Best Packing List for Disney World in January

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

January has become a more popular month to visit Disney World because of the cooler temperatures and the lower crowd levels. In fact, January has even become one of the best times of the year to go to Disney World. 

And so in this article, we’ll present you the best packing list for Disney World in January so you can properly prepare for a winter trip to Disney!

January Weather

Though still warm, January in Orlando is definitely not as hot as the summer months and even the fall months. This cooler weather can make walking through the parks and standing in longer wait lines almost cold if you’re not packed or prepared with necessities for the Floridan winter. The weather is not going to be hot or humid as it is in some of the more popular times to visit Disney World. 

The highs in Orlando at Disney World are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. However, on average, the weather is most likely to be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the warmest it’s going to get throughout the day. Remember, the sun is definitely going to help make your visit just a bit warmer than it is when the day is more cloudy or almost completely without the sun. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

The lows in Orlando at Disney World are around 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and at night. These are just estimates, however. It is always possible for the average lows to be either higher or lower than what is predicted, as with weather anywhere, really. If there are any extremely large cold fronts in the country, it is much more likely to be even colder than normal at Disney World. 

Keep in mind that even though 45 degrees Fahrenheit sounds like fall to those living in the northern states in America, it can still be quite chilly at Disney World. Throughout your trip, you will be waiting in lines, riding rides, and standing outside to view some of your favorite attractions. 

This could make you cold, especially if it’s cloudy or windy on one of the days of your visit. When you’re walking throughout the parks, you’re much more likely to stay warm, but you’ll want to be sure to prepare for those times when you’re standing still and waiting by bringing some sort of warm jacket, sweater, or coat to help keep you and your guests warm.

Another thing to always remember is that the weather at Disney World could change with the blink of an eye. Afternoon rain showers or thunderstorms are always possible, so it’s good to be prepared for everything on your vacation.

You don’t want to be the one who is stuck in a downpour and has to buy the extremely expensive Disney ponchos or umbrellas just because they weren’t well prepared for their visit. Be the one who’s on top of it – pack the $5 poncho to avoid buying one double or triple that price in the parks. 

Clothing to Pack for January

Layers are going to be your best friend when visiting Disney World in January. It’s extremely helpful to be able to either take off clothes or add more on whenever you get either too hot or too cold. As mentioned above, the weather at Disney World can change almost instantly, so it’s best to be prepared for everything.

Below is a list of the main things you should consider packing on your trip to Disney World in January. 

Warm, long socks

It’s important to keep your appendages warm – if your feet and toes are cold, it’s more likely that the rest of your body is cold. 

No one likes cold feet and toes. The weather can change in a flash, and if you’re a person who get cold easily, warm and/or long socks are a good idea to keep you warmer.

Hat, beanie, or ear muffs

Again, keeping your appendages warm is quite important if you want the rest of your body to be warm. 

Your head is one of the more important of the appendages to keep warm since it is what houses your brain – arguably the most important part of your body.

Walking around Disney World with a cold head or ears is not fun at all. Keep them warm to make your experience visiting Disney World much better during the colder month of January.

Warming up your head can actually warm up the rest of your body.

Gloves or mittens

Hands and fingers are one of the first things to get cold in the lower temperatures, so preparing for colder weather, especially in the mornings and at night, is of utmost importance. 

Not only will gloves or mittens keep you warm, but they keep your hands free from the germs on so many of the rails in the wait lines leading up to rides. Germaphobes can celebrate the victory that comes with warm hands and less germs. 

Jacket, sweater, or coat

This is good to take on and off with the fluctuating temperatures that happen quite regularly in January at Disney World. 

Having a jacket, sweater, or coat is good for the temperature difference between the outdoors and the restaurants. Disney restaurants seem to either be extremely warm or extremely cold, so this extra article of clothing will help balance the difference in temperature.


This is for women and men alike – scarves help keep your neck warm, and you can even use them to wrap around your ears, head, and nose if you need to. 

If you have a larger scarf, you can wrap it around your body like a blanket if you need extra protection from the cold while waiting in line. 

You could even use a scarf as a place to sit on while waiting for different attractions and fireworks shows – it’s another layer between you and the cold ground. 

Sneakers or tennis shoes

Unless it’s predicted to be unseasonably warm, skipping the sandals, flip flops, and other open toed shoes would be a good idea for your visit in January. 

These closed toed shoes will keep your toes and feet warm as you walk through the parks in the colder January weather. 

Sneakers or tennis shoes are great to bring to Disney World even during the summer since they are usually quite comfortable and make walking miles and miles around the parks much easier.

Jeans, leggings, or long pants

Similarly as above, unless it’s predicted to be unseasonably warm during your visit to Disney World, you will want to wear jeans, leggings, or long pants instead of shorts for your trip to Disney in January. 

