10 Disney Prom Proposal Ideas for Guys and Girls You’ll Love

With prom season just around the corner, it can feel overwhelming to come up with a creative and unique “promposal” idea that will wow your date. That’s why we are here to help you come up with fun, creative Disney prom proposal ideas for your big day! 

Prom Proposals Ideas at Disney World

The first few ideas we’ll layout are for the Disney World lover. These ideas can only be done at one of the Disney World parks. Someone who can’t get enough Space Mountain, Mickey bars, and firework shows may appreciate these ideas!

The Surprise Ride Photo Prom Proposal

We’ll start off with a classic and simple idea, which will only take a bit of preparation before your park day. For this one, you’ll want to know beforehand what ride is your date’s favorite.

Before leaving for the park, make a poster saying whatever you desire. Keep it simple and write “Prom?” or tune into your creative side and write something more personable to your relationship with your date. 

For this example, let’s say your date’s favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now, this will take a little bit of research beforehand, but make sure you know exactly where the ride cameras are.

Upon entering the ride, sit in the row behind your date with your poster at the ready. When the ride camera comes up, hold up the poster behind your date and pose! Once you exit into the gift shop, be sure you purchase a copy of your ride photo for your date to keep and watch as their face lights up when they realize they’ve been “promposed” to!

This idea is great for so many reasons, but the best part is having a unique Disney memory to hold onto forever

Help From A Fellow Guest

So what happens if you find out your date isn’t a fan of the rides at Disney World (I’m sure there is someone out there who isn’t!)?

If your date prefers the food, parades, and overall Disney magic that comes with a trip to Disney World, this idea may be preferable. Similar to the first idea, you will want to make a poster ahead of time and find out your date’s favorite area in the park. Perhaps they prefer the nostalgia of Main Street USA or the beautiful landscapes of Pandora. 

Once you find out, make sure you find a PhotoPass location that will get the best possible view of your date’s favorite area. From here, you can enlist the help of a fellow Disney World guest to hold up your poster in the background of your photo. To get an even better photo of the special moment, get your date’s attention on the poster and catch a candid photo of the moment. Any person would likely be happy to help you (make sure you ask politely, and if they decline, simply respect their decision and move along), so make sure you come prepared!

Help from a Disney Cast Member

Some people love Disney World because they get a chance to see and meet their favorite Disney characters. Have a date that absolutely loves Gaston, for example?

Ideas for Prom Proposals at Disney World

See if you can involve him in the prom-posal when you visit him at a Meet and Greet!

Before meeting with him, you will want to make sure you speak to his character attendant to make sure whatever plan you come up with is appropriate and do-able, but any chance to involve a character in your prom-posal is sure to be memorable. And don’t forget to get a PhotoPass photo to save the memory for years to come! 

Prom Proposal Pins

Nearly as soon as you enter a Disney park, you will see hundreds of guests sporting a button that says something along the lines of “Happy Birthday Name” or “1st Visit”. While I have only been able to wear one of these buttons one time, I certainly felt special all day with the treatment from cast members and even other guests!

As far as a prom-posal goes, you could really make your date feel special by creating them their very own personalized button to wear around the park. Get as creative as you want with what to write on the button, but here’s my idea: Make your date a button that says “Asked to Prom!” and make yourself a button that says “He/She/They said Yes!”

And trust me, you won’t feel out of place. Pin wearing, pin collecting, and pin trading at Disney World is immensely popular.

Help from a Disney Artist

Want a more personalized souvenir to remember your prom proposal? If your date would appreciate a more personalized and creative prom-posal that includes Disney, you can enlist the help of a caricaturist!

According to the Plan Disney blog, caricature artists are available at specific locations throughout the parks and resorts, though their locations are subject to change. One location that may be a safe bet is The Art Corner by Artistic Talent Group in Disney Springs.

All you have to do is ask the artist to include your prom-posal on the photo before showing it to you! Not only will this be a memorable prom-posal, your date will have a souvenir to keep for years to come.

