How to Get Unbanned from Disney World

Learn how to get unbanned from Disney World.

Sometimes Disney guests just don’t know how to behave.  Whether they’re trespassing, fighting, or becoming confrontational to cast members, there are times where Disney has to drop the hammer and ban you.  But that begs the question: can you get a Disney ban lifted?  Well, in this article, I’m going to detail how to get unbanned from Disney World. 

Getting Unbanned from Disney World

Can you get kicked out and banned for life from Disney?  The answer may surprise you.
This photo was taken by Michael for Countdown to Magic

Let’s talk about “Adam the Woo,” a popular Disney vlogger of over a decade ago. According to article in the World of Walt, Adam’s popularity came as a result of his rebel-like antics, broadcasting behind the scenes areas of Disney and activity for his followers to see. 

This is obviously against Disney’s best interests, and eventually lead to a lifetime ban in 2013. However just a couple short years later, he appealed the ban, and is now able to enter Disney parks again.   So how did Adam do this?  How did Adam undo being trespassed from Disney?

Well, according to Adam (in a video you can watch below), he said he had heard that once a year in Florida, you’re permitted to appeal a trespass ban. So after one year of being banned, he appealed and wrote an email to a Disney security director.

In the email, Adam pleaded his case, saying he had not violated his trespass ban, and stated his desire to be allowed back on Walt Disney World property again. Unfortunately, Adam’s appeal was rejected.  After another year went by, Adam got in contact with a lawyer, who was willing to help him get the trespass ban lifted.

How Does Disney Enforce Lifetime Bans?

When you’re banned at Disney World, security and staff will take your fingerprints and keep them on file.  Therefore, Disney enforces a lifetime ban by checking your fingerprints when you enter the park. If your fingerprints register or match the same fingerprints that are on Disney’s internal system, you will be kicked out of Disney World.

Can You Visit Disneyland If You Were Banned at Disney World?

Oddly enough, this might be possible. When Adam the Woo discussed how he got unbanned from Disney World, he talked about his entire journey of getting off Disney’s trespassed list—which took years to accomplish.

During this time, Adam states that he had an annual pass to Disneyland, and that because he was so disappointed in Disney World’s decision to ban him, he began going (and enjoying) his experience at Disneyland.

This means that although Adam the Woo was banned from Disney World, he was not banned from Disneyland.  And it certainly stands to reason that if he was allowed into Disneyland, he could’ve also visited Disney Shanghai or Disneyland Paris.

With that said, it should be noted that Adam the Woo’s Disney ban (and the eventual lifting of the Disney ban) all happened between 2013 and 2015.  So, it’s entirely possible that since that time, Disney has updated their internal processes to enforce a full Disney Parks ban (at least domestically)—not just a ban at Disney World or Disneyland.

How Do You Get a Lifetime Ban from Disney?

Learn how you can get banned at Disney World.
This photo was taken by Michael for Countdown to Magic

Here are some rule breaking things people can do that will cause them to get a lifetime ban from Disney World?

1) Assault a Disney Cast Member or Guest

This is a given. Violence is never tolerated, and is grounds for immediate removal and a lifetime ban. It’s one thing for guests to get a little pushy in crowds, or for an overexcited guest to grab Mickey to take a picture with her child. While neither are oayk, and may get you removed from the park, you won’t necessarily get you a lifetime ban. 

But it’s certainly possible, and it’s not worth laying hands on anyone at any times. Harassment is never ok, and the bigger scene you cause, the less likely you’ll be setting foot in a Disney park again. 

2. Bring Prohibited Items Into the Park

This is a given. Do not, under any circumstances, bring drugs, alcohol or weapons into a Disney park. It’s likely they’ll be found at the gates, and guest safety is Disney’s number one priority. 

Fireworks and explosives are never ok (you’d be surprised what tries to make its way through security on 4th of July and New Year’s Eve) and just leave your selfie sticks and drones at home. 

3. Impersonating a Disney Character

This rule goes back to my childhood, and it’s common knowledge that it’s not ok to cosplay characters in the park. I’m sure you spent hours perfecting the perfect costume and styling your hair and makeup, but it’s actually for the safety of guests and their children that they aren’t approaching someone who isn’t a trained, Disney cast member. This is a rule Disney takes seriously, and in the age of Tik Tokers and social media, it’s one they’re enforcing frequently. 

4. Trespassing

Cast member areas are very clearly marked, and nearly impossible to miss. Fences are put up for a reason, and attraction sets are designed to keep guests out of restricted areas for their own safety. Don’t go where you’re not supposed to be (or try sneaking into Disney World late at night), and you won’t run into this problem. 

At the end of the day, if you trespass into Disney areas you’re not supposed to be in, you’re probably going to get hit with either a trespass warning our an outright ban.

5. Creating Chaos

Cast members understand that it’s hot and humid, and you’ve walked for miles and stood in line and probably haven’t eaten or stayed hydrated throughout the day. Impatience kicks in, family disputes get a little more heated than anticipated, and tempers flare. 

It only takes seconds for an argument to turn into a full out brawl, and believe me, I’ve seen it. If it’s illegal in the real world (I’m talking shoplifting, vandalism, public intoxication, you get the point) it’s also illegal in Disney World, so just don’t do it. 

Can a Lifetime Disney Ban Be Lifted?

Can a lifetime Disney ban be lifted?  Well, let's explore more to find out.

So you’ve been banned—now what can you do about it? Can a Disney ban be lifted

Well, the answer is soft “maybe,” and really occurs on a case by case basis. In truth, it likely depends on how serious your crime was, and how much time has passed since the incident. You have the right to appeal the decision (as we’ve seen when discussing Adam the Woo), and it’s up do Disney to decide if you’ll be allowed back. 

Rest assured that in incidents involving violence, assault, drugs, weapons, etc. are highly unlikely to be reversed. But drunken antics that lead to a bad outcome 3 years ago? Or a non-violent trespassing circumstance? You might stand a chance. 

Being banned from the happiest place on earth can seem like a massive punishment (and it kinda is), but it’s not one that’s handed down lightly. Being banned, and then trying to figure out how to get unbanned from Disney World, isn’t something that most guests should worry about (so long as they exercise common sense and follow the basic rules). 

Remember, Disney isn’t in the business of ruining a good time, but safety comes first, and the guests who threaten that safety will be swiftly removed.  And the last thing you want to do is explain to your friends and family why you can’t join them on their dream vacation to visit the mouse! 

This article was written by Jessica and edited by Michael.

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