Liberty Tree Tavern review

Walking into Magic Kingdom at Disney World is always, as the name suggests, magical. That first glimpse of Cinderella’s castle towering at the end of Main Street is sure to bring a smile to every guest’s face. The Disney magic doesn’t stop at the end of Main Street and seeing the famed castle. Each themed area of the Magic Kingdom has its own special spark. 

As you turn every corner, you seem to enter a new world. No one overlooks the big, catchy areas. You will want to hit Tomorrowland for Space Mountain, and Frontierland for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. One place that does not immediately come to mind for even the most frequent Disney visitor is Liberty Square. If you are headed to Liberty Tree Tavern, you will find yourself in the interesting, and sometimes overlooked, area of Magic Kingdom.

Liberty Tree Tavern review

Let’s begin by discussing the location of the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is one of Magic Kingdom’s themed “lands.” This area of the park is themed in a way unlike the other areas which indulge in fantasy and invented storylines. The theme of Liberty Square is based in history. The colonial America theming is present in every detail. Walking through Liberty Square transports guests to period in history often read about in textbooks, but never fully imagined. 

Liberty Square is home to a replica Liberty Bell. The actual Liberty Bell, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, does not allow guests to get too close. So, the replica at Disney World gives guests a great photo opportunity. Liberty Square also houses the Liberty Tree, featuring thirteen lanterns to represent each of the original colonies. 

The attractions in Liberty Square are also based in history. There is the Hall of Presidents, which features animatronic versions of every president of the United States, and a brief history lesson. The room leading up to the attraction is steeped in history as well. It exhibits a unique collection of presidential memorabilia as well as a presidential seal rug, and busts of former presidents. 

If sitting in on a history lesson hasn’t made you hungry enough, Liberty Square is also home to the Liberty Square Riverboat, the “Liberty Belle.” You can board the boat for a brief ride around the Rivers of America. This peaceful ride allows guests to get a different view of Magic Kingdom, that is perfect before or after your meal at Liberty Tree Tavern. 

There is, of course, the impossible to overlook reason most people find themselves in Liberty Square: The Haunted Mansion! Taking a ride in a “Doombuggy” before or after eating at Liberty Tree Tavern is sure to make your journey to Liberty Square even more memorable. 

Colonial Décor

Entering Liberty Tree Tavern feels like you have just walked into a beautiful and spacious colonial era home. The fast-paced and occasionally hectic main lobby gives guests the perfect view of a staircase that gives the restaurant more of a colonial home feeling. The decor and overall structure of the tavern helps guests feel closer to the colonial time the restaurant is portraying. 

Dark wood paneling, hanging light fixtures, and a giant cooking style fireplace create a warm and cozy setting for a colonial themed dining experience. The theming of the restaurant stays very close to that of its home in Liberty Square. History is a focal point of the tavern, although there are not animatronic versions of historical figures, history is present in every detail. 

There are several rooms in the Liberty Tree Tavern, and each one is dedicated to a prominent figure in American history. The rooms are dedicated to Betsy Ross, George and Martha Washington, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, and Thomas Jefferson. 

You can find out which room you are in by asking your server, also referred to as your “town crier” when you are seated. If you are a history buff, you might be able to figure it out on your own, even if you are not seated with portraits in view. Betsy Ross has a very well-known symbol of her own making, and if you are seated in the Betsy Ross room, you will surely find one of her iconic flags hanging. Some of the other rooms are harder to pick out. 

The Washington’s, as the first “first couple” of the United States have a traditional room dedicated to them. There is a tri-corner hat and patriotic colors, representing the revolution. Benjamin Franklin is known for tying a key to a kite, so you will find a kite hanging in the Benjamin Franklin room. 

The detail in every room is enough to keep a history lover engaged and searching for more hidden gems throughout the meal. If you are curious, but don’t want to take the time to find all of the clues and decide for yourself which room you are seated in, don’t be afraid to ask. It is vacation, after all!

The cast members at Liberty Tree Tavern take on the characteristics of colonial Americans very well. The costumes are fantastic, and compliment the restaurant’s decor very well. Men will be seen in simple costumes that include white tops complimented by blue vests. 

The outfit Is very time specific and fits the theming well. The women are also dressed to match the time period. Long, simple dresses are covered with petticoats and their heads are adorned with bonnets. Everything the staff is wearing contributes very well to the overall theme of the restaurant.

Without the appropriate dress, waiters and waitresses would detract from the completely immersive experience of Liberty Tree Tavern. Like most places at Disney World, Liberty Tree Tavern pays close attention to detail, making sure even the cast member attire contributes positively to the guest experience. 

Directly in line with the themed decor and costuming, Liberty Tree Tavern sets out to serve guests meals that will make them feel transported back in time. The simple, but delicious dining options will make everyone happy, without requiring an overly modern twist.   

Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch

After you’ve walked through at least part of Liberty Square, you will find yourself ready for an “All-American” meal. The Liberty Tree Tavern lunch menu offers a lot of typical American dining selections. The lunch menu menu at Liberty Tree Tavern gives diners the choice between a-la-carte entrees, and an all-you-are-to-eat menu. The a-la-carte entrees are unique to lunch, and set lunch apart from dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. 

Although you can describe the menu as simple, classic, American fare, it is not boring. There are options for everyone on the Liberty Tree Tavern lunch menu. If you’ve had a busy morning taking in as much excitement as possible, you’re probably ready for a meal to refuel you for more fun in the afternoon and evening. Eating at Liberty Tree Tavern will not leave you hungry, and should satisfy all of the diners in your party.

It is easy to feel like every children’s Disney Menus features the same basic choices, as there are several staples that tend to be on every menu, regardless of the restaurant. Aside from the inclusion of macaroni and cheese, the kid’s menu at Liberty Tree Tavern is different. 

There are offerings that will help your child feel a little more “grown-up” when they order them. These unique offerings include things that will sound good to most adults as well! There is the staple of Liberty Tree Tavern, over-roasted turkey, giving the feel of Thanksgiving, no matter what time of year you are visiting. Kids can also choose between a lobster roll, turkey pot pie, seasonal fish, roast pork, pot roast, and a meatless loaf. 

Many of those items appear on the adult menu as well. The addition of a meatless loaf is great for vegetarian families. The children are no longer left with only macaroni and cheese for every meal. Disney has been embracing the use of meat alternatives, and Liberty Tree tavern uses it to make a traditional meal in a new way. 

The adult lunch menu features several of the same options that are on the kids’ menu, and are served as larger portions. That does not make them any less desirable. As mentioned before, the kids’ menu has a more “grown-up” feel to it than many of the other Disney restaurants. That being said, the classic menu at Liberty Tree Tavern is full of great options for diners young and old. 

The appetizers at Liberty Tree Tavern are unique twists on very traditional options. The menu includes lobster fritters, which are a high-end twist on the classic corn fritter, and served with a lemon aioli. Like many of the options on the menu, the appetizers have a New England feel to them. 

The Tavern Cheese dip appetizer is served with a classic Boston Brown bread for dipping. The roots of the America Revolution are strong, even when they are given a modern twist. 

The New England clam chowder is ranked among the best in Disney World, so if that is a go-to soup for you, you won’t be disappointed. Traveler’s loaded Tavern Fries are smothered in cheese sauce and topped with house-made pastrami. This unique take on cheese fries is an interesting twist on average chili-cheese fries, and are worth trying if cheese and potatoes top your list of favorite food combinations. 

Lunch entrees are numerous and eclectic. The variety helps guarantee Liberty Tree Tavern will be a restaurant you want to visit again. The menu includes a little bit of everything, from classic and simple, to modern and slightly extravagant twists.

Entrees include:

Our Tavern Keeper’s Favorite which is a classic pot roast, served with mashed potatoes and grade vegetables. 

Lobster Roll, just like the kids’ menu, this addition brings New England and simplistic decadence to the meal. 

BELL Burger is a unique and extravagant burger experience. The burger far exceeds a run of the mill burger. It is topped with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, a poached egg, and lobster! 

Colony Salad is a light and refreshing salad that includes grilled chicken, Washington apples, pecans, cheddar, dried cranberries and a honey-shallot vinaigrette. 

Revolutionary Meatloaf is a meatless loaf, similar to what is offered on the kids’ menu.

Turkey Pot Pie is the classic comfort food.

Portobello Pot Roast combines mushrooms and garden vegetables in a brown gravy for a classic flavor presented in a new, meatless way. 

Pilgrim’s Feast is Thanksgiving dinner any Time of the year. If you crave turkey and cranberry sauce year-round, this is definitely a great option for you. 

Tavern Battered Fish and Chips is an average fried fish dish.

Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger is perfect if you wanted a burger, but had no interest in the more extravagant BELL Burger. This simple burger is exactly what it says in its name. Nothing fancy, but still a great option. 

The lunch menu seems to have a perfect combination of choices for the most diverse groups of guests. Whether you prefer something very traditional, like a pot pie or Thanksgiving dinner, or something completely out of the box like the BELL burger, Liberty Tree Tavern has something for you to enjoy.

Since it is vacation, no meal would be truly complete without a little dessert. Naturally, you are in the Magic Kingdom, and there are plenty of options for you outside of the restaurant, so it doesn’t seem like an absolute necessity. But there are a few dessert choices that shouldn’t be missed while dining at the Liberty Tree Tavern. 

If you are really craving a Mickey ice cream bar, you won’t want to waste your appetite on sugar free sorbet, or even Johnny Appleseed’s apple cake. But there are a couple dessert offerings that are worth taking a chance on. Staying true to the theme of Liberty Tree Tavern, the Boston Cream Pie Is a classic offering with a New England flair. 

Boston Cream Pie isn’t something you tend to find on every menu, so this is a good opportunity to indulge in the chocolate covered custard pie. That traditional dessert is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth, but the dessert that is unique to Liberty Tree Tavern is the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. 