Prom Proposals Ideas In and Out of Disney

With these you get the best of both worlds. Want to have a choice between doing your prom-posal at Disney or at home? These are the perfect ideas for you!

Use Disney Souvenirs

How about a way to involve Disney souvenirs in a prom-posal? One souvenir that many Disney fans love to collect are pins. After a bit of research, I was able to find pins with letters that correspond to some popular Disney characters. If you have a date that you know collects Disney pins, buy them some pins that spell out “PROM”!

This is a sweet way to include your date’s interests that doesn’t require a trip to Orlando. Many people sell used pins at a discounted rate on eBay, Mercari, and Facebook, make sure you check these sites before purchasing from Disney!

Another popular souvenir in the parks are the balloons sold all over the place (most notably Main Street USA). Want to keep it simple? Buy a balloon for your date and write “prom?” in Sharpie! 

Use Disney World Food or Receipes

Have a date that loves Disney World for the food? There may be a few ways to include their favorite meal into the prom-posal, at Disney World or at home! Assumedly, if you are looking at this list you know your future date has a soft spot for Disney World.

If that’s the case, they most likely have a top favorite food to get at the parks (or a top 20)! Once you can find out what their favorite Disney World food is, you can go about this prom-posal in a few different ways. 

For this example, I’ll use the popular Cheshire Cat Tail from Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom. Offer to order the pastry for your date and request help from the cast members at this point. Usually, the Cheshire Cat Tail comes with pink and purple icing on top. But wouldn’t it be cute to have that icing spell out ‘PROM?’ I have no doubt that any cast member would be happy to help you achieve this prom-posal when they aren’t too busy. 

Don’t live near Disney World? That’s okay too! Disney has posted a few of their famous theme park recipes online for fans to try making at home. If you know your date has a soft spot for Dole Whip, make it for them at home!

Dress Up as Your Favorite Character

Everyone knows the phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid,” and maybe that’s the best way to go for your situation. If you want to make a magical Disney experience for your date outside of the theme parks, put on your creativity cap! You’ll want to know your date’s favorite Disney movie, show, or character for this idea. 

Rather than bring your date to the magic of Disney World, bring the magic to them! Whether you want to dress up as your date’s favorite character or create a movie set for them at home, your date is sure to appreciate the time and creativity you put into their prom-posal. Here is a fantastic example of an Up themed prom-posal to use as inspiration!

Cook for Your Date…with a Disney Twist

Would you consider yourself a master baker?

Maybe you’re just a novice, or have never baked a day in your life (in this case, maybe enlist the help of someone who has). No matter what skill level you have when it comes to baking, you can create a custom dessert for your date that includes their favorite Disney movie!

Whether it’s sugar cookies or a cake, you can get creative in the kitchen with this one. Before you get started, map out your plan (i.e., buying some Mickey-shaped cookie cutters, stencils, icing, etc). From there, you can make it as simple or complex as you want!

Don’t want to put your baking to the test? Have a bit of extra money you can use for the prom-posal? Reach out to a local bakery, and they can help to make exactly what you’re envisioning!

Make a Disney-Inspired Video Proposal

Now, for the finale of at-home prom-posals. This one is for those that have time to spare and a lot of dedication to their soon-to-be-date. Many people saw the famous marriage proposal that took place in a movie theater, which was based on Sleeping Beauty (if you haven’t, watch it below).

While this may be far too much for a prom proposal, it does open up the idea of re-creating your date’s favorite Disney movie or tv show. 

Rather than animating an entire scene, opt for creating a goofy home-made video of yourself re-enacting their favorite character! You can also enlist the help of some friends or family to make this a memorable experience for everyone involved.

With this, you can get as creative as you want by making an entirely new scene to their favorite movie, or you can stick to the basics and recreate a scene from the original! No matter how big you choose to go, your date is sure to appreciate the thought and effort that went into this. 

So there is our list of Disney prom proposal ideas to use this prom season. Hopefully it sparks a few ideas, along with providing you with an extra dose of courage to pop the big question!

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