Funny Disney Black Bear Memes You Have to See

It’s no secret that a black bear got into Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and cause a bit of a stir. The park had to be shut down while authorities captured the bear and eventually released him back into the wild. Still, that didn’t stop the Internet from creating some hilarious Disney black bear memes. So here are the memes you may have missed, but are great nonetheless.

Disney Black Bear Memes You Have to See

Hilarious. A Disney bear meme including Jason Bateman? Well, that’s just perfection.

You have to love the commitment to find one of the most gentle Disney bear characters and finesse him into a meme.

Let’s just say–if you know…you know!

A lot of people participate in things like office pools with co-workers and fantasy football with friends, so this is great.

Finding a way to incorporate the bear into a Disney ride…just wonderful.

I’d love to imagine that the bear that broke into Disney World went on a joy ride on the back of an elephant like Dumbo. I can’t tell you how badly I want to believe that happened.

Anytime you can use a Disney bear meme to showcase how poor some of Disney’s policies are (such as their Park Hopper limitations), you just gotta tip your hat.

How ironic is it that the most terrifying Disney bear character is Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear…a big pink bear with a serious dark side.

What’s better than a meme of a bear riding an elephant? How about a meme of a bear purchasing Disney balloons and rocking a Mickey hat? You gotta love it.

Hopefully you had just as much fun with these Disney bear memes as I did. And, hopefully, Disney tightens up their security. After all, sneaking into Disney World should NOT be this easy when you have no opposable thumbs.

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