Margaritaville Resort Orlando review

Margaritaville Resort Orlando review

In this Margaritaville Orlando Resort review, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on this unique Disney Good Neighbor Hotel. 

I’ll discuss what it offers to potentials guests, how affordable it is, what the experience is like staying at one of its unique Cottages, and help you get a feel for whether this resort hotel is worth your hard earned money.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando Cottages

I was lucky enough to stay at Margaritaville Orlando Resort in August 2021. We are locals but we stayed there with my sister and her family who were visiting from New York. We resided in one of the rental properties, the Margaritaville Resort Orlando Cottages, attached to the hotel. 

My sister and her family had rented a car and after checking in and receiving their key, they drove over the short drive over to their cottage. Although there is an internal shuttle service, it was never available when we needed it. We stayed in a two bedroom cottage with two full bathrooms. The cottage is decorated as if you are staying in the Florida Keys with pastel colors and front porches. The staff was very kind and always helpful. 

The nightly cost for the cottage was only slightly more than staying in a standard hotel room and we had the space to spread out plus full kitchen features. We loved that the cottage had a washer and dryer. 

When you get home the last thing you want to do is everyones laundry so the washer and dryer are very beneficial. You can just toss your dirty clothes in the wash on your last day of vacation. That gives you one last thing to worry about when you get home. We loved the location, as you are right in the middle of all the action. Since we had a car we never used the complimentary shuttle service. 

My family and I definitely plan on staying at Margaritaville Resort Orlando again. The only cons I have in my review of Margaritaville Resort Orlando is that there was no option for live TV, just streaming services. Also we never were able to catch the internal shuttle when we needed it but that was okay with us because we had a rental car.

Background on the Margaritaville Resort Orlando

The Margaritaville Resort Orlando opened in 2018 in Kissimmee, FL, just miles from Walt Disney World and the surrounding theme parks.  This resort boasts a whopping 186 different rooms with various room styles to choose from. There are standard hotel rooms that have either a king bed or queen bed and upscale suites, as well. Every room has a private balcony, rain shower head and premium bed sheets. 

The main selling point of Margaritaville, in my opinion at least, is its premium cottages. These colorful cottages range from 1 bedroom to 8 bedrooms. They feature full kitchens and other amenities not available if you’re staying in a standard room or suite. 

Before you check in to the Margaritaville Resort Orlando, you will be given the choice to self park your vehicle or valet park. Valet parking costs, at least at the time of publishing this review, $25.00. I would recommend unloading your vehicle in the porte cohere and then self park you vehicle. If you are staying in a cottage, you can drive right up to your accommodations, so it would not beneficial to unload your vehicle at the front of the resort. If you are staying at Margaritaville Resort Orlando and plan on seeing the tourist attractions, I would recommend you bring a car with you. 

The resort itself is very large and even though everything is within walking distance, that distance can be quite far. There is an internal shuttle bus that takes you to and from the main building to the back of the resort but when we stayed there we waited quite a while for a shuttle before we turned around and drove to the front. Depending on where your room is will also depends if you need car or not. The cottages are a distance away from the main building and if you are staying back there, you may need a vehicle. 

There is complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the area’s theme parks but then you are tied to the time that bus comes and goes. If you miss the shuttle, it is your responsibility to find your way back to the hotel. If you plan on spending your time strictly in Margaritaville and the Sunset Walk area, I do not think you need a vehicle. You still would need a way to get to and from the airport if you are flying into MCO but other than that, everything is within walking distance in the Margaritaville Resort Orlando Complex. 

Disney Good Neighbor Hotel

Disney snobs might lift their nose at you if you tell them you’re considering staying off property. Disney does offer many benefits for guests of their resorts that are not available at other off property resorts, but let’s be honest—Disney resorts are expensive and they do not necessarily offer services like complimentary breakfast that other off property resorts might provide. 

A lot of people choose to stay on Disney property because Disney has a an excellent reputation for high service and guests who book a vacation with Disney feel safe and secure and know Disney will be there for them to aid them in whatever they need. That is why a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel is a good choice for families looking to do Disney on a budget. 

