty of Disneybounding options due to their many costume changes throughout the film. 

For Tiana, the dress color options (or shirt and pants, if you prefer) are almost unlimited. She sports a mustard yellow dress, a baby blue, her iconic green, and a white wedding dress at different times during the film. For Naveen, the same is true. He is seen in a classic khaki ensemble, his white princely attire, and his green wedding suit. 

A fantastic and easy-to-put together Disneybound for this couple would be a knee-length yellow dress for Tiana with a neutral pair of shoes and some cute frog accessories. 

For Naveen, the khaki ensemble is an easy Disneybound! A beige sweater vest, a white shirt, and khaki pants will complete this outfit. If you want to go even further with accessories, add a red tie and a newsboy hat!

5) Aladdin and the Genie

This pairing is a less common Disneybound for couples, with most choosing to portray Jasmine and Aladdin from the 1992 film Aladdin. However, I think that Aladdin and Genie will make a more fun and obvious Disneybound as Jasmine’s outfit doesn’t lend as well to a Disneybound that you would find in your closet!

For Genie, a blue top and jeans will make up the body of your outfit. Pair with gold and red accessories to shout out to the Genie himself. A red belt would be a great nod to the red sash that is around Genie’s waist!

For Aladdin, white or light wash blue jeans on the bottom and purple on the top will make up your outfit. For accessories, add red in the form of a headband or hat and some golden jewelry to tie in with your partner’s outfit. 

6)  Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

A newer, but no less wonderful Disney couple, is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney’s 2010 film, Tangled. This duo is also on the more limited side for outfit options, but is still a great and recognizable Disneybounding pick! 

Rapunzel’s primary gown is purple, making purple on top or as a dress a must-do. As well, flower details are a great choice for accessories as a shout-out to the flowers in her hair when she returns to her kingdom. You can also choose to accessorize with some green to represent her trusty sidekick Pascal. Rapunzel does not wear shoes in her film, but you must wear shoes at Disney! Instead, choose some purple or skin tone flats for this Disneybound. 

Flynn Rider will be easily recognizable with a white top and a green vest with brown pants and brown shoes. If you would like to further accessorize, add a nice brown belt or print off one of Flynn Rider’s Wanted posters for a fun photo-op!

7) Mike and Sulley

You want a couples’ Disneybound that is a little more out there? Well, I have just the pick for you! From Pixar, hit the Disney Parks as the duo Mike and Sulley from Disney Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Mike and Sulley are not a couple, but they make for a positively endearing pair that will make for a super fun Disneybound!

For Mike, try to keep it green! A green top and green bottoms will scream “Mike Wazowski!”, but if you don’t have green bottoms then jeans will be just fine. If you can, add some small white horns to a headband with some paper and tape and you will be a perfectly subtle but recognizable Mike from Monster’s Inc

The Disneybound only gets more obvious with the addition of your partner, Sulley. A blue shirt on top and purple bottoms below will mirror the blue fur of James P. Sullivan, complete with his purple spots. Adding horns to a headband will also make you look more like a monster, or you could add some cute space buns as a hairstyle choice!

8) Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

The 1989 Walt Disney Pictures film, The Little Mermaid, features yet another well-known Disney couple – Princess Ariel and Prince Eric! Ariel’s mermaid form will be the most recognizable and Eric’s outfit remains the same for much of the film. 

To Disneybound as Princess Ariel, a purple shirt and green bottoms are an easy choice. If these items aren’t in your closet, wearing purple on top and accessorizing with green will make up for it! You can also accessorize with some sea-themed jewelry, such as shell earrings or a shell necklace. 

For Prince Eric, a white shirt, blue jeans, and a red belt will put you solidly in Eric’s outfit from the film! You can also choose to accessorize with some ocean accessories, if you so choose!

Disneybounding Ideas from Star Wars

While everyone will want to be Luke or Leia or Han or Lando, how about Disneybounding as a couple of droids?

9) C3PO and R2D2

Now that Star Wars is part of Disney, it is the perfect time to do a Star Wars couples’ Disneybound! And what better pairing to dress up as than the two droids that are near and dear to our hearts than C3PO and R2D2. This Disneybound will have people confirming that you and your partner are the droids that we are looking for!

For C3PO, the color gold is all you need to get this Disneybound together. Try to pair as much gold as you possibly can together! This can be a gold dress with gold ballet flats, or a gold shirt and pants set. Accessorize with — you guessed it — gold!

R2D2 has a little bit more options in the color department. Try for a blue top with white bottoms with white and blue accessories. Add in a touch of red as a nod to the big red button on the front of the droid!

Disneybounding Ideas from Marvel

We all want to be Iron Man or Black Panther, but how about going as two individuals that carried a flame for one another across space and time?

10) Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers

I could not complete a list of 10 couples’ Disneybounds without including this quintessential Marvel couple! There are a few different outfit options to decide from when planning on dressing up as Peggy and Steve, but one of them shines above all of the others!

For Peggy, wear a rich blue blouse or dress to channel her upscale style. Pair with red shoes, if you can! If you have access to one, a red hat in Peggy’s style would perfectly complete this look, but another red hair accessory would do just fine for this Disneybound! Add in some pearl earrings or a pearl necklace to really embody Agent Carter. 

For Steve, a plaid blue shirt and khaki pants are the perfect combination. You can further accessorize with a leather jacket if you are going to the Parks on a cool day! Finish the look off with some dog tags and leather boots and you will have the perfect Steve Rogers Disneybound.


Disneybounding doesn’t just stop at Disney’s animated characters and there are dozens more options for Disneybounding ideas for couples that you can try! While you are searching for your perfect couples’ Disneybound, remember to be creative, follow Disney’s costume rules, and have fun at the Parks above all else!

Consider all of your Disney intellectual property options including Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars! With some faith, trust, and pixie dust, your Disneybound will make for the most adorable photo-ops and make your day(s) at Disney even better!

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