This sweet cake is not to be missed. You can only get this at Liberty Tree Tavern, and you don’t regret it. It is not overly sweet and impossible to eat, although heavy and definitely shouts “guilty pleasure” with every bite. It is the perfect way to cap off a meal at Liberty Tree Tavern. 


Liberty Tree Tavern has a wide array of choices for diners at lunch, but that is not the case for dinner. Dinner has a prix fixe menu. Every night at Liberty Tree Tavern is like Thanksgiving. 

The dinner menu is an all-you-care-to-eat meal consisting of traditional staples for an All-American holiday dinner. This is also available at lunch, but at dinner, diners are not given a choice. 

What does dinner consist of at Liberty Tree Tavern?

1) Declaration Salad, made of tossed mixed greens tossed with a house-made dressing, serves as the appetizer.

2) Patriot’s Platter, consisting of roasted turkey breast, pot roast, and oven-roasted pork with mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and macaroni and cheese, is the main course.

3) Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, a vanilla toffee cake served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream is Liberty Tree Tavern’s signature dessert is offered as a lovely end to the meal.

The salad is crisp, basic, and an enjoyable start to the meal. The light beginning to the meal, is in great contrast to the main course. The main course is a fairly basic offering, and it may not appeal to everyone. Although there is a mix of meat options during the meal, guests cannot decide to have something different. 

The Thanksgiving themed meal is delicious. Even guests who go into the meal expecting to only eat one of the proteins are likely to be pleasantly surprised when they try the other meat on the platter. If meat is not the main draw for you, the sides are enough to fill you up. 

The house-made macaroni and cheese has all of the creamy goodness you expect from macaroni and cheese. The stuffing has the perfect amount of herb seasoning, giving it a true holiday feeling. And the mashed potatoes are perfectly whipped and mesh well with the rest of the meal. 

When you have finished your main course, there is still more to come. When dining at home on a holiday, your main course is likely followed by cake and pie, and nothing really beats the nostalgia of your holiday traditions. However, a special meal at home definitely does not end with something as decadent as the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, so you’ll definitely want to save room for this dessert. 

Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern is a family experience. A Disney World vacation is the perfect opportunity to connect with the family and friends you are traveling with. And eating at restaurants that serve all-you-care-to-eat meals, family style gives you an extra chance to have a memorable, family meal. 

Recently, Magic Kingdom has made alcoholic beverages, that used to be strictly prohibited in the Magic Kingdom, available to guests as certain sit-down restaurants. There is no way to walk around with a drink like there is in the other parks, but it can be a nice addition to a meal. Liberty Tree Tavern is one such restaurant. 

Guests can treat themselves to some well-themed beverages to accompany their meals. One of the best themed beverages is a warm Washington Cider. This warm cider is topped with Baker’s Crème. If warm alcoholic beverages do not interest you, there are many different options for both beer and wine. 

Alcohol is not your only option for specialty beverages. You, and your kids, can order a Patriot slush. That can be served in a souvenir tavern mug if you are looking for something to take home form Liberty Tree Tavern. You can always opt for basic beverages that include soft drinks, lemonade, and coffee. 

Holidays at Liberty Tree Tavern

Disney World is a popular holiday destination, and given the menu at Liberty Tree Tavern, it tends to be the ideal dining spot for families. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the busiest days at Liberty Tree Tavern. 

The normal menu at Liberty Tree Tavern does not need to change at all to meet everyone’s needs for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. If being at DIsney World is not enough of a holiday treat for you, and you want to have something close to your traditional meals, Liberty Tree Tavern is the perfect option for you, as long as you are not afraid of crowds. 

Magic Kingdom will be very crowded on both holidays, and reservations are even harder to get. If Liberty Tree Tavern is on your list of destinations for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will need to get reservations well in advance. The key to successfully getting Disney dining reservations is to try early, and if you are initially unsuccessful, try again. 

Holidays at Disney World are crowded and hard to navigate. For many families, meals hold a special place in their holiday traditions, and trying to hold on to them while on vacation can be a stressful endeavor. If you plan well, it will be worth the trouble. Fighting the crowds and working harder than usual to get a reservation will be distant memories for you. 

Is It Worth It?

With everything we know about Liberty Tree Tavern, the question remains: is it worth visiting? Yes! The historical theming brings guests to a time period only seen in movies and read about in books. Décor and atmosphere can only get a restaurant so far. Liberty Tree Tavern, like the rest of Disney World, exceeds expectations when it comes to theming. It also has an incredible menu, full of comfort foods and eclectic twists on beloved classics. 

Located in the heart of Magic Kingdom, Liberty Tree Tavern is one of only a small number of sit-down restaurants, that does not require you to leave the action of Magic Kingdom. A well-timed reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern will give you a prime spot for the parades. 

It is also one of the best places to eat at Disney World for diners who are planning to go to after hours parties, such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The easy access to the restaurant makes it simple to go straight from a hearty meal to your next FastPass reservation. If you have time in your schedule, Liberty Tree Tavern should not be missed. 

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