10 Amazing Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Really Want to Buy

Discover the best Disney World souvenirs you can buy on the market
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Walt Disney World is known for their incredible collection of souvenirs at all of their parks. You can find just about anything at Walt Disney World across their massive variety of shops and boutiques. 

If you are interested in some fantastic souvenirs with which to commemorate your Disney trip, there is a variety of ways to acquire your items. If you are traveling home from Disney by plane and have limited room in your luggage, I would recommend adding the Disney Shop Parks app to your phone. 

From this app, you can click the little barcode icon to scan the price tag on an item you’re interested in at the parks. From there, you can add it to your cart. Then, at the end of the trip you can purchase all of the items and have them shipped directly to your house! This makes it incredibly easy to grab everything you want without having to shove it into your bags or worry about it breaking. 

This is a great option for any family who is trying to limit their luggage or doesn’t want to worry about getting their purchases home. It’s also super fun to receive a big package a few days after your trip and open all of the exciting goodies you found while you were in the parks! The only drawback is there is a unique lovely feeling about seeing something you love in the parks and picking it up right then and there. 

Another thing to keep in mind is overnight delivery! If you have purchased something in the parks, ask the cast member to have it delivered to your resort! Remember, this only works for those staying on Disney property. So long as you are not checking out the very next day, you can visit the concierge at your resort and pick your items up there! This eliminates having to carry around expensive, hefty, or possibly breakable items around the park! You don’t want to have to carry around those cute matching mugs you found on Space Mountain and worry about breaking them on the ride!

There are so many items to choose from at Disney World, so I decided to pull together a list of the 10 best Disney World souvenirs your money can buy! I came up with this list with price, usefulness, and memories in mind! While most items at Disney are a little pricier, I tried to include many items you can grab for a great price. I know once you return home, some souvenirs can simply be stowed away never to be used again, so I made sure to include items that won’t end up in your next garage sale.

Lastly, I made sure to include items I think do the best job of encapsulating your memories. So, I hope you enjoy this list, and I hope it helps you decide what to buy while enjoying your vacation at Disney World!

Apparel Items 

Obviously, when you get back from Disney World, it’s fun to cozy up in a nice hoodie to remember your trip. You also might want to grab a t-shirt or a fun dress to help you remember your travels. There are tons of apparel items to choose from, so take your time browsing all of the shops around Disney World!

There are Mickey and Minnie shirts, park and attraction themed shirts, and tons more! There are also apparel items for a variety of price ranges, so there is something for everyone. One of my favorite ideas is buying matching shirts for the whole family. If you don’t already have them, you can wear them the next day of your trip and snap a great family picture at one of the PhotoPass stops! 


This is also one of my favorites even though it can be very pricey. There is so much Disney themed artwork in all different styles. It can make a beautiful addition to your home. A lot of times, we get excited and spend our money on stuff we never use again while buying souvenirs at Disney.

With artwork, you can hang it in your home and see it everyday without having to focus on using it. They have beautiful portraits and paintings featuring scenes from your favorite movies or favorite characters. One of my favorite things about the artwork at Disney is that a lot of it doesn’t scream Disney. So, if you want something that matches the décor of your home, you will more than likely be able to find something that works!


These provide souvenirs and fun at the same time! You can buy pins around each park with your favorite attractions, parks, characters, and more. Then, when you buy them you can add them to your lanyard, trade them, or add them to a pin wall at home.

They are sold for a variety of prices, so you can budget out for them effectively. I love purchasing pins because it reminds me of my trip, and you can keep adding to your collection every time you go. Trade pins you have duplicates of or aren’t super fond of in order to expand your collection and heighten the thrill!


I will never go to Disney and not grab a mug. They make the most beautiful and unique mugs for Disney fans, and I can’t resist them! Mugs are useful and memorable, so I love grabbing one to commemorate each of my trips.

They typically cost between $12 and $25. Sometimes, you can buy them in matching sets for a cheaper price as well. Pick one up to represent your favorite character or favorite attraction at the parks! 

Kitchen Items 

Disney also seems to have the best kitchenware as well. They have everything from rubber spatulas to pancake pans and everything in between. There’s definitely something for every price range, so take time to browse and decide what additions you’d like to make to your kitchen!

