How Tall is Mickey Mouse – 2D & Real Life Height in Feet

Do you know how tall is Mickey Mouse?  If not, find out today!
This photo was taken by Michael for Countdown to Magic

We all love the Disney brand, but let’s face it, there are tons of lingering questions that simply don’t have any good answers.  And because Mickey is an icon, one of the biggest questions I get is how tall is Mickey Mouse?

It’s a good question, considering there are various iterations of Mickey on screen.  On top of that, Mickey can be seen at Disney theme parks all over the world.  So let’s investigate the height of Mickey Mouse and see what definitive information we can discover.

How Tall is Mickey Mouse as a Cartoon?

Now I actually put some work into this, so here are my thoughts.  Mickey Mouse, in my opinion, is about between 2 feet tall (2′) to 2 feet and five inches tall (2’5”), and here’s why.  First, Mickey has been seen in various iterations, from Steam Boat Willy to Fantasia and more.  And because of that, the character has to stay relatively consistent from a size perspective.  It’s safe to say that Mickey has always been roughly 2 feet tall, give or take, but I think as time has gone on, he’s been animated to be a bit bigger.

With that said, I always think it’s good to use other characters that are surrounding Mickey as a good frame of reference.  And I think the best way to do that is to take a look at the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which I happen to have on Blu-ray).

Now, this is a film that features both Disney and Warner Brothers characters, as well as human actors, so it’s arguably the best metric to estimate the height of any 2D character.  Therefore, if you’re also curious to know how tall is Bugs Bunny or how tall is Minnie Mouse, you can get your answers here—which I love!

Towards the end of this film, Mickey and his friends are seen looking over the remains of Christopher Lloyd’s character (as Judge Doom met his demise thanks to The Dip).  Shown as just a clump of searing hot clothing on the ground, it’s not hard to make the assumption that Mickey is really only the size of a small child here (as he’s a bit taller than Baby Herman).  

How tall is Mickey Mouse in feet?

So, I think this fairly sets Mickey Mouse up to be 2 feet tall on the low end, but closer to 2’5” or 2’6” on the higher end.

How tall is Minnie Mouse?  Well, you can see how she compares to Mickey Mouse right here.

However, right next to Mickey is Minnie (roughly the same height as he is) and Bugs Bunny—who due to his tall ears is towering over Mickey considerably.  I estimate the height of Bugs, based on this photo, to be almost double the height of Mickey. I think it’s safe to assume that this puts Bugs Bunny at almost 4 feet tall.

Mickey Mouse height vs Bug Bunny?  Well, you can tell right here in the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," which I watched on 4K recently.
This photo was taken by Michael for Countdown to Magic

How Tall is Mickey in Real Life?

Surprisingly, this is actually easier to calculate because we see Mickey Mouse at the Disney theme parks every single day.  Now, I have already published an in-depth article on the specific Disney character height requirements at the parks, and it included some really interesting details about Mickey Mouse.

Not only is Mickey Mouse about 4’11” to 5’1” in height when in costume at places like The Magic Kingdom, but because it’s more of a challenge to find an adult male of that size that wants to work for Disney, Mickey Mouse is often portrayed by a female performer inside of the parks.

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