A Disney Good Neighbor Hotel is a Walt Disney World endorsed resort. These resorts offer a variety of rooms  like villas and suites. A Disney Good Neighbor Hotel is great for those looking for that Disney guarantee but looking to save some money as well. These hotels have Disney’s gold star of approval. There is a strict check list of things that a resort has to have before Disney will give them a thumbs up. 

Disney Good Neighbor Hotels must offer transportation to and from Disney World. Some resorts may charge an extra fee for this service. They must also have a guest service desk with an agent who is able to assist and plan with a Disney vacation. Disney park tickets also have to be sold at a resort for it to be considered a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel. These resorts also  need to be 2-14 miles away from the Walt Disney World Resort. 

Pros and Cons of Disney Good Neighbor Hotels

Let’s begin with the pros of Good Neighbor Hotels.


The number one reason to stay at a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel is because the cost per night is significantly cheaper than a value level resort in Disney World. Rooms at a value resort in Disney, for example, All Star Sports, the price per night is approximately $145.00-$350.00 a night depending on when you visit. 

All Star Sports resort at Disney
Disney All-Star Sports resort, Orlando Florida” by
mliu92 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A room at a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel can cost as low as $75.00 a night. Depending on the resort you may get a lot of amenities for that $75.00 a night. Most Disney Good Neighbor Hotels have a complimentary continental breakfast. Some of the hotels are even pet friendly so your fur babies can come meet Mickey Mouse too! 

To book a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel, you can call or you can book online. There are sometimes vacation packages that offer a room and ticket combination package. The list of Disney Good Neighbor Hotels is extensive. 


The biggest con of staying off Disney property and at a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel is that you are restricted to their transportation. When staying at Disney Resort, you are quite literally in the magic. There are buses (or supposed to be) every 25 minutes going from Disney parks back to resorts. 

There are other transportation options available to get you back to your hotel as well like, water taxis, the monorail and the Skyliner. The bus’s for Disney Good Neighbor Hotel usually run a schedule and only have one pickup time and one drop off time. If you miss those times, you are stuck finding your own way back to the hotel. This deters you from taking afternoon trips back to the hotel to cool off in the pool. 

Shuttles for off-property resort also cannot drive up to the main entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

Rooms at Margaritaville Resort Orlando

There are two different room options offered at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.  You have the choice of staying in the main building or in the cottages in the back of the resort. In the main building there are 186 guest rooms. The cottages, although a short distance from the main building, are like being in a private tropical oasis. 

Main Building Rooms

The main building has 186 room and suites to stay in. Each rooms boasts floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views of the property and the large lagoon pools. The room is decorated with high end and contemporary furniture that give an Island and tropical feel to the room. The standard hotel rooms in the main building have a king bed or two queen beds and various suites. 


Cottage sizes range from one to eight-bedroom cottages. These cottages offer all the amenities you need to feel like you are at home in a private, tropical oasis. The cottages have full kitchens, washer and dryer, and spacious living quarters. You can make this private island cottage your own for just $492,400. 

Yes, you can have Margaritaville as your address. That is the price to buy a four bedroom and four bathroom cottage in the Margaritaville Resort Orlando area. Some of the more expensive cottages have their own private pool and whirlpool tubs. 

Dining in Margaritaville Resort Orlando

There is no shortage of places to eat at Margaritaville Resort Orlando. There is an abundance of restaurants on the Sunset Walk promenade. Fords Garage, Rock and Brews, and Capones are just some of the dining locations on the promenade. 

Don’t get too distracted by the giant guitar outside Rock and Brews. Make sure you check out the dining establishments inside Margaritaville Resort Orlando before you make your dinner reservations. 

Euphoria Fish House

Euphoria Fish House is a high end seafood and steakhouse restaurant located in the main building of the Margaritaville Resort.  Euphoria Fish House is a great choice for a parents night out or a family breakfast. Breakfast service begins at 8:00 AM and finished at 11:00 AM during the week, and noon on the weekends. 

