On this page, you will find a list of articles I’ve written about the specific rides and attractions (live performances, 3D shows, street entertainment and more) that’s available at the four Disney theme parks, as well as the two Disney water parks.

Pixar Studios” by HarshLight licensed under CC BY 2.0

Each article will not only list everything that you can see and do inside these six great parks, but will also explain which attractions require reservations or Fast Passes, as well as details on what kind of an attraction it is and approximately how long it lasts.

To see all that information, please click on the appropriate link below to be taken to each park’s Attractions page.

1) Magic Kingdom Attractions: This is the park that’s most loved by Disney World park guests.  It’s the biggest of all the four theme parks and has the greatest amount of attractions aimed at kids.  Known for its iconic Cinderella Castle, the Magic Kingdom is home to classic attractions like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, as well as The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean–both of which were made into live action movies.

2) Epcot Attractions: People know of Epcot because of its geodesic dome (also known as the “large golf ball”), but did you know there’s an actual ride inside that ball?  Epcot is home to many unique attractions actually–some of which can be relatively educational and others that are some of the most visceral and thrilling experiences you’ll find anywhere on Walt Disney World property.

3) Animal Kingdom Attractions: It may look like a suped-up zoo, but it’s so much more than that.  At the Animal Kingdom, guests have the opportunity to go on an amazing African safari, watch trained birds interact with humans, snap pictures of tigers and gorillas, and go back in time where dinosaurs roamed the earth (and tried to actively eat you for lunch).  Trust me–you ain’t getting that kind of experience at your local zoo.  And now, you can experience the exciting Pandora: World of Avatar land!

4) Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions: At this park, watch old time Hollywood come to life as you stroll down the park’s reproduction of Hollywood Boulevard and stroll past the great Brown Derby restaurant.  If you love movies, then this is the park for you, as its home to an exciting Star Wars ride, an Indiana Jones Live Stunt Show, an almost Broadway-worthy Beauty and the Beast live show, and a Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction that will take your breath away.

5) Typhoon Lagoon AttractionsThe story behind this fun park is that a massive typhoon hit a tropical paradise and, in its wake, left boats and surfboards and fishing gear strewn all over the water park.  What you’ll immediately notice here is that a shrimp boat named Miss Tilly sits on top of a mountain named Mount MayDay.  Every thirty minutes, water erupts from the shrimp boat and gushes down (and over) the mountain.  This park is open for nine months out of the year.

6) Blizzard Beach AttractionsThis water park opened in 1995, six years after Typhoon Lagoon.  Most of the attractions come from Mount Gushmore, which is an artificially built hill that has an incredible elevation of 90 feet!