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I’m often asked by friends and family that are thinking about visiting the Happiest Place on Earth when the best time to visit Disney World is. The month of November, in particular, is a month I get asked about a lot.

There’s no doubt that it seems like it could be a great time to visit. The weather is a bit less humid. Hurricane season is over. The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is still going on. Plus, Christmas at Disney World and other holiday celebrations take place starting in November.

So let’s take a look at visiting Disney World in November. We’ll look at projected crowd calendars, when the best time in November might be to visit, what days of the week are best, and even take a look at the special events happening throughout the month. All of this will give you a good idea if visiting in November is the best time to visit for you and your family.

The Basics

Visiting Disney World in November offers a lot for guests considering whether it’s the best time to visit for them or not. Before you make your decision to vacation, let’s take a look at some of the basics. We’ll explore the weather in November, resort promotions, special events and holidays, and crowd calendars.

The Weather in November

As a Floridian, I can tell you first-hand that weather in Orlando can be unpredictable. But, generally, November weather can be quite nice. Early November marks the end of hurricane season. That means milder temperatures and less humidity. The average temperatures in central Florida are around 80 degrees during this month. This makes it a pretty good time of year to visit, when you consider how hot Orlando can be in the summer and fall.

While the weather is generally good throughout the month, early November is typically warmer than late November. This means earlier in the month might be a great time to visit the Disney water parks and other water attractions. That being said, November can also have cooler weather, and there can be days where the temperatures fall into the 50s.

If you do visit Disney World in November, don’t forget to pack shorts, jeans, and other clothes that can be easily layered in case the temperatures drop or rise during your trip.

Disney Resort Promotions

If you’re looking to stay on Disney property, November can include some good discounts, depending on when you visit during the month. Historically, free dining has been a big promotion that is often available early in November. But, of course, this is always subject to change and availability. Those looking for discounted room rates will want to consider visiting during the first, second, and fourth weeks of November when Fall Season rates are usually offered. These are typically a bit more expensive than Value Season, which is the lowest pricing Disney offers, but still a great deal. Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving week prices are usually higher in price. 

November Special Events and Holidays

One of my favorite things about November at Disney World are the special events and holiday festivities. If you’re looking for a vacation that includes holiday celebrations, November is the perfect month for you to visit. Early November includes some fall special events, while late November includes more seasonal holiday activities. Though most of these events are held during other months at Disney too, November’s lower crowds and milder weather make visiting in November a bit more manageable. Here are a few special events and holidays that take place in November.

International Food & Wine Festival at Epcot: This is a huge favorite for Disney guests, featuring foods and drinks from around the world. Guests can sample food, while enjoying well-known bands during the Eat to the Beat concert series, and even check out special dining experiences and tours. This is typically held until mid-November. It’s very popular with locals and vacationers. This means there will be significantly increased crowds at the park, especially on the weekends. 

-Veteran’s Day: This is a national U.S. holiday. Because of this, there may be some small special events during this weekend at the Disney Parks. Typically, this is a popular weekend in the month for Floridians to visit looking for a long weekend. This means Veteran’s Day can be a busier weekend than the rest of the first few weeks in November.

-Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Epcot: RunDisney, Disney’s official running and race program, offers many events throughout the year. If you’re a runner, you won’t want to miss out on the Wine & Dine Half Marathon race events typically held in early November. And bonus, not only can you participate in the race events, but you can also enjoy the Food & Wine festivities too.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom: The holiday season starts early at the house of mouse. This means guests wanting some Christmas spirit, even in early November, can get their holiday fix with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Christmas at Disney without having to visit during Christmas. This ticketed special event is available at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on select nights. Prices are around $70-$80 per person depending on the date attending and discounts for annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members.

Below, check out a YouTube video by a user named The Tim Tracker’s showing what it’s like to experience the Very Merry Christmas Party:

-Thanksgiving: This U.S. holiday takes place the third week of November and can include special Thanksgiving meals at select Disney restaurants. Generally, it is known as one of the busiest weeks at the Disney Parks.