Euphoria Fish House has breakfast favorites like French toast and waffles but with an island flare. Dinner entree items include a mahi sandwich and a wagyu burger. Entree items range in price from $18.00 to $42.00. Every Tuesday to Sunday night from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM, Euphoria Fish House offers live music and entertainment. 

The Salty Rim

If you’re looking to eat a “Cheeseburger in paradise” while drinking an ice cold Landshark, then look no further than The Salty Rim pool bar. This pool bar is open daily from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM daily except for on the weekends when the bar stays open until 10:00 PM. At the Salty Rim Bar and Grill, you’ll find your typical bar fare like, chicken wings, nachos, cheese burgers, and salads. Speciality margaritas are sold here in a souvenir blender-cup. 

On Vacation and Provisions

On Vacation is a room that is used for special events. It is also used on Friday and Saturday nights, when comedians from Bonkerz Comedy Club perform. Provisions Grab and Go serves grab and go items like cold drinks, coffee, sandwiches and, wraps. Provisions has indoor and outdoor seating. 

Amenities at Margaritaville Resort Orlando 

There are many beneficial amenities at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. From heated lagoon pools, and a white sand beach, to complimentary bus transportation to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, there is no shortage of things to do while staying at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. 

Fins Up Beach Club

Open daily from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily, although hours are subject to change, the Fins up Beach Club is an excellent choice for getting off your feet after days of walking in Disney World. An issue I encounter when using a resort pool is finding enough seats for my entire party. I have heard stories from lifeguards who have seen fist fights over chairs on the pool deck. Margaritaville Resort Orlando must’ve kept that thought in mind because there is ample seating at the Fins Up Beach Club Pool. 

This is large, heated pool which is styled to look like a lagoon. Whirlpool jacuzzi tubs are available for guests as well. The Salty Rim Bar and Grill is located right outside the Fins Up Beach Club Pool. This walk up bar sells specialty cocktails in souvenir mugs and bar fare such as, cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. 

There is also an outdoor sundries shop that sells sunscreen, sunglasses, and towels. Throughout the day the Fins Up Beach Club pool has various activities like trivia, arts and crafts, and nightly movie showings. Surrey bike rentals and a playground are located near the Fins Up Pool. 

License to Chill Pool, St. Somewhere Spa, Fitness Center

The License to Chill Pool is Margaritaville Resort Orlando’s quiet pool. There are no poolside activities at this pool. There are no dining or beverage options at this pool either. The pool hours are 8:00 AM until dusk. 

The St. Somewhere Spa is where guests of Margaritaville Resort Orlando go to relax and unwind after a long vacation of walking in theme parks. They offer various massages like the Nothing But a Breeze, a classic massage and the Make it a Double, a couples massage experience. The St. Somewhere Spa has four different facial options and a wide array of body treatments. Salon services like, hair cuts and manicures are also available at the St. Somewhere Spa. 

The Fins Up Fitness Center is located near the Fins Up Pool. Fins Up Fitness Center is a full gym and has strength training equipment for anyone who wants to work out while they are on vacation. Other exercise related amenities include a volleyball court, shuffleboard courts and a playground. 

Free Shuttle to Theme Parks

A perk of staying at Margaritaville Resort Orlando is the free shuttle it offers to all four Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, and Seaworld. There is limited capacity on these buses and reservations are required. Reservations can be made one day in advance.

The complimentary shuttle to and from the theme parks is a perk of staying at Margaritaville Resort Orlando, but it could also be a con. You have to rely on their transportation. If you have a dining reservation or a Lightning Lane reservation in Hollywood Studios before 11:20 AM, you will have to find your own transportation to the park. 

The same goes for returning back to the resort. If you were to miss the last bus of the day, you will have to find your own transportation back to your hotel. After a long day in Disney, that might not be something you want to do.You can drive if you have car with you or use a ride share service. 

If you were to stay at a hotel at Disney for a comparable price you are guaranteed door to door transportation from the parks to your resort room. If your plan is to do strictly Disney, then Margaritaville Resort Orlando might not be the best choice for you. 

Sunset Walk 

Sunset Walk is the retail, dining, and entertainment complex located in the Margaritaville 

Resort Orlando area. Sunset Walk is made up of 13 restaurants, over five merchandise locations, special events, and a water park! When you are staying at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando you won’t even need to visit the theme parks with Sunset Walk just steps from your room. 