Pot holders, tea towels, and dishes are a few more items you can find with Disney inspirations to spice up your kitchen. 


If you’re into more dainty memorabilia, then try picking up some tasteful jewelry. Disney has beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, and more! My favorite thing about their jewelry is that they have so many different styles to please everyone’s taste.

Add charms to your Pandora bracelet with park exclusive charms as well. You can find a ton of beautiful jewelry to commemorate your trip so be sure to check it out. While jewelry can be pricier, Disney does a pretty good job of offering style for all price ranges! 

Notebooks and Stationary 

If you are a list maker, note taker, or planner, then you just have to pick up some of Disney’s awesome stationary. They have tons of options to choose from with notebooks, pens, and stationary from all of your favorite movies.

It’s normally pretty inexpensive, but some notebooks are a little pricier so be sure to check the price if you’re working with a budget. Other than that, they have tons of awesome selections that will make your list making heart very happy!


If you have a few little ones in tow, buying costumes at Disney World is the best! They have tons of costumes for many different characters, so it’s super fun to buy a costume one day and let your child wear it around the parks the next day. The best place to buy costumes is actually at Disney Springs in my opinion.

They have a huge variety at the Disney store there, but you can also find many costumes scattered throughout the parks! These are honestly pretty pricey most of the time, but they are so worth it to see your little one transform into a magical princess or brave pirate for a day of your trip. It also makes for some fantastic photo opportunities all around the parks! 


You really just can’t go wrong with plushies. Snuggle up to your favorite character with one of Disney’s soft plushies. You will find these in almost every shop around the parks, so grab one when you see a character you love.

Depending on the size, these plushies can get pretty expensive so be mindful of that when picking them up. You can buy little tiny plushies or huge ones to cozy up to during your next family Disney movie night. I think these are a great souvenir to take home that can be cuddled and remind you of your trip for a long, long time. 

Home Décor 

This is a broad category, but there are so many amazing home décor items at Disney, I couldn’t decide on just one. They have beautiful picture frames which are perfect for displaying a family photo. There are also beach towels, vases, office accessories and more. I love looking around Disney’s home décor items because I never know what I might find.

Recently, I’ve been loving the real life Cogsworth and Lumiere décor pieces. They are so unique and such a fun ode to one of my favorite Disney movies. You can find Disney home décor for a variety of prices that fits any budget. So, take your time browsing and grab something that really calls out to you!

The Conclusion

If you are spending a few days at Disney, you won’t be able to resist picking up a few items to remember your trip by. If you are planning to grab a couple things, here are a few tips to save money!

If you are a Target credit or debit card holder than you know you save 5% on every purchase, including gift cards. Through this 5% savings, you can buy Disney gift cards and use them to pay for your Disney vacation, meals, and souvenirs. This will help you save a little money when paying for all of your Disney items! 

Another way to save some money is to head to the Disney Character Warehouse to purchase your items. They have discounted Disney World merchandise here which allows you to grab some great souvenir items for a much smaller price. Use these two tips to save you a little money on your items.

Also, if you plan to be back at Disney within a year, you may want to consider becoming annual passholders. This will allow you to get discounts on meals and apparel, so keep that in mind! 

Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily have to purchase your items at the park. You can save them on your Disney Shop Parks app to order at the end of your trip and receive in a package after you get home. You can also decide to have your items delivered to your resort and pick them up the very next day. It is entirely up to you and what works best for your family. 

Disney World can be such a fun and magical place for all ages and family members. Purchasing souvenirs for everyone to enjoy can be a great way to commemorate your trip. If you are deciding whether or not to purchase Memory Maker, Disney’s photo service, then I would recommend spending money on that before souvenirs. 

Memory Maker allows you to snap professional pictures that may even have hidden gems all around the parks. The memories these pictures capture are priceless, and you can always pick up a Disney frame to display one at home. When people ask me, what souvenirs are the best, I always double check that they have already added Memory Maker to their vacation. 

Other than that, enjoy your magical vacation at the happiest place on Earth, and grab yourself some beautiful souvenirs to commemorate the trip. With or without them, your family will have an absolute blast exploring each corner of Disney World and spending time together. Get your countdown started, you are headed to Walt Disney World!

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