Animal Kingdom Events and Tours

In this article, we’re going to examine what unique tours and events guests can pay to experience at the Animal Kingdom.  These are special opportunities that require an additional cost aside from your park admission ticket.

1) Wild Africa Trek: If you’ve ever wanted to have a wild African adventure, but didn’t have the money or time to actually travel to the motherland, this might just be the perfect compromise.

For an additional price (as mentioned earlier, this is not part of your park admission cost), you can embark on a 3 hour safari tour that will allow you to get fairly up close and somewhat personal with animals like hippos and crocodiles.

What’s cool about this adventure is that you get to cross a not-so-sturdy rope bridge Indiana Jones-style—but you’ll be safe thanks to an attached safety harness.  You’ll also get to ride through the Savannah in a rugged vehicle and see giraffes and other majestic animals roaming around your car.

You’ll also be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, and to top it all off, there will be a photographer snapping complimentary photos of you and your guest(s) throughout the entire trek.  So, if you want, feel free to leave your cameras at home and be 100% in the moment.

Price: $189 to $249 per person, plus tax.
Age of Interest: Tweens, teens, and adults.

2) Backstage Tales: If you’re looking for a way to get a great behind-the-scenes glimpse at the magic and hard work that goes into bringing Animal Kingdom to life, look no further than this Backstage Tales tour.

This tour will show you how the animals are cared for. You’ll peek in on the Nutrition Center to see how much food it takes to feed all the animals that live in the Kingdom.  You’ll also discover where all the animals are housed once the sun goes down.

And with so many animals to care for (over 1,500 live at the Animal Kingdom), some are naturally going to need medical treatment.  You’ll be able to tour a veterinary facility and see some of the park’s animals getting the important care they need.

It should be noted, too, that despite the high price tag of this tour, actual opportunity to interact with animals (while certainly possible) is not guaranteed.

Price: $90.00, plus tax.
Age of Interest: Teens and Adults (guests must be 12 years old or older).
This tour was previously known as the Backstage Safari

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