10 Things to Do in Epcot Japan You’ll Love

Here are the Things to Do in Epcot Japan that I love.
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Sandwiched between Morocco and The American Adventure pavilions lies the Japan pavilion, one of EPCOT’s most popular spots. There’s a lot of gems in this pavilion, but here are some of my favorite things to do in Epcot Japan!

Dine at Teppan Edo

This hibachi-style restaurant lets you and your family see cooking first-hand. Your chef slices, dices, flips and skewers traditional Japanese dishes in front of you over a large flattop surface. This experience is an excellent introduction to learning about international cuisines, and it’s fun at the same time.

You could have a light lunch with an edamame appetizer. Then, enjoy an Ueno combination bowl, a chicken and shrimp dish with a salad, noodles, vegetables, and white rice. Consider one of their fish or steak entrees or a few sushi rolls for dinner. You can add A5 Japanese Wagyu beef or lobster tail to your entree!

If you’re in the mood for libations, you can sip on sake or a Japanese-inspired cocktail. Of course, there are nonalcoholic drinks, sodas, and teas available too. Then, finish the meal with a Matcha Tiramisu or a Yuzu Mousse Cake.

Available for lunch and dinner, this restaurant’s prices range from $4 to $100. Most entrees are in the $40 – $45 range, and cocktails are around $15. You can view the full menu on the Walt Disney World website.

Kawaii Culture at the Bijutsu-kan Gallery

Tucked-away area near the bridge between the gardens and the Mitsukoshi Department Store lies the most unique museum at Disney World. Here, you can learn about Kawaii culture, its birth, and the movement’s development over time.

For the unfamiliar, “Kawaii” translates to “cute” in Japanese. Figures like Domo, Pikachu, and Hello Kitty are featured in this museum. You can also see unique clothing, merchandise, and artwork dedicated to this pop culture phenomenon.

The museum has brightly colored displays of pinks, greens, and blues and is often empty. After looking at the gallery, we enjoy quiet time on one of the benches for a quick break.

Watch the Matsuriza Drum Show

Suppose you are walking around World Showcase and hear drumming. In that case, it is likely coming from the Matsuriza Drum Show at the Japan pavilion. This crowd-pleasing 15-minute show lets you listen to Taiko, an ancient Japanese drumming style.

These are different from your typical drums. Many are massive and need to be carried out by two people! We were impressed by these performers’ pure strength and stamina, and the drums let out a powerful and inspiring booming echo.

The show is short but leaves you with a prideful feeling having watched it. If you have time, consider making it a must-do on your EPCOT list. While you can sit in the crowd, we find the walkway on the side of the building near the koi pond more relaxing.

Times may vary, but the drum show typically runs every hour from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit for more information.

Shop at the Mitsukoshi Department Store

This is their store if you have a friend who loves anime, unique snacks, or anything Japanese. This has to be one of the largest shops in Disney World, styled to a Mitsukoshi store – a company that has been in operation for centuries.

You can spend a long time wading through this shop, from toys to merchandise to candles. You’ll find popular candies like Hi-Chew or merchandise with characters from Dragon Ball Z, Nintendo, One Piece, and more.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. You can enter either the right side of the pavilion or cross the bridge in the pavilion’s center.

Drink Sake at Mitsukoshi Department Store

If you want to taste traditional Japanese wine and beer, follow the path deep into the Mitsukoshi Department Store for the Sake Tasting Bar. This unassuming location has a good variety of sake you can taste, take home, or grab a glass for the World Showcase.

We experienced this tasting a few years ago, which was an absolute delight. The Cast Members at the stand helped describe the unique flavors, and we were impressed with the selection. Glasses of sake were relatively inexpensive, and the bottle prices ranged from more affordable to expensive. If we lived nearby and didn’t need to fly, we would consider taking a bottle or two home.

Take Home a Kimono at Mitsukoshi Department Store

Another unique experience that no other shop in Disney World offers is the kimono kiosk. Here, you can be outfitted with a kimono and sandals. The fabric is absolutely beautiful and feels luxurious. We saw a few people walking out of the store fully dressed in their kimonos, so you won’t be alone if you decide you want the same!

The Cast Members are always willing to help with fittings and selecting the perfect size and style for you. Try one on for fun – maybe you’ll want to take one home!

Enjoy Fine Dining at Takumi-Tei

What is EPCOT without fine dining? Translated to “house of the artisan,” Takumi-Tei celebrates the natural elements that bring us all together. An experience like no other, this signature restaurant is one to take advantage of.

Disney World describes this restaurant as a multicourse “omakase” menu, which means “leave it up to the chef.” Choose from the Kiku (omnivorous) or Hasu (plant-based) menus and let the chef do the rest! You may find dishes including Japanese A5 wagyu, lobster, fresh fish, and more.

The plant-based menu starts at $150, and the omnivorous menu starts at $250. You will also need to pay additional tax and gratuity. In addition, that price does not include alcohol. The selection of premium Sake and whiskies is impressive.

We find all Disney World signature restaurants perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. It is nice to feel lavished with good hospitality and even better food, so consider budgeting out at least one fine dining experience during your vacation.

Sit in Peace Near the Bamboo

If you need a break from the park’s hustle, consider taking the path to the left of the koi pond to the bamboo clearing. There, you will find picnic tables surrounded by dense bamboo and statues. Most of the time, it is surprisingly tranquil and offers a brief respite before going to the next adventure.

Seating in this area is first-come, first-served. However, we have not had an issue finding a spot, and tables are available for large and small groups. The site is accessible by wheelchair and is well-shaded. During festivals, we will often bring our small plates up there, so we can eat in comfortably.

Enjoy the Kidcot Fun Stop

If the plethora of toys, shows, and walkways aren’t enough, take your little one to the Kidcot Fun Stop. Every country’s pavilion has activities you can either make or take home. This free experience is near the Bijutsu-kan Gallery and the Mitsukoshi Department Store’s back entrance. If you have trouble finding the table, look for a Cast Member with a white button-up shirt with flags of various countries.

Visit the Koi Pond

Near the Matsuriza Drum Show pavilion lies a hidden-in-plain-view pond. Inside are large koi fish swimming around. While we know it sounds cheesy going to an EPCOT pavilion to look at fish, they are massive in size and quite a sight to behold. Depending on the time of day, you may even help a Cast Member feed them (as a former Cast Member, I have done this a time or two)! Since they are on a steady diet, we recommend you do not feed the fish unless instructed.


There are so many things to do in Epcot Japan, and it’s hard to list them all! I recommend that you start the day listening to the Matsuriza drummers, followed by grabbing a snack at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Consider taking a break under the bamboo or visiting the Bijustu-kan Gallery to learn about Japanese pop culture. Then, enjoy a tasty meal at either Takumi-Tei or Teppan Edo before calling it a day!

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