-Candlelight Processional at Epcot: Guests looking for a holiday event included with their park admission will love the Candlelight Processional and Holidays Around the World at Epcot. The Candlelight Processional is a seasonal event that features a celebrity narrator, orchestra, and choir retelling the story of Christmas. Guests can experience this beginning at the end of November, usually right after Thanksgiving. Admission to the Candlelight Processional is included with your admission, but guests can book a Candlelight Processional dining package to receive preferred seating at the American Adventure Pavilion Theatre where the show is held.

These special events and holidays can affect crowds, wait times, advanced dining reservations, and Fastpass+ availability, which we’ll look at more in our next section. So, let’s take a look at crowds and crowd calendars in November.

November Crowd Calendars

Crowds can vary at Disney World throughout the month of November. But, how do you know what the crowds will be like for a specific time or week that you’re visiting? Sites like Easy WDW and Touring Plans offer some crowd calendars and predictions. No one calendar or website offers the perfect answer for the best times to visit the parks and anticipated crowds. But, the good thing is by looking at multiple crowd calendars, we can get a better idea of the best times to visit Disney World in November.

Typically, the busiest times (aka the most crowded) in November include:

Jersey Week: The first week of November. Jersey Week is known by Disney guests as the week in which schools in the state of New Jersey are closed due to a convention for the New Jersey Educational Association. Because schools are either closed for the entire week of the convention or has a long weekend, many who live in the state of New Jersey choose to visit Disney World during this week. This means that the crowds are moderately increased during this week. But, they will still be fairly manageable. Wait times for attractions can increase dramatically during the week, though. 

Veteran’s Day: November 11. Crowds are slightly increased for the weekend, as Floridians plan long weekends. If it coincides with Jersey Week, the crowds and wait times will increase significantly. 

Thanksgiving Week: Third Week of November. Be prepared to wait. A lot. Thanksgiving week is considered to be one of the busiest weeks of the year. Wait times will be extremely long, and you’ll want to be prepared to wait for Disney transportation and attractions. Fastpass+ and Advanced Dining Reservations are a must.

The least crowded times in November include:

Second week of November: Jersey Week and Veteran’s Day are over and the following week is Thanksgiving. This means that the crowds will be significantly lower and the wait times more manageable. 

Fourth week of November: The dates immediately following Thanksgiving can be much lower. In addition to lower crowds, guests can expect even more seasonal offerings to begin that week, making it the perfect time to enjoy holiday events without the crowds that come in December.

What Days of the Week Are Best?

Typically, you’ll want to avoid weekend park touring as much as possible in November. This is especially true during the Jersey Week, Food & Wine Festival, Veteran’s Day, Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, and Thanksgiving. All of these holidays and special events make the parks even more crowded. If you do plan to visit parks during these weekends, make sure to make Fastpass+ well in advance.

Weekdays are best for park touring in November. Mondays are known to be the busiest for visiting the Magic Kingdom, while other days seem a bit less crowded. In my opinion, Wednesdays are one of the least crowded days, especially if you’re visiting Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but it definitely depends on the holidays and special events being held too. Overall, you’ll find weekdays, especially if you plan on visiting Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival to be your best bet.


When it comes to November, it will depend on your family’s vacation needs. But, as a local and annual passholder, I can say that November really is a fairly good time to visit Disney World.

Based on crowd calendars, special events, promotions, and weather, your best bets for visiting Disney World are the second week of November, right after Veteran’s Day but before Thanksgiving and the last week of November, right after Thanksgiving. These specific dates offer the best chances to experience mild weather, reasonable wait times, special events, and holiday offerings. For even lower crowds, plan a vacation that includes a good amount of weekdays too.

Of course, you’ll want to think about your own must do’s for visiting Disney World to determine if November is the best time to visit the Disney Parks and Resorts for you and your family. No matter what, I know you’ll have a magical time at the Disney Parks and Resorts if you visit in November.

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