Any of these pants will help keep your legs from getting too cold during the cooler month of January. 

If you do feel yourself getting somewhat warm, you could always roll up the pant legs on any long pants you choose to wear. 

Long sleeved shirts

You are more likely to be comfortable with long sleeves than a t-shirt with the weather being colder than usual at Disney World. 

If you get warm while walking around or sitting inside, you can always roll up your sleeves to try and cool down a bit. 

If you get too cold, you can also add your jacket, sweater, or coat over a long sleeved shirt to keep yourself even warmer. 

Wearing Disney themed long sleeved shirts is always fun, too, since you’re in the place where people are most likely to appreciate any clever puns or phrases on your shirt. 


Packing t-shirts means you’re really taking the layering tip seriously, which is a good thing. 

T-shirts are great to put under sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, or coats to keep your core warmer. 

You can also put a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt to make the layering even more intense, and you can add a jacket, sweater, or coat on top of that to stay even warmer. 

Wearing Disney themed shirts can be fun, too, since everyone around you also loves Disney and will probably appreciate any puns or phrases you have on your favorite Disney shirt. 

As I mentioned before, layering is key to staying warm during your visit to Disney World in January. These layers will give you plenty of options and keep you prepared for any colder weather or unexpected changes in weather throughout your trip. 

With all of the layers you packed, you can either take off outer layers when you feel warm walking around the parks or add more layers if you’re cold waiting in line or sitting to watch a special attraction or the fireworks. 

One thing to remember is that there are always stores around for you to buy clothes you forgot to pack. Local stores and shops at Disney Springs have plenty of clothing available for you in the case that you did leave any clothing you may want at home. 

Extra Items to Pack in January

Even though it’s pretty cold in January, you can still thoroughly enjoy your trip to Disney World that will definitely be less crowded. Here are some extra items you will want to consider packing for your visit to Disney World in January. 


Though it’s obviously cold in January, most places to stay in Orlando along with Disney World Resorts and Hotels keep their pools heated, even in the winter. 

Hot tubs are always available and accessible for a dip in the water that will also keep you much warmer.

If you’re considering swimming, make sure to bring flip flops or sandals to wear from the pool or hot tub back and forth from your room.

Usually, there will be beach towels available wherever you stay. Disney World Resorts and Hotels always have beach towels for you to use at their pools and hot tubs.


These come in handy to wrap around yourself while you wait in line or watch some great Disney attractions and fireworks.

You can sit on them as you wait for shows to put one more warm layer between you and the cold ground below.

Travel or picnic blankets that aren’t quite fuzzy will definitely be less likely to pick up extra dirt on the ground, so if you’re planning to sit on your blanket, it might be best to bring a travel or picnic blanket.


This might sound crazy because it’s not going to be warm at Disney World in January, but you can still get burnt even when it’s cold and cloudy.

Getting a sunburn is awful, and it’s even worse when you have to put clothes over it that will rub against the burn and make it hurt even more.

It doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase, and, if anything, you have it just in case you need it.

Ponchos and umbrellas

Buy it when at home when it’s so much cheaper than the overpriced ponchos and umbrellas that have a small Mickey Mouse in the corner.

You will most likely need them, since Orlando is known for its afternoon downpours or thunderstorms.

Again, ponchos don’t take up much room in your suitcase, so just pack it so you have it in case you may need it.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

These are great to keep around, especially when you’re traveling with any younger guests whose hands can get sticky quite easily.

Germaphobes will appreciate this extra layer of protection between them and the dirty outside world.

Using hand sanitizer before eating can protect you from all the germs you’ve touched on the rails while you’re waiting in line.

Wet wipes come in handy with kids as well as adults after you eat a sticky churro or Mickey ice cream bar.

You will hopefully avoid catching any kind of winter sickness other Disney World guests may have. 

These items are all extras that you may not think to bring, but rest assured you will be happy you brought them with you on your trip to Disney World in January. 

Packing for Kids in January

Going to Disney with kids can be overwhelming and, honestly, intimidating. However, if you pack appropriately and are well prepared, you’ll be able to make your visit to Disney World as smooth as possible. Below is a list of some things you’ll want to bring along for your younger kids on your trip to Disney World in January. 

ID tag or card

Traveling to Disney World with young children can be nerve wracking, and you want to make sure you know where they are at all times. In the event that you do lose your child or they run off without you, you’ll want to make sure they have an ID tag so anyone who helps them knows who they are.

Add your name and phone number on the ID tag or card so the person helping your child can contact you and get you all back together safely again. 

This is mainly just a precaution, but it’s always good to prepare just in case.