With over 13 restaurants at Sunset Walk, there is no shortage of places to eat. No matter what you are craving, you can find it at Sunset Walk. From sushi to pizza to fish and chips, there are many diverse options to choose from.

Bento Asian Kitchen serves sushi, teas, and bento boxes. Their unique menu has items such as, Pineapple Thai Fried Rice, Red Dragon Roll, and Popping Boba teas. Meals here are approximately $15.00

Burger Fi is described by my boyfriend as the best burger he ever had and, that is saying something. This quick service style restaurant boasts chef-crafted burgers and fresh cut fries. 

Capones Coal Fired Pizza is an Italian restaurant sells wood oven pizza,  pasta dishes, and Italian desserts. Their well known for their pizza which is cooked in an oven at 800 degrees. They also have a full bar and premium liquors. 

Rock and Brews is my favorite of all the Sunset Walk restaurants. Founded by KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Rock and Brews has over 15 locations. The menu here isn’t anything unique but it is delicious and their speciality cocktail menu is superb. There are fire pits outside surrounded by large sectional couches. It is the perfect location to cuddle up in with a wine during a chilly evening. 

The Wharf features nightly music. Food items The Wharf dishes up include, Lobster Rolls and White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Creme Glaze. 

Coldstone Creamery is a specialty ice cream shop. The ice cream is made on premise every day. It has a creamy consistency that can come mixed with treats like yellow cake, coconut , and Oreo pieces. 

Estefan Kitchen is owned by megastars Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Sunset Park is the only place an Estefan’s can be found outside of Miami. Estefans is more than just a restaurant. It is a nightclub and entertainment venue as well. 

Le Jefe Tequila is a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar located in Sunset Park. The menu here is inspired by family recipes that have been passed down for many generations. 

Yeomans Cask and Lion is a British themed restaurant that serves English classics like fish and chips and shepherds pie. 

Bahama Bucks sells shaved ice, snow cones, smoothies and acai bowls. There are many different flavors you can mix together such as Warhead and Coca Cola. 

Flower Cafe located in a central location, the Flower Cafe is in artisan cafe that serves homemade sour dough bread, sandwiches, and dessert style items. 

Fords Garage is themed after Ford’s of a day gone by. This restaurant serves my favorite burgers. They have an extensive burger menu as well as an extensive beer menu. 

Lizzie’s Memphis Style BBQ is a BBQ joint that sells classic BBQ items like BBQ Pork Sliders and the Smoked Diggity Dog, a foot long hotdog served with Lizzie’s Memphis-style chili. 

Shops and Entertainment

Sunset Park is an entertainment and shopping district comparable to that of Disney Springs or Universal’s City Walk. They have a wide variety of different shops like the unique pet gift shop Don’t 4get About Me. This is the perfect shop to buy a souvenir for your fur baby at home. River Street Sweets and It’s Sugar are both candy shops with different themes and both offer delicious and fun items. 

Studio Movie Grill is my favorite restaurant at Sunset Park. This unusual restaurant is also a movie theater. Studio Movie Grill is a much better option for dine-in movies than Disney Springs AMC Dine-In theater. 

Studio Movie Grill has individual seats with trays and there is a light up button on the side to press when you need service. You have access to the full dining and bar menu throughout the movie. The food here is great too. You can dine here and have drinks at the bar without seeing a movie. The bar area is very modern and sleek and has an outdoor seating area. 

Game Time is an arcade, sports bar and restaurant. Game Time has six locations around the state of Florida. Game Time has fun arcade games like, Basketball Pro, Dream Raiders, and Harpoon Lagoon. 

Admission for Island H20 Water Park is $54.99 for daily admission and $64.99 for daily admission which includes a refillable water bottle with free refills throughout your day. The theme of this water park is social media, so you can always stay connected to what is happening in the water park. Plus, it lets you completely customize your experience. Island H20 has multiple slides, a wave pool, and various attractions for little ones. 

This was a guest post written by Molly.

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