Disney-themed shirts

Ask your kids before you leave if they have any favorite Disney shirts they want to wear while they’re in the parks.

If your kids don’t want to dress up in costume, having a Disney shirt with their favorite character on it is fun for when they do a character meet-and-greet with them.


Some kids want to dress up as their favorite princess, prince, pirate, or other character when they go meet them at a character meet-and-greet.

Make sure it’s a warmer costume for when you go in January to keep your kids nice and cozy during the colder temperatures.

Leggings or warm pants

These are great to wear with shirts, sweatshirts, or even under costumes to keep your kids even warmer.

They’re also just plain old comfortable for walking around the parks all day.

Nicer clothing

You might need dressier clothes for some of the nicer restaurants you want to eat at throughout your trip.

Most restaurants know that you’re spending your whole day trekking around the parks and are completely fine with more casual attire.

Jacket, sweater, or coat

Whether this goes over a costume or a regular t-shirt, having an outer layer prepared for your kids is a great idea for the chillier mornings and nights in January at Disney World. 

It’s always good to be ready for chilly weather waiting in line and standing to watch fireworks and your other favorite Disney attractions.

Favorite toy or two

Keeping kids preoccupied while waiting in line can be quite difficult. Having one or two of their favorite toys with them can help keep them calm and more quiet.

This might also comfort them when kids start to get fussy or sad during your trip.

Stroller protector and clothes pins

If you’re bringing an infant or baby on your trip, you’ll want to be sure to bring a stroller protector and clothes pins to keep it secure.

This can protect your baby from the elements whether it’s rain or the cold weather that’s prevalent in January.


Again, snacks will keep kids preoccupied while waiting in line and can help tide them over when they get fussy or hungry between meals.

Eating might comfort them while they’re having a hard time walking through the parks.


Same for adults, kids can use these blankets to wrap around themselves when they get chilly waiting in line or watching an attraction. They can also sit on them while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Blankets are also great for kids in strollers to keep them bundled up and extra warm. 

Hopefully this list will help you know exactly what to pack for your kids during your visit to Disney World in January. This is just a base list – you know what’s best for your kids and what they love the most. Make sure you pack things that will keep them happy during your trip to the most magical place on earth. 

Packing for Teens in January

Making sure your older kids who are pre-teens or teenagers is a whole other ballgame. They most likely won’t want to dress up in costume or act too interested in the “little kid stuff” such as character meet-and-greets. Keep reading for a list of some pertinent things you want to make sure your pre-teen or teenager has packed for your trip to Disney World in January. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

ID tag or card

Same as with kids, you want to make sure people know who your older pre-teens or teenagers are in the case that they might get lost.

Keep your name and phone number with them as well – they won’t want to admit it, but if they’re lost and scared, it’s easier to show a card than to calm down and try to remember your phone number.

Phone or tablet

If your pre-teen or teenager has a phone, they’re most likely going to want to bring it along. They can use it to keep in contact with their friends, Snapchat, post on Instagram, and even play the games available while waiting in lines.

For pre-teens or teenagers who don’t have a phone, keeping a tablet with you to keep them occupied when waiting becomes “too boring” is a really good idea.


Chances are, your pre-teens and teenagers are going to want to listen to music and/or zone out at some point whether it’s while you’re traveling to or from Disney World or while they’re waiting in line.

Trust me – you’d rather them have headphones than blast their music to the world.


All these electronics are pointless without chargers.

Pre-teens and teenagers are very likely to forget chargers, and they’ll be quite upset if they can’t charge their electronics.

You might want to consider getting a battery pack or portable charger to bring with you into the parks. These can also be helpful for you when your phone dies.

Deodorant and other toiletries

Pre-teens and teenagers are smelly. With all of the walking around you’ll be doing, you want to make sure they have deodorant on every day.

It might even be good to bring some into the parks in case they get extra stinky during the day.

If they need it, help them pack up other toiletries they’ll need such as face wash and toothpaste so they’re completely ready for your visit.

Feminine hygiene products

A lot of Disney World bathrooms have free feminine hygiene products available, which is incredible, but just in case they don’t, it’s a good idea to bring some along.

You never know when your pre-teens or teenagers will get their first menstrual cycle or if it will come up on them unexpectedly, so it’s always good to be prepared.

Adult clothing

When it comes to clothing, pre-teens and teenagers can pack pretty much the same kind of clothes as you would for an adult.

See the list above to create a packing list for your pre-teens and teenagers. 

Packing for pre-teens and teenagers isn’t much different than packing for adult guests, but you want to make sure you have everything you need. Hopefully this list can give you a good idea of what you’ll need to bring for your own pre-teens and teenagers during your visit to Disney World in